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Authors: Lauren Blakely

Full Package (10 page)

I laugh. Josie's hardly online. She's social, but she's social in real life. “What would you regret?”

She shifts closer and props her head in her hand, mirroring me. The space between us is endless, and at the same time, it barely exists. Maybe six or seven inches separate us. Few enough for me to loop my fingers in her hair, tug her close, and kiss the hell out of her. But more than enough for me to
cross that line, too.

Lines. Friendship. Having her in my life. Living with her. Those reasons ought to be enough to stay on this side of the kiss/don't kiss divide.

“I'm not sure I'd regret anything,” she says. “I'm trying to live a life without regrets. I'm glad I took over the bakery. I'm glad I took out the loan. I'm glad I pursued my dreams. I'm even glad I'm doing the whole online-dating thing,” she says, and my heart sinks like a stone.


“I'd like to find the one. I'd like to fall in love. I'd like to have a family and all that jazz.”

“You would?”

She nods. “I would. I try to do the things that matter to me so I won't have regrets. Do you have any regrets?”

I flop to my back, reflecting on her question. “I've done the things I want to do so far. The things that are important to me. So, honestly, aside from you using my hand as Lyle Lyle, I can't really think of a thing I regret not doing,” I say, deadpan all the way.

She's silent, and I look over at her.

A smile spreads slowly across her pretty face. Her green eyes twinkle with mischief, and her soft, sweet lips lift into a sexy grin.

Then she flips to her side, her back to me, and slides under the sheets. She scoots closer. I take that as my cue to spoon her.

I've drunk too much champagne. I've eaten too much dessert. I'm in bed with Josie Hammer, her sweet, sexy body pressed to mine, and she reaches for my hand.

I slide it over her shirt and between her breasts, and I groan.

I've finally become a stuffed crocodile, and it's better than all my fantasies.

She sighs, the kind of sleepy nighttime sigh of contentment that comes from a woman who's living a life without regret. I'd like to think I am, too. But when she falls asleep a minute later in my arms, I do regret something.

I regret that I'm completely and utterly unable to resist my best friend.

I press a soft kiss to the back of her neck, and I'm certain I can't stay on this side of the divide anymore.


must have fallen asleep
, too.

But when I wake up, it feels as if I'm still dreaming. My arms are wrapped around her, and my hand is wedged between the two most beautiful breasts I've ever felt.

But it's not my hand that is doing the most interesting thing.

Not at all.

Her hand is on my hip.

She's stroking me. She's touching me. She's running her fingers from my hip, down the outside of my leg.

This is the best dream I've ever had.

Her breath catches, and then the dream ratchets up. It goes to dream level twenty or fifty or ten million when she presses her ass against my dick. She pushes back lightly, and then a soft moan falls from her lips.


It's the sexiest sound I've ever heard.

And I surrender to it.

“Josie,” I whisper, my voice raspy.

“Mmm,” she murmurs.

“Turn around, baby.”

The sheets rustle, and then we're face-to-face. I lift my hand, cup her cheek, and brush my thumb along her jaw. Then I kiss her, and holy fucking hell. I'm on fire in seconds. I'm lit up everywhere. Sparks, and desire, and lust—they all just fucking combust the second our lips touch.

My fingers slide into her hair, and her hand slinks up my bare chest, and I kiss her without holding back. No reservations. No regrets.

My tongue sweeps across hers, and she deepens the kiss, seeking more. She kisses me back with a raw hunger. Her lips are eager, and she explores mine just like I do to hers. It's a hand-off, a back and forth. I lead, then she leads, then we both kiss greedily, and we can't seem to get enough. I don't want to stop because she tastes so fucking good, and she turns me on so fucking much, and I want her more than I've ever wanted anyone.

And in mere seconds of kissing her, I can already tell how she'll be in bed—how she's give-and-take. Her hands travel up and down my chest, her nails scratch at my pecs, and her fingertips outline my abs. My hand curls around the back of her skull, holding her tight as I kiss her hard, sucking on her bottom lip, then the top, then just devouring her mouth.

I push her shoulders down to the bed, and we're no longer side to side. She's on her back, and I know where she wants me. I know where I want to be.

Her hand tugs at my hip and I move on top of her, and then I'm so far fucking gone. Because she spreads her legs. I grab her thigh, hook it around my hip, and then grind against her.

