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Authors: Jennifer Smith



By: Jennifer Smith


GRRR! Book Blurb
Do you like it rough? Rico and Katia are drawn to one another and share a night of
passion, then go their separate ways but can’t stop thinking about each other. After a
string of one nighters, they meet again, and this time the fur is gonna fly!


Chapter One Here Kitty

You Can’t Change Stupid

Chapter Three Kat-nip

Chapter Four Watch Those Claws

Chapter Five A Misunderstanding

Chapter Six A Room For A View

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Chapter One
Here Kitty



“I want you, Rico. I want all of you.” Katia moa
ned as she fought the desire to come right then.

Rico grinned then answered her by trailing h
is tongue from her ear down the column of her neck until he reached her full breasts. He squeezed one tit while rolling the nipple between his thumb and forefinger, as he suckled on her other one. Holding the nipple between his teeth, he flicked his tongue back and forth, and then sucked her flesh deep. Katia purred and arched her back like a graceful cat, inciting Rico to give her more—to take more from her.

Sliding on top of her, Rico spread Katia’s legs wi
th one of his knees and settled between them. He moved his hands over her body and slipped them beneath her ass.

He raised her hips, as he slid his tongue down her bo
dy. The scent from her hairless pussy curled through his nostrils and he felt his balls tingle and tighten.

He slid his tongue over her soft mound and dow
n her slit until he reached her cunt. The flavor of her pussy on his tongue mingled with the scent of her body and every muscle in Rico’s body contracted. With his back arched, his fangs slowly descended as his claws slid out and sank into the soft flesh of Katia’s ass. Keeping his wits about him wasn’t easy when he was this aroused, and he didn’t want to hurt her— not yet.

Rico forced himself to take a deep, calming bre
ath and retracted his claws and fangs. He watched Katia the entire time, the way her back arched, the expressions on her face. He could tell she was completely lost in him and even though her features acknowledged the pain his claws had caused, he could see she liked the sensation.

Smiling slightly, he dipped his head once more
and flicked his tongue over her clit. Again and again, he tortured her clit with his tongue until she was writhing beneath him, fisting the bedcovers in both hands and moaning so loudly he couldn’t hear the stereo. And just when she was about to climax, he stopped to tongue-fuck her cunt.

Katia thought she would climb out of her skin if he di
dn’t make her come. Every nerve in her body was alive and tingling as she edged on release. Her hands cramped from squeezing the comforter so tightly, and she moved her ass faster and faster, trying to maneuver her clit back to his mouth. She wanted him. She wanted to come. She wanted everything this man had to offer and he was torturing her.

“Fuck me. Make me come. Please!” Katia begged as she writhed beneath him.

Rico smiled and flicked his tongue over her clit, once again bringing her to the point of climax. But just as she tensed and he could feel her orgasm simmering just beneath the salty taste of her skin, he pulled back and she groaned pitifully.

“Tell me what you want,” he whispered as he began kissing her inner thigh.

“What do you want, Katia?

“You. Damn it, just make me come!”

Rico chuckled. “Tell me how to make you come. What do you want from me?”

“You. It. All.” Katia whimpered and thrust her fingers between the folds of flesh
and began massaging her clit.

Rico chuckled again, grasped her fingers between his teeth and sucked them into
his mouth.

“Just fuck me!” she demanded. “Fuck me and make me come!”

Rico released her fingers, came up on his hands and knees and crawled up the bed until he covered her. He nipped at her nipples as his cock bounced against her stomach and she tried to maneuver her hips to sheath him inside of her.

“Is this what you want?” he whispered against her ear as he positioned the head
of his dick against her pussy.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes!” Katia said, raising her hips to take him deeper.

Rico moved the head of his cock inside of her then pulled out so slowly. As

Katia’s fingers sank into the flesh of his shoulders, her
hips rocked forward. Rico moved his hips, his cock sliding back inside of her, and then pulled out again.

“No. Please. Just fuck me,” Katia cried.

“Like this?” he asked, as the head of his cock disappeared inside her pussy again.

“Yes. No. All of you,” she said.

“Like this?” Rico grasped Katia’s shoulders and held her tightly. He slammed his hard cock deep, his balls slapped against her ass and she screamed. Over and over he pounded into her, enjoying the sound of Katia moaning and crying out in pleasure, and the feel of her legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him into her.

“Yes. Yes. Yes! I’m going to . . . .”

“Oh, no you’re not,” Rico said and laughed as pulled out of her.

“No, no! Not now. More, oh, please more!”

Rico moved back and came up on his knees, pulling Katia with him. “Roll over,” he said, and helped her onto her hands and knees. Once she was positioned, Rico took his place behind her and grasped an ass cheek in each hand, spreading both her pussy and asshole wide open.

Bending, he licked her clit and dipped his tongue into her cunt. The taste of her
juices and his own pre-cum mingling together on his taste buds almost caused him to lose control. He took a deep breath, barely able to reign in his desire to bite her on the back of the neck and fuck her until he came. A war raged inside him, but self-control won and he licked a line from her pussy to her ass and stuck his tongue deep inside the dark hole. Katia began to rock back and forth against him, moaning as she did. He knew she wasn’t going to last much longer, and neither was he.

Rico grasped her ass cheeks hard, spreading her wide open and pressed his cock
into her pussy. Moving slowly in and out of her at first, he savored the heat and wetness of her pussy. His balls slapped against her clit and she moaned as she reached between her legs and grasped his sac with one hand and squeezed. He pulled out slowly then slammed into her one more time and with a quick movement he realigned and his cock into her ass. He felt her sphincter muscles clutch him as her entire body went rigid and she screamed her release. Rico moved in and out of her as the sound of her orgasm bounced off the walls.

