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Heidi (I Dare You Book 1)




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I Dare You, 1


Jennifer Labelle


Copyright © 2016






Heidi Taylor had fallen asleep with her nose between a book again. She groaned as she tried to bat away at the stream of moonlight that shone on her face through her bedroom curtains. The shirt she’d worn to bed clung to her curves thanks to the humidity in the air, and she smacked her lips together and swallowed a few times to parch her dry throat, but it was no use. She needed water.

The walk to the bathroom was uneventful. She washed her face, had a drink, and even put her long red hair up into a messy bun before walking out again. And that was when she heard a noise coming from down the hall and decided to check it out.

The trek down the hallway was a short one, and the moment he came into view, she did her best to blend into the shadows of the darkened space.
Nathan had been a busy boy; the man he had on the couch was writhing and wanton with need for him. Heidi bit her lip and stifled the moan that wanted to come out of her mouth while she watched on. She couldn’t tear her gaze away.

Nathan’s grip was sure and strong as his fingers thread through the other man’s hair while he devoured his mouth. Their touches and strokes where a little rougher than she’d experienced, but it was hot as hell. Her right hand trailed down her breasts and torso to the hem of her short tee before she gripped it tightly. Heidi found herself becoming indecisive, wondering if she should just quit being a perv and go back to bed. But it had been so long since she was touched, and so she gave into her primal instincts and thought,
fuck it!

As the men’s clothes were being shed, and she still went unnoticed, her left hand fondled her breast while her right hand slid inside her underwear. She concentrated on Nathan’s movements as he took control and topped the man he was with. Her pussy was so wet her fingers slid through her folds with slippery ease. It felt so good. Her nipples pebbled, and she got goose bumps all over her body as she concentrated on the man who’d fueled her fantasies for so long. Heidi leaned against the wall and began to finger-fuck herself faster. 

At this point, Nathan was on his knees behind the naked man in front of him and feasting on the ass he no doubt planned to mount when he was done tasting it. His eyes were closed, his delectably ripped chest was bare, and his cock was unbelievably hard and looked ready to pop out of his unbuckled jeans.

Shit, Nathan!

Entranced, she shifted her weight to keep from falling on her ass and closed her eyes as she pictured freeing his dick and sucking him herself. How would he taste? How much he would fill her? Would he trigger her gag reflex? And would he love being pleased by her as much as she would love pleasing him? She wasn’t exactly a pro, at least not as experienced as he was sexually, but she did love giving head. It was such a powerful feeling to be in control of giving another person so much pleasure. She closed her eyes and switched hands as she pictured the whole thing vividly in her mind. The left hand that fondled her breast was now circling her clit, and the right hand with fingers slick with her juices went to her mouth so she could taste her own arousal. Loud moans startled her out of her stupor, and she paused momentarily in total awe of the image in front of her before picking up the pace again.

Nathan’s pants were to his ankles now. He threw a tube of lube onto the coffee table and secured a condom around his engorged penis. He slowly worked himself inside of the guy’s tight ass while his special friend for the night encouraged his efforts by thrusting his hips back.

Good Lord, she was so close.

Her breath hitched, she spread her legs further apart, and as Nathan’s thrusts became faster, fucking the man before him, she rubbed herself harder still.

Oh my God! Oh…

It happened simultaneously.

The moment she climaxed, Nathan opened his eyes and looked directly at her. His wanton lover hollered, and Nathan called out her name,
, as he filled the condom currently inside of someone else. Heat spread through her entire body, her face flushed, and she ran to her room completely spent and utterly humiliated.


911 - girls meeting tonight? Desperate for drinks.

Heidi slapped her left palm against her forehead in frustration after she texted the message to her two closest friends, Zoey and Meagan.

Stupid, stupid, stupid!
she thought.

When & where? :)

U got it, chica. I’m off @ 5, send me the deets.

Drink Nights in Unionville @ 6. It’s gonna be a long ass night. Be prepared!

Awe honey! C U there. GTG 4 now, but TTYS.

Heidi released the breath she was holding the moment her phone began ringing and chewed her fingernail nervously as she answered Zoey’s call. “I am so totally screwed.”

“Whatever it is can’t be that bad, Dee. Where are you?”

“Hiding out at work for as long as I can.” Heidi sighed. “It’s been a really slow day.”

“I figured.” Zoey snickered. “So would you like to tell me what the 911 is all about?”

“It’s the same reason I brought a change of clothes to work with me for tonight so I won’t have to go home, at least not right away, anyway. But thanks to you and Meagan, I won’t be drinking alone at least.”

“Nathan?” her friend sighed back. Heidi had been in love with him forever. It was just too bad her roommate-slash-best guy friend-slash-hottie extraordinaire was off limits.

“The one and only. It was totally my fault this time, though. I mean, it’s not his problem that he doesn’t see me that way. And I sort of walked in on him…”


Heidi chuckled as her friend’s voice rose with sudden enthusiasm. “With his latest conquest, of course, right there on the living room couch.”

“No freakin’ way. Do tell, and don’t skim on the details.”

“Okay, but you asked for it.” Heidi cleared her throat and looked around to make sure no one was around. Her face flushed while she relived every delectable, bittersweet, mortifying memory of the night before.

“I swear to God, Zoey. My dry spell has gone on so long it was like I was compelled to take a peek. I couldn’t help myself.” She continued on. “I heard a noise. Deep down, I knew it was probably Nathan, and well—he was there with someone right on the couch, and it turned me on. It was hot and humiliating all at once. How pathetic am I, right? I stood there, played with myself, and came while watching the man I love screw some guy in our living room.”