Yeah, I'm dry humping her. And it's fucking astonishing. I kiss and thrust, and she moans and arches. She kisses me with her whole body, and it makes my head swim with lust. I'm dying, fucking dying to be inside her.

I'm so goddamn hard, and she's already ridiculously wet. I can feel her damp panties through these flimsy shorts that I want to tear off her. But I don't want to break contact
I just want to fuck Josie like this.

When she matches a rough thrust of mine, a white-hot charge of pleasure surges down my spine, and I stop the kiss. I'm not in danger of firing early, but I can't hold back what's on my mind.

She stares up at me with dazed eyes. I grab her chin, hold her face firmly. “You okay with all this?” I ask, my voice tight. I have to know. I need to make sure she's good with what's happening.

“Completely,” she says, her voice as certain as my desire.

I sigh, and it's full of fucking gratitude that she's on the same page. I stare into her eyes and say what I've longed to tell her. “I want you so much.”

It's not poetry. It's not even the kind of filthy smut that probably wins awards wherever awards are handed out for that. But I don't care. It's the truth, plain and simple.

“I want you, too, Chase,” she says.

Her answer is my greatest wish.

Letting go of her chin, I drop my face to her neck, sucking on her flesh. The scent of her cherry lotion floods my nostrils, and I'm getting high. She's fucking cocaine to me, and God, I want more. It's euphoric, it's electric, the rush I get from smelling her, from moving against her, from kissing her.

“God, you smell so good,” I growl. “Do you have any idea what it's like having you as a roommate when you go around smelling like that?”

She laughs lightly, and at the same time she tightens her legs around my ass. “How do I smell?”

“Like cherries, and sex, and cake, and all I have to do is take one whiff of you and I'm rock-hard,” I say, thrusting against her to prove my point.

She moans, stretching her neck. “You are rock-hard, and I love it. And I love that you're turned on, because it's the same for me with you.” She grabs my face, holding me as she grinds up into my dick. “I sniffed your shaving cream the other day.”

My eyes widen. “You did?”

“You weren't home. I opened the medicine cabinet. I smelled it and I shivered.” Then she lowers her voice even more. “And it made me wet just thinking of you.”

Lust rattles through my bones. I swivel my hips and grind against her through all these stupid clothes. “You were that aroused?”

“God, yes,” she moans as she lets go of my face, her hands darting around to grab my ass.

“When you tugged at that towel, I fucking went crazy,” I say, and the admissions are rolling out, rattling free, spilling everywhere.

“The other morning?”

I nod as I push against her.

She gasps. “Oh God, please. I think I'm going to come like this,” she says, and that's a battle cry if I ever heard one. I heed it. I fuck her with clothes on. She moans, and groans, and cries out. Somehow she spreads her legs wider, and then she just rocks up into me, finding a perfect rhythm against the outline of my cock.

As I thrust, I kiss her neck, travel to her ear, and nip on her earlobe. I want to hear every moan she makes up close. I want her noises in stereo. I want to drown in the sounds of her coming, in her
oh God
, and
so close.

She digs her nails into my ass and rocks up into me. I love that she's found what she needs. That my dick, even through clothes, is enough friction to get her off.

And when she goes, it's like an explosion. She cries out. She moans. She writhes. And she warns me. Like I need it.

“I'm coming, oh God, I'm coming, oh my fucking God, I'm fucking coming.”

What a smoking, filthy, wonderfully dirty mouth she has. Her lips fall into an
and her eyes squeeze shut. Pleasure and torment mix exquisitely on her beautiful face. I don't even try to separate anything anymore. I'm so fucking lost in her. I don't pretend. I don't want to. I can't do anything but stare in awe at the glory of Josie coming beneath me in my bed.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God,” she says, panting and moaning as she starts to come down. She breathes out hard and each exhalation sounds like pure satisfaction.

Then she laughs. A giggle at first. As it turns into a chuckle, I arch a brow. “Something funny?”

She shakes her head and opens her eyes. They're glossy with lust and brimming with satisfaction. “No, I'm laughing because it was so good.”

I flash her a lopsided grin as pride surges through me. “Yeah?”

She loops her arms around my neck and tugs me down, bringing my mouth to hers and kissing me. When she breaks the kiss, she says, “Yeah, Chase. It was the definition of mind-blowing.”

I wiggle an eyebrow.

And then her busy little hand darts between us, shooting down to my briefs. She cups my dick, and I'm not even sure I can ever speak again. Words fail me. There is nothing as good as Josie touching me when I'm on the edge already.