Raising one hand, he brought it down hard on her ass, the smack echoing with

Katia’s cries. He spanked her over and over as he fucked her ass. And then his claws sank into Katia’s soft flesh and the smell of blood curled through his senses and drove him into her, harder and harder until his cock exploded and her ass drained every drop of cum from his body.

Katia tried to catch her breath and fumbled for the lamp beside the bed. When
she finally found the switch and turned it on, she gasped. She looked around, looked on the floor, but Rico was nowhere to be found. Katia lay back on the bed, her chest still heaving while sweat ran off her and mingled with the blood Rico had drawn with his claws.

You Can’t Change Stupid


Rico Trevia stretched, but kept his eyes shut against the intruding light from the setting sun coming through his window. Only at sunset did the light seep through the curtains to interrupt his sleep and force him from the warm comfort of his bed. He stretched again and yawned loudly. He rolled over and continued to stretch in a long, lazy movement that began in his neck and shoulders and moved its way down his body.

He sat up on the edge of the bed, stretching his arms out wide, and then hunched
his shoulders up to his ears and rolled his head. He walked to the bathroom and stepped into the shower. The hot spray hit him in the face, ran over his head and down his back. He could smell the scent of the girl and the sex they’d had as it rose with the steam, and his cock reacted. Katia was hot as hell, he thought as he lathered his hands and rubbed the soap over his chest and arms. Thoughts of their night together replayed in his mind, and Rico hands moved down his stomach to his cock.

Splaying the flat of his hand along all ten inches, he squeezed the head tightly in
his fist. He stroked himself slowly from head to base and back up. As he thought of

Katia, he could feel her—her scent, her taste, her hot a
ss wrapped around his dick, and he moved his hand faster and faster over his cock until he came. The sensation of jacking off was never as good as the real thing, of course, but it wasn’t bad either. What did that mean? Even bad sex was good sex? He couldn’t agree more.

Selecting black slacks, a white pullover shirt and a black jacket, Rico dried off
and dressed, then looked at himself in the mirror and grinned, showing very white teeth. He slipped on black leather shoes, grabbed his keys and shut the door behind him.

~ * ~

Pulling his red Porsche Cayman S into the parking lot, Rico backed into a slot on the far side away from where most of the other cars were parked. He slid out of the vehicle and shut the door, then hit the button on his key ring making sure the alarm was set. He ran a finger along the hood and grinned, and then headed inside.

Music pounded, vibrated off the walls and through the floor, and set Rico’s
blood to pounding in the same rhythm. He ordered a Grey Goose martini and made his way to a small table near the dance floor and sat down. Less than a minute later a redhead, barely dressed in the latest club couture, pulled him to the dance floor.

Grinning, he pulled her to him. Rico was lithe and graceful on the dance floor. The
redhead was merely an object he used to showcase his talents, and soon the floor was vacant except for him and his partner. As the music played, Rico danced with the grace of a panther and tossed his partner about as if she weighed nothing. When the music ended, the crowd applauded and the redhead clung to Rico as if she was his Siamese twin.

“Thank you for the pleasure of your company,” he said smoothly as he returned
to his seat.

“No, thank
. That was amazing! You’re the best dancer I’ve ever met,” she said, gushing over him.

“May I buy you a drink?”

“Cosmopolitan.” She actually batted her lashes.

“Of course,” he said with an amused smile and waved a waitress over.

“I’m Kim,” the redhead said.

“Rico,” he replied.

“It’s great meeting you. I’m a student over at Howard,” Kim continued talking.

“Junior year and I still don’t have a major, can you believe it? But my dad’s been raggin’
me to do something or he’s gonna cut me off, can you believe it? I can’t. What a pain he is sometimes. If it wasn’t for my mom, he’d probably not even pay my rent or electricity or food or anything, can you believe it? I just don’t…”

Yeah, he could believe it. Kim's Daddy was becoming easier to understand with
each word from his little girl’s mouth. “Well, you know how parents can be,” he said just to get her to stop talking. She was beautiful and built like a sailor’s dream, unfortunately, someone had taught her how to talk, and not about anything important.

He could deal with a lot of things, but stupidity wasn’t one of them.

“Yeah, can you believe it?” Kim said again, rolling her eyes, as the waitress brought her drink and Rico paid for it.

Reaching into his pocket, Rico retrieved his phone and flipped it open, and then
pretended to read a message. “I’m sorry, Kim. I have to run. It’s important and I have to have some quiet. Have a great night,” he said as he stood.

“You’re not coming back?” She stuck out her bottom lip in a pout.

Rico took a deep breath. “No, I’m sorry. This may take a while to straighten out.

Very nice meeting you.” With that, he turned on hi
s heel and disappeared into the crowd as he made his way out to the parking lot. He got into his Porsche and cruised onto the street, chuckling as he merged with traffic.

Twenty minutes later, Rico found himself sitting in his car outside of Katia’s
house. The place was dark and looked quite deserted. Lowering the driver’s side window, he inhaled deeply. He could smell her scent, strong and pervasive, but with it, he scented someone else. She was with another man.

Rico took another deep breath and exhaled as he pressed the button and raised
the window. He sat where he was for a few more moments trying to figure out why he’d even driven over there. Coming up with no answer, he put the car in reverse, backed out onto the road and headed home.


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