Her Daring Protector (Her Protector Alpha Male Military Romance Book 3)

Her Daring Protector

By Michaela Strong

Copyright© 2016 by Michaela Strong. All rights reserved. 

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


Her Daring Protector

Worry was the best alarm clock. It threw open her eyelids at 3 a.m. and Dana was wide awake. She sat up, slowly, leaned against her headboard, wedging her pillows behind her back. She regarded the man snoring next to her. It didn't make sense to feel so involved with him after knowing him for just days.

Dana only had ever been with two other men in her life, and those she thought she knew pretty well. She often contemplated whether that made her healthy or unhealthy; ultra-functional or dysfunctional. Here she was in the middle of it with this gorgeous, dashing man made up apparently of super-hero stuff with a lover's style movies were made of and she was tangled up on herself trying to think it all out. What did it mean? What did he mean? And did she really mean anything to him?

Dana's ex-boyfriend used to tell her guys would fuck anything that moved, which really was not good for her to hear because the ex had no interest in her. Zero. Which all but convinced Dana that she didn't even rate as tail, as her ex called it. If she was indeed just ‘tail' to Rory, he had a damn sure nice way of obtaining it. He was by far the most impressive playmate she had ever had. He was just fun. And he was fantasy-level erotic. She had no idea that she could be so intensely aroused just by contact, or a look, or a word. If nothing else came of their meeting, Dana was grateful to have experienced that.

She laughed at herself. She had just been robbed of $20,000 probably at the hands of her ex, and Dana was lying awake wondering if the gorgeous man she scored with liked her. Okay that was goofy. She looked at the clock. She had just killed all of ten minutes. She realized she was really dehydrated. That's what spontaneous extensive coital aerobics and multiple life-rushing orgasms will do to a girl. Plus she needed more sleep. The robberies and the big guy had more than thrown her off schedule and she couldn't afford to lay awake all night just to sleep away the day.

This called for hot milk with cinnamon.

Dana peeled back the covers, went into the bathroom, used the bathroom, brushed her teeth, just because and just in case, and went into the kitchen. She set out a sauce pan which she filled with milk, on the stove instead of using the microwave because it would be loud and probably wake Rory, and hunted for the cinnamon. It was supposed to be next to the coffee but then she had re-arranged her spices (which she hadn't used since) in alphabetical order in the little highest most cabinet in which she couldn't think of anything else to put. She had put them there just to see if it worked and realized immediately that it didn't but then she was too lazy to find another spot for them. She cursed. Did she really want hot milk with cinnamon that badly that she would have to climb the cabinets to reach the little cupboard to get the cinnamon? But she already started the milk, so yes, she would go through with it.

Dana was really flexible. Her girlfriend pointed out that that was because she had never had kids but then the girlfriend said everything was because she didn't have kids. From where she stood on the kitchen floor, Dana raised her leg and put one foot flat on the counter. She grabbed on the edge of the cabinet above her and with leverage was going to raise herself to stand on the counters. She did it all the time. Not at three in the morning but a bunch of times. That's how the cinnamon got where it was in the first place.

Dana heaved. The first take didn't take and she was back with one foot on the floor and one still on the counter. She gripped the cupboard handle and sprung up. This action predicated an intense cramp in the arch of the foot she had on the counter, a cramp that was painfully drawing up her toes. Dana tried to both press out the cramp and fish for the counter with her other foot so she could support herself on it because most of weight suspended by holding on to the cabinet door handle. The second attempt to stand on the counter was further derailed when she heard the unmistakable sound of the cabinet separating from the dry wall.

"Don't move," she heard Rory order oh-so-calmly. He had come up behind her, silently so as not to startle her, secured her at the waist in a powerful clutch and braced the failing cabinet with his free hand. Dana was still gripping the cabinet handle trying to maneuver herself. "Let go Dana." Somehow what he said to her confused her. "You're going to have to abort the mission, beautiful. This was a fail. I got you," he laughed.

"I can do this," Dana said, unnecessarily vehemently.

In short succession, Rory shoved and swung and Dana was standing flat footed on the kitchen floor. Both his hands free, he took hold of the precarious kitchen cabinet and jerked it completely off the wall. He rested that on the floor as well. He reached over removed the milk from the burner.

Dana just gawked at him for a moment and then looked down at the milk. "Is it ruined?"

"No it's ok. What were you getting?" He opened the top cupboards without needing to so much as rise onto his toes. Dana found that super-hot. But then, she seemed to find everything he did to be sexy.

"Cinnamon," she answered, smiling at him. He handed it to her with a scold on his face. "Sorry I woke you."

"You need to ask for help when you need it and you need to accept it when it's offered to you."

Still grinning, she replied, "Yes Big Dog. I sure will."

His expression softened. "You can't be smiling like that and be climbing around in your underwear when I'm trying to lecture you."

"Will you get us down two cups? Do you want some?" she asked with sultry affect, pressing her breasts up with her hands.

"Are you listening to me?" His breathing was slightly harder.

"No, you can repeat that please?" She purposely gave herself a foamy mustache when she sipped her milk and with great flourish, licked it from her lips while giving him her most smoldering look.

"You're going to get a spanking," he said. Dana started. She had never had one of those and she wanted one.


"I think you need a spanking. Look," he motioned the cabinet. "Someone needs to be punished. Drink your milk; you'll need your strength."

Dana giggled. "Oh no I won't."

