Guardian (Daughters Of The Gods, Book 2) (6 page)

His breath notched in his chest at the delicious sight she made. Her b
lack lacy bra and panties left little to the imagination. She reached behind her back and mesmerized, he watched her bra join her dress on the floor.

Their eyes met, held. Lelantos wasn’t sure if he was capable of speech right at this moment and the need between them burned like flame. He s
cooped her up into his arms and took her mouth in a searing kiss as he walked toward the bed. She gasped when he threw her onto the soft mattress. Her alabaster colored skin and black underwear stood out against the crimson bed linen.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said, kneeling between her legs and leaning over her. He feathered kisses down her neck, enjoying the appreciative
little noises she made as he did so.

You’re very nice as well.”

Lelantos smiled
at her reply and wondered what she’d really think if she knew his true identity. In Titan form, he doubted she would think him handsome, a strong, mighty warrior perhaps, a killer or a traitor even, but never good looking. Although there were many Titans who were hideous, he’d been one of the few who had been gifted with the ability to mask his form.

A pain he hadn’t felt for eons pierced his
soul. Should he show this beautiful woman his true self, he’d never see her again. And as much as it annoyed him to admit the truth, the lie he lived had run its course. Having lived this way for so many centuries, he now found that living in a world where he played at being a person he was not had lost its allure. He wanted more from life. Once he’d had dreams of a family. A Titan he may have been born, but still he’d yearned to be a father one day. Was a father in fact, but had never had the opportunity to raise his son. Thanks to Zeus. With the demise of his kind, such dreams were ripped away and he could never look back. To do so only created a depth of pain he wasn’t sure he could face.

Cat clasped his face and met his gaze. “Come back to me, Len.”

He shook away his troubled thoughts and concentrated on the women in his arms. Cat moaned when he took her nipple into his mouth and suckled the hardened flesh. Her long legs wrapped around his waist and pulled him hard against her. Her heat and desire singed his cock and he had an overwhelming urge to thrust inside her hot core and take her.

But he could not. Yet. Lelantos reminded himself she was a human and their time tonight would have to be taken with care. The last thing he wished to do would be to hurt the beautiful woman lying pliant before him.

He ran a hand over her stomach and teased her sex. She was wet and ready for him. Her body undulated against his touch. His body hardened further and it took all his control to keep his base animal desires at bay. They had all night. There was no need to rush.

“Please,” she said, her voice tinged with impatience.

It was an impatience he understood well. For days he’d dreamed of having her in this way. Right now, nothing consumed him more than giving this woman all the pleasure he was capable of.

He slid her panties down and sat up to take them off completely. Not a flicker of embarrassment touched her features and Lelantos marveled at her confidence. Reaching out he touched her
moist cleft and clenched his jaw when pleasure consumed her face.

“I didn’t think you’d tease me in this way
. You’re a cruel man,” she said, biting her lip.

came to lay over her and nestled himself between her legs. She wrapped them about his hips and wriggled to try and join them completely. He growled and kissed her quickly, before pulling back to watch her face as he slowly slid into her hot, tight core.

Her eyes closed and he moaned when he sheathed himself fully. Fuck
, she was tight. Tighter than he’d ever had before. He started to move, careful not to harm her with his strength. Her fingernails dug into his buttocks, pulling him into her, telling him without words what she wanted.

pushed her hands above her head, and held them down against the bedding. With every thrust, a delightful moan escaped her parted lips and drove him to distraction.

“Harder.” S
he moaned, pulling her hands free and bringing him down to kiss her.

did as she bid and gritted his teeth against the urge to come. He wanted to please her. To give Cat as much pleasure as he could. To make what they were doing last as long as possible. But with his every thrust somehow she managed to move, clench him tight and the ability to control himself became hard.

Very hard.

He felt the first tremors of her release spike through her and his self-control snapped. Lelantos looked down at Cat as he rocked into her. Her breasts moved with the action and he leant down to nip her spiked pulse at the base of her neck. She pushed against him, making him go deeper into her sex and he groaned.

“Since the first moment I saw you
, I wanted you,” Lelantos said, watching as her emerald green eyes opened and met his. He lost himself in their depths before her mouth lifted into a half smile.

“I knew you’d be mine one day,” she said.

Cat pushed at his chest and Lelantos rolled onto his back. Above him she looked divine. Her sun kissed locks swept over her breasts. She pulled him to touch her there and the breath in his lungs held when she glided a finger down her body to touch her sex.

Lelantos held her hips fast and pushed into her. She moaned and his cock swelled further. His balls ached and never in his life had he wanted to come as much as he did right now. Her body pulled him into a climax he knew he’d long to experience again. He doubted right at this moment that he’d ever have enough of her.

Her sex clamped about him and his self-control broke. Forgetting Cat’s vulnerability as a human, he thrust hard and fast, harder than he ought. She smiled a devilish glint to her eyes that begged him for more. He sat up and rolled over. The swell of her breasts pushed against his chest and he took her lips in a searing kiss. Lelantos moaned, his grip on her hips punishing as he fought not to come.

Cat gasped and then moaned and Lelantos pulled back to watch as
a second orgasm took her. Her emerald eyes fluttered closed, her golden hair splayed upon the bedding was something he knew he wanted to see again.

Many times.

Lelantos balls grew taut at the pleasure of joining with her, shooting into her womb. Her fingers clawed into his back as he fucked her to his completion. Sex with Cat was hot, fast and addictive.