She whistles, a low appreciative sound. “Nice package, Summers.”

What can I say? I wasn't shortchanged when dicks were handed out.

Then she lets go, pushes on my chest, and knocks me to my back. In a second, I'm pinned. She straddles me, dropping down on my cock, rubbing against me. Her little shorts are damp, soaked all the way through. Grabbing my wrists, she pins them over my head
such a fierce little thing. Straddling me, she rocks back and forth, and holy shit, my roommate is a wild lover. She's daring and unafraid, and she wants me. It floors me, the look in her eyes—all heat and fire, her green irises like blazing emeralds.

She lowers her face near mine, her hair falling like a curtain, framing me in more of her wondrous scent. God, when did I become so addicted to the way someone smelled? I don't have a clue, but it's happened with her.

“Chase,” she whispers, and for a second I tense, thinking she's going to want to talk about what we're doing. I don't want to discuss or dissect it. But we're on the same wavelength because she says, “Want to know what else gets me off?”

My throat goes dry. “Yes. I do.”

A little thrust of her hips. “Want to know what did it for me in the shower the other night?”

I strain against her wrists. I want to touch her so badly, but I can tell she wants to steer this ship. “I'm dying to know,” I rasp out, my voice like a dry husk on a hot summer day.

Then the vixen runs her tongue over her teeth, brings her mouth to my earlobe, and whispers, “The thought of sucking your cock.”

I'm roasted. I'm fried. I'm well past broiled. I push against her hands, sit up, cup her cheeks, and stare into her eyes.

“Do it,” I tell her.

She nibbles on the corner of her lip and shoots me a wicked grin. She's like a quick fox, darting down, her hands tugging at the waistband of my boxers. She yanks them off, my dick springing free.

She kneels between my legs and takes my cock in her hand. She's silent for a moment. When she speaks, her words are the best dirty poetry. “You're fucking beautiful,” she says, staring at me as if she's mesmerized. And she's not looking at my face. She's gazing at my dick, and I couldn't be happier that she's bestowing compliments on that part of my anatomy.

She wraps her hand tighter and strokes up once, and it feels out-of-this-world good. I shudder. She bends lower and licks.

“Holy fuck,” I mutter, my head falling back onto the pillow. It's so ridiculously good.

She swirls her tongue over the head, licking me as if I'm a piece of candy and making the sexiest murmurs.

“Fuck, that's good, baby.”

She wraps her lips nice and tight and inches lower, taking more. The pleasure in me shoots into the atmosphere, sails above the stratosphere.

I don't want to go crazy and fuck her mouth hard, but God, I want to go crazy and fuck her mouth hard. I lace my hands in her hair and thrust up into her heavenly mouth, letting her lead, letting her take what she can.

She takes it all, sucks me to the base, and then licks her way back up. She drives me insane.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” I say, and when I stare down, she's smiling, she's fucking grinning, and her eyes meet mine. They're full of both mischief and utter, sensual delight.

My God.
This woman
. This amazing woman.

She picks up the pace, and her mouth is a blur. My vision is, too, and my whole body sizzles. It crackles. It pops. It's ready to snap. I'm losing control, and an orgasm gathers force in my body as her mouth races over my dick. When she wraps her hand around my shaft, squeezing the base, I fire.

Unspeakable pleasure barrels through me from a climax so powerful it rocks me to my bones.

I grunt and grip her head, my hands curling tighter as I come in her mouth, and my whole world turns electric with ecstasy.

At some point the orgasm recedes, but I'm still floating because that was the kind of orgasm you could measure on the Richter scale. It's the kind that makes the news. That causes epic aftershocks. I tremble as another wave ripples through me.

With a loud, wet pop, she lets go of my dick, wipes her hand over her mouth, and crawls up my body. “You tasted better than you did in the shower.”

I kiss her, and she seems surprised at first, like who would kiss a girl who just went down on him?
This guy
. She kisses me back harder, and when we separate, I say, “I want to do that to you.”

“I want that, too.”

I cup her cheek. “I want to sleep with you, Josie. I want to be inside you. God, I want you so much there aren't enough Swedish Fish to explain it.”

“I want you, too,” she says, then dusts a light kiss on my lips. “But I'm not ready tonight.”

And I don't know what that means, except the obvious—this isn't a one-time thing.

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