“Well, he shouldn’t be doing the nasty in your living room with some fucker he picked up at the bar to begin with. Take that shit behind closed doors. And second, he’s obviously too blind to see what he has right in front of him, Heidi. I know you love him, honey, but you either need to tell him and see if he’d like to explore this with you, or you need to finally move on. Stop torturing yourself like this. So what if you got off with the peep show last night? Sounds to me like you where more wrapped up in your own fantasy by picturing him with you anyway.”

“I know, but he saw me. How am I going to face him now?” Heidi cringed.

“First you come out tonight like planned, and then you’ve just got to pull up your big girl panties and deal. Everyone masturbates, Dee. Besides, maybe he feels the same way you do, and this will give him the push to make his move.”

“Yeah, right,” Heidi laughed, because it was much better than crying. “Thanks for the pep talk, babe. Besides, Nathan seems to prefer men lately. At least, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen him with one of his usual women. B-but he looked right at me and did call my name out when he finished with that guy. So maybe that’s something.”

“Oh, really? See, that’s great! First thing is that there may be hope after all, so hold onto that and we’ll pick up on more of the details tonight. Secondly, I didn’t think your gorgeous man-whore had a preference.” Zoey giggled. “Come on, buck up, buttercup. We’ll get you feeling better and come up with a good plan. Between me, you, and Meg, we’ll figure this mess out.”

“Girls’ night, whoo!” Heidi let out a pathetic cheer and leaned forward so she could press her forehead against the top of her desk. “Look, thanks for the talk, Zoey, but I gotta go for now. See you tonight, okay?” She needed a distraction, and fast, before she drown in the self pity she was feeling.
Come on, Heidi, gain some courage. Big girl panties, big girl panties, big girl panties…

“Okay, but first round is on me.”


“Hah! What did he do now?” Meagan asked as Zoey passed out the drinks.

“Why do you always assume it’s something Nathan did?” Heidi giggled and felt a little more relaxed now that they’d arrived for their much-needed night out. They had their own table with drinks in hand, and she was surrounded with great company so the moment was good.

The atmosphere in the cozy bar was just perfect for venting. It was early in the evening, so it wasn’t packed, and the music was playing in the background quietly enough that you could still hear yourself speak. It was the perfect ending to a really stressful day. She’d be able to let go of a little steam, and then in a few hours when the bar got busier, they’d let loose with dancing before she had to head home to impending doom. Okay, so it wouldn’t be that bad, but still.

“Because I know my cousin, and he’s also a man, so that makes him clueless, especially when it comes to you.” Meagan took a sip of her beer and then leaned back into her chair to get more comfortable while she waited for Heidi to explain, but Zoey beat her to it.

“Our girl here is embarrassed because she jilled off while watching Mr. Clueless get it on with some dude in their living room last night.”

!” Heidi nearly spit out her Heineken and coughed after she finally managed to swallow it. Zoey looked at her innocently and then laughed while Meagan mocked a gag.

“Okay, without going into much detail about my cousin’s part in this, because let’s face it—um, gross…” Meagan shuddered. “I don’t see what the big deal is. It’s not like you got caught, right?”

“Actually…” Heidi cringed and took a big gulp from the bottle she was drinking from.

“Are you serious?” Meagan reached forward and squeezed her hand. “Oh, honey, I think you need to start from the beginning here, but please spare me when you can on the dirty details.”

Heidi’s eyes widened, and then she hid her face behind her hands as she mumbled a shorter version of the events again to catch Meagan up to speed. “Long story short, I woke up hot and thirsty. Went to do my business in the bathroom, and I heard a noise coming from the living room. Nathan was there, of course, with his guy for the night, and, well…it was hot and I haven’t had any action in six months. So I stood in the shadows to watch, and I couldn’t stop myself. Did I mention it was scorching, and I’m not only talking about the humid weather here?” She peeked through her fingers while Zoey rubbed her back as she went on. “Nobody noticed me, or at least I thought that until the moment I got off and Nathan looked directly at me.”

“And then what?” Meagan asked.

Heidi struggled to continue. Seeing this, Zoey stepped in. “The big part here is that when our boy Nathan looked at Dee he was just about to reach his own brink to ecstasy and called out her name when he finally did. Our girl then ran to her room and the rest is history,” she explained.

“Have you seen him since?”

“No.” Heidi finally looked up and put her hands down, but she could still feel her face getting warmer. “I got up really early and left for work before he woke up. I brought some extra clothes with me and my makeup bag so I could change there before coming here so I wouldn’t have to face him until later. And who knows? Maybe he’ll be out again and I won’t have to worry about anything until tomorrow.”

“And if he’s not?” Zoey asked, picking at the label on her bottle.

“Well, then I’ll at least have a little liquid courage to help me get through it. I was kind of hoping you all could boost my confidence a little bit too. I always feel better when we get together.”

“Likewise, honey, and if I know my cousin as well as I think I do, he’ll want to talk about it because you’re important to him. You ran off, so he’ll know something’s wrong and want to make it right. Nathan can be a lot of things, but he’s loyal to those he loves. It might not be in the romantic way you’d like it to be, but he does cherish you and the friendship you’ve built over the years living together.”

“Not to mention, he may be curious,” Zoey said. “What? Ouch!” She rubbed the leg Meagan kicked, and Heidi laughed so hard she had to wipe away a tear.

“We all know how curious he can be. No need to go there, please.” Meagan downed the rest of her beer, and this time it was Zoey who chuckled. “And on that note, I need another drink.”

“Point made,” Heidi agreed as Meagan got up to get another round for their table. “And I guess I’ll have to take whatever comes, but until then I need to forget for a while and have some fun.”

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