Her Alpha Avengers [The Hot Millionaires #7] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)


The Hot Millionaires #7

Her Alpha Avengers

Sabine Hilton, discovering that she’s been defrauded by her mother’s boyfriend, tracks him down to Florida. Lured to a lonely beach, she finds not the whistle-blower she’d gone there to meet but a corpse. Worse yet, the murderer is standing over the body.

Fin Landon and his buddies Otto Prentice and Gabriel Yorke convince Sabine that they didn’t kill anyone and that they too are looking for Pearson. Throwing in her lot with her three unlikely avengers, Sabine lets herself go and indulges in a wild sex fest with them.

The three commitment-phobes have at last found a woman they can all love, but first they need to help her find Pearson so she can get some sort of closure. But Sabine has other ideas. Not prepared to lean on them, she takes matters into her own hands, and her avengers must race against time to save her from her own folly…

BDSM, Contemporary, Ménage a Trois/Quatre
43,448 words



The Hot Millionaires #7






Zara Chase










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The Hot Millionaires #7



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Chapter One


“Come on, sweetness.” Sabine tugged at Mulligan’s leash, trying to drag him away from a spill on the parking lot’s tarmac that enthralled him. “We need to get to the doggy beach.”

Mulligan wagged his frondy tail but kept his nose buried in the spill.

“Please come on!” The urgency in Sabine’s voice reflected anxiety that had nothing to do with Mulligan’s preoccupation. “We won’t have the place to ourselves for much longer. We’ve got to meet this guy, and he was quite specific. If we’re late, he won’t wait.”

The dog was distracted by a kamikaze squirrel that dashed across the lot. He yelped and leapt forward, almost pulling Sabine from her feet in his optimistic attempt to pursue it. At least he was moving, she thought gratefully, even if he was heading the wrong way. She gave the dog’s ears an affectionate rub.

“We really need to do something about your sense of direction,” she told him. “Dogs are supposed to know these things instinctively. Still, you’ve been traumatised, what with being abandoned and all, so you’re forgiven.”

With the squirrel long gone and the spill forgotten, Mulligan trotted obediently enough beside Sabine as she headed for the dog beach. Mulligan, not the brightest of canines, finally recognized where they were and set up a volley of excited barking.

“Hey, we’re supposed to be working undercover,” she told him. “Best not blow it by making too much noise.”

Mulligan nodded his shaggy head like he understood but barked even louder.

“You’ll never make a good investigator,” she told him in a tone of mock severity, astonished by just how quickly she’d taken to the stupid mutt. She’d only owned him—if that’s what she actually did—for a few weeks, but already she couldn’t imagine life without him. “This situation calls for subtle. We don’t want to spook the guy. And just remember, you’re here to make me blend in. I mean, why would I be on a dog beach at the crack of dawn,” she reasoned, glancing at the fiery ball of sun just peeping up over the sea, “unless it was to walk a dog?”

She lost Mulligan’s attention as soon as they reached the sand. He knew he’d get to be free of his leash and splash in the ocean, chasing his ball, and was in a hurry to get going. He wound himself round Sabine’s legs, tying her up in the leash, wagging like crazy. Sabine laughed as she extracted herself, happy to give him his freedom whilst she concentrated on the meeting with her contact.


“Don’t go near the turtles’ nests,” she warned him as she threw Mulligan’s ball as far out to sea as she could, smiling as he bounded after it with his ungainly gait, all lanky limbs and good-natured enthusiasm.

“Right, that’ll keep him occupied for a while,” Sabine said, doing what she always did when she was nervous, talking aloud to herself. “Now, where is this guy? By the main pier at the end of the dog beach, he said.”

She glanced about but couldn’t see anyone. He worked here, apparently, so he’d be dressed as a ranger. That didn’t help much since she had no idea what he looked like. Still, how many rangers would there be in this particular location at this ungodly hour?

None, it appeared. The place was deserted. She scanned the beach, shading her eyes with her hand even though they were already covered with sunglasses. The guy was nervous about meeting her, and it had taken her days of gentle cyber persuasion to set up this meeting.

“Do not let me down now, Spencer,” she said anxiously. “It’s taken me over a year to find a single lead, and you’re it.”

There was a small boat tied to one of the pier’s supports, close to shore, with a powerful-looking outboard lifted clear of the sea. She didn’t think private boats were allowed to dock there but was too anxious about Spencer’s nonappearance to give it much thought.

A noise coming from the dunes attracted her, and she turned away from the sea to see what it was. There was something, or someone, moving about. The tall grass was being pushed aside as if a person were running through it, crouched low. Sabine’s heart quickened. She’d been jumping at shadows these past days, seeing things that weren’t there, but this time she definitely knew something wasn’t right. That grass wouldn’t move on its own because there was no breeze to agitate it. The fauna and flora on the beach were more dormant than Sabine’s bank account.

Perhaps Spencer had come that way, and he’d called out to attract her attention. She was the only tall brunette with a shaggy great mutt on the beach, so he had to have recognized her. He’d been so wary about meeting her that perhaps he’d taken the scenic route to get here. She wasn’t the only one who was afraid of shadows.

She raised a hand in greeting, dashed up to the dune, and stopped so abruptly when she got there that she almost fell over her own feet.

“Oh, my God!”

She clapped a hand over her mouth, but a shriek slipped past it when she saw a small man dressed as a ranger lying flat on his back, blood pouring from a wound on the back of his skull. It darkened the sand beneath him only briefly before being absorbed into the arid earth like it had never existed. She didn’t need to touch him to know that he was dead. She could tell that by the vacant expression in his open eyes and the fact that he didn’t appear to be breathing.

But they weren’t Sabine’s only clues.

His murderer stooped directly over him, calmly rifling through his pockets. Shock and inertia gave way to fear. Sabine’s survival instincts kicked in, and she turned to run. She had no intention of being this man’s next victim. Before she could take two strides, a strong hand grasped her arm just above her elbow.

“He’s dead,” the owner of the hand said grimly.

“Well, obviously you’d know that because you killed him.”

Damn it, why couldn’t she pretend to be a flighty female and faint or something? That way he could escape, and she might get to see tomorrow. Unfortunately, Sabine wasn’t made that way, and if someone confronted her, she tended to give as good as she got.

“Come on, we’ve gotta get out of here.”

The guy turned toward the beach, seeming to think she’d calmly place herself in his murdering hands.

“I’m not going anywhere with you.”

“You’d better, if you want to keep breathing.”

Fear caused common sense to evaporate. Instead of placating the man, she gave her aggression free rein. “What, don’t want to bump me off here as well? Getting picky about your murder locations, are you?”

“Don’t be so fucking stupid!” He placed his other hand on her shoulder and shook her. “I’m trying to help you.”

“What are you? My guardian angel?”

“Like it or not, right now I’m the only hope you’ve got.”

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