"Yes," Rory arched his brow, "you will. Finish up and when you're done I want you to say, ‘I'm ready to be spanked now.'"

"I am not saying that," she laughed.

"We can do this the easy way or the hard way. But you will say it."

Getting spanked was definitely a fantasy of hers but it was something she'd had no idea how to approach her ex about. She surfed the net once and chatted with someone about it but that was as close as she had ever come. She never once imagine she would actually experience it. And now here she was about to and the notion catapulted into a different realm of consciousness as though he had just drugged her, or she was about to faint. Her throat was really dry now. She wasn't playing now. Though in a good way, she was nervous. "I think I need a glass of water."

"Sure," he stroked her cheek and spoke softly. "Need some ice with that?"

"Yes, please."

"Oh good girl."

Oh, thought Dana, he's going to know how to play this perfectly. She ached for him intensely, so high off a mix of full blown erotic rush, anticipation and a little healthy fear. She sipped the ice water he made for her. "You finished with the milk then?" he asked. She nodded. "Get enough water there?" She set it down. She took a step away from him and breathed.


"Yes?" she answered without looking at him.

"You never have to do anything you don't want to do, okay?" She nodded. "I really mean that. Do you believe me?" He did that trick with his feet again and spread her legs a little wider than they were. He reached in between her legs and played with her, slipped his fingers inside. "But you need a spanking, don't you?"

"I think I do," she said.

"Then what do you say?"

Dana didn't know if she could do it. But she wanted to. "Uh Big Dog you are very uh, inflexible sometimes."

"One," he replied.

"That just made it worse," Dana hemmed.


"Mother of pearl."

"If I get to three you're going to stand in the corner."

"Alrighty. I'm ready for my spanking."

"Please," he corrected. "I'm ready for my spanking please. Again."

Dana sighed. "I'm ready for my spanking please."

"Look me in the eye when you tell me."

"Rory, I…"

"Dana, that's the last time I warn you about doing what you're told."

Dana screwed up her courage and looked him in the eye. She repeated her sentence for him. Rory had to close his eyes, apparently experiencing the same intense erotic intoxication she was.

He took her hand and led her to the dining area. He sat on a chair and pulled her across his lap. "You have a magnificent ass, beautiful," he stroked her.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome."

"So do you."

Rory erupted with a sharp laugh. "Thank you. Now tell me why you are here?"

"Because I broke the cabinet," she answered.

"You are here Dana because you didn't take my help when I offered it to you. And you put yourself in a dangerous situation. Now count."

"One, two, three, four."

"Are you being smart?" he asked calmly.



"No sir."

"Thank you Dana. Count one."



Dana danced with that one.

"That makes three. Do you need any more?"

"No thank you," she giggled. He obviously didn't hit her as hard as he could have but he hit her hard enough to make her body sting.

"Will you take help from me when you need it?"

"Yes Big Dog."

"Yes Rory," he corrected.

"Yes Rory." She rolled over on his lap and looked up him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him hard while he stroked her. "Rory, am I supposed to tell you every time I need something?" She whispered.

"Yes beautiful."

"Rory, I need to be fucked by you. I need to come with you."

"Oh good girl," he lifted her hips to kiss the cheek of her buttocks. "I need that too."

Dana sat up and maneuvered herself around his lap. "I am so wet for you," she said looking him straight in the eye. She took his erection in to her hand and lowered herself onto him. Her weight drew him completely inside her. "You are so, so deep," she said, half lidded. He looked like she felt, drugged from the feel of being joined.

Dana gripped the back of his chair and pumped him furiously, pushing off the floor with her feet. "Oh Dana," he said to her much the way she usually called to him. Dana was pleased with herself. She mixed it up with little, teasing gyrations of her hips to slow dirty grinds while biting his lip to an unrelenting pace that showed him no mercy. She rode him till he burst. Just as he was about to come, she backed off and took him into her hands. She was on her knees and took his ejaculation all over her face. In her research during the time she was trying to save last relationship, she read that one over and over. It was a fantasy for some guy to come on their partner's face. She wanted to do everything she ever possibly could to please Rory, and so she let him. It stunned him.

"Oh baby," he said breathlessly in the height of his ecstasy. "Oh baby." She let him shoot his semen all over her, leaning up to press her breasts around his cock until he was completely spent. She casually stepped over to the kitchen sink and washed her face before returning to him with paper towels wet with warm water. He moaned as she washed him off. "You didn't come."

"That one was for you. Well, it was for us because I really liked doing it."

"I see. That was probably the hottest sex I've ever had."

"Thank you Big Dog. I guess we can safely say I got the hot milk I came in here for."

"You have a dirty mind, you know that?" he grinned.

"Yes I guess I do.'

"You're a brilliant girl."

"Tired girl. I need to go to bed."

"Seems to be the case with you and me. Wearing ourselves out." Dana nodded. "Quick shower and then back to bed. Come with me?"

"Well I'm not sleeping on the couch," she chuckled.

"I meant to shower, funny girl. You know what happens to funny girls?"

He led her into the master bath and ran the water till it was hot. Dana expected to just to freshen up before getting under the sheets but her strong man partner had something else in mind. He stood behind her in the shower and lathered her up with body wash, sensually massaging her. He took the shower head off of its holder, rinsing the bubbles from her skin, though little by little his actions got more lascivious. He closed in around her, cupping her body with his, pinching her nipple and holding the shower spray to it to tantalize it. The effect went straight to her core. He played with her clit making her wail with pleasure.

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