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Authors: Douglas E. Richards

Game Changer (50 page)

My first responsibility in business
development for a biotech company was trying to partner an experimental anti-epilepsy
drug, and I gave my first ever presentation in this role to executives of Eli
Lilly, in Indianapolis, Indiana.

My guess is that if every neuron
fired at once, al-Bilawy would simply collapse, dead, in an instant, but I took
a bit of dramatic license, stepping through symptoms sequentially and keeping
him alive for a full twelve seconds.



Douglas E. Richards is the
New York Times
USA Today
bestselling author of eight technothrillers, including
Mind’s Eye
Quantum Lens
Split Second
Game Changer
, and
The Cure
. He has also written six middle
grade/young adult novels widely acclaimed for their appeal to boys, girls, and
adults alike. Douglas has a master’s degree in molecular biology (aka “genetic
engineering”), was a biotechnology executive for many years, and has authored a
wide variety of popular science pieces for
, the
, the
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Earth and Sky
Today's Parent
, and many others. Douglas has a wife, two children,
and two dogs, and currently
lives in San Diego,


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