She chuckled as he fought to catch his breath. Lelantos rolled to her side and pulled her into the
crook of his arm. “Wow,” she said, playing with the muscles on his chest. “I never thought a Titan would be so good in bed.”

Lelantos felt her stiffen as soon as she’d spoken the words. He pulled away from her and jumped out of bed
wondering how she knew what he was. “What the fuck did you just call me?”







Cat scrambled out of bed and stood on the opposite side of the room from Lelantos. His face was a mask of rage and confusion. She pushed away the feeling of loss over th
e fact he no longer looked at her with affection and longing. Now his eyes were hard, his lips set in a thin line.

Her gaze strayed to his heaving chest, his naked form and fisted hands. He was pissed
off and if she wasn’t careful their previous encounter during the War of the Gods would be repeated in a hotel room in New York City.

She swallowed
, knowing the time for lies had long passed. “I know who you are, Lelantos. I’ve always known.”

His eyes widened before he searched the room for his clothes. He threw on his pants and fumbled with the zipper in his haste. Cat wanted to go to him, help and reassure
him that she wasn’t his enemy. And yet she couldn’t. She was the enemy and all too soon he would know the truth about her. Of what she had been sent to do.

“I want your
real name and I want it now.”

“My name isn’t important
.” Cat swiped her dress off the floor and pulled it over her head. Feelings and confusing thoughts whirled around in her mind. What she should say? What she should do? How to kill him? Save him?

He stormed toward her and pushed her up against the wall. His hands against her flesh were like steel bars and yet heat coursed up her veins
at his touch. Even in temper she wanted him.

“It is,” he said, the breath of his words warm against her lips.

Her gaze flicked to his mouth. He had lovely lips, supple and just the right size to nip during a sensual kiss.

“Answer me!”

“Caitlin,” she paused testing the strength of his hold, “daughter of Zeus.”

He pushed her away as if
the burning flames of Hades leapt from her flesh. Cat watched him storm toward the window to gaze out over the city. His shoulders rose and fell with every breath, the tension across his back flexing his muscles.

“And younger sister to Chloe.”

He shook his head and laughed, the sound ominous. “Why are you here?”

“To kill you.”

He turned about and glared. “Really? And how do you think to manage that? I’m a Titan. A powerful deity just as yourself. I won’t go down without a fight.”

Cat shrugged
. “I wouldn’t want you to. I’d hate for you to make it easy for me.” At her words he was silent. She stayed where she was, unsure as to what his reaction would be. But by the predatory gleam in his eyes, something she hadn’t seen before, she knew he wasn’t going to play nice.

“Why bother to fuck me when all you intend
is to kill. What was the point of all this shit?” he asked, waving a hand to encompass the space between them.

Something about his stance
, which seemed poised for action, put her on guard. Cat shimmered into the form of a goddess, allowed her flowing silk gown and golden robe to replace her black dress, wanting him to see her for who she was. Why, she couldn’t say. Perhaps to stop him from trying to hurt her? To remind him of her power to make him keep his distance? For should he touch her again, kiss her once more, her allegiance toward her father would crumble. The desolate, yet hard look in his eyes tore her in two.

Cat shook the ridiculous thoughts aside. She was
a Goddess. A Hunter and Guardian. Feelings didn’t factor and especially feelings for a Titan. The enemy of her kind. And yet–”

“Cat got your tongue
?” he asked, his gaze mocking.

“I like to play with my food,” she replied. “And don’t kid yourself if you think feelings were ever involved. I’m here to do a job. I was sent because I never fail. And I won’t with you.”

He stalked toward her and her stomach somersaulted. She inwardly swore at her body’s betrayal at such a time.

“I think you lie.” Lelantos came to stand before her. Cat wanted to run her hands against his naked form. To touch him one more time. She clenched her
fists and refused her body its demand. To desire him, feel anything for him meant, imprisonment for her in Tartarus. She couldn’t risk it. To be placed within those prison walls meant a fate worse than death, and she, as an immortal, wasn’t ready to accept that..

“Test me.”

His mouth arched into a grin as her words came out less than menacing. If anything they came out as if she’d been running the New York Marathon.

“You look even more beautiful in that robe.” He brushed his lips against hers and Cat frowned but didn’t push him away. How could she not relish his touch, his soft lips that beckoned and teased her
? Damn him.

She pulled the dagger hidden in her
gowns pocket and held it against his throat. The golden blade sparkled in the moonlight. Lelantos stilled, knowing the weapon she held had the ability to kill an immortal deity. With one flick of her wrist, he would be dead. He silently watched her, the tension between them humming like electricity.

Lelantos touched the top of her breasts, his finger gliding across her skin like a feather. Cat warred with h
erself over what she should do before she threw the dagger, lodging it in a chair across the room. She lifted herself up against him and sighed when his mouth came down on hers, punishing and hard. Cat savored the anger and need she felt within him, Lelantos was hot at any time, but when furious, he was scorching.

He kissed her, the little nips against her lips and harsh hold against her hips making her wet. She moaned as he hoisted her up against the wall and kissed down her throat. Cat fumbled with his zipper and pushed down his pants using her feet. He moaned as his heat slid against hers.
Teased her flesh, reminding her body of what he could do, had already done to her.

And she
wanted more. Needed him to have her. Cat lifted herself higher against his chest and lowered herself onto him. The most delicious pressure consumed her. He felt so large and hard. Yet the control that he harbored was stronger than she could ever hope to master. He thrust into her repeatedly. Heedless as to whether he hurt her or not.

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