Her Highness and the Highlander: A Princess Brides Romance

Raves for the Novels
of Tracy Anne Warren

“An exceptionally entertaining Regency historical [that] offers readers a delectable
combination of lushly elegant writing and lusciously sensual romance.”

Chicago Tribune

“Warren’s emotionally wrought protagonists are beautifully portrayed.”

Library Journal

“I loved this story! LOVED IT! Warren delivers exactly what I’m looking for in historical
romance! Sexy and wildly emotional…should be on the top of all historical romance
lovers’ to-be-read list.”

—Joyfully Reviewed

“Warren is masterful at her craft, creating a story full of a rich story line, peopled
with interesting, intriguing characters, [and] weaved with decadent seduction.”

—Night Owl Reviews

“Another top-notch read from Ms. Warren.”

—Fresh Fiction

“Warren crafts an unforgettable Regency in this compelling blend of bliss and angst…true
emotional ambrosia. Fabulous.”

—Reader to Reader Reviews

“Trumps most of the paranormal and contemporary romances that I’ve read—ever.…Engrossing…I
didn’t put it down once.”

—The Eclectic Book Lover

“Another fabulous story…
Wicked Delights of a Bridal Bed
is definitely remaining on my keeper shelf and is most assuredly one of my picks
for a Selected Read.”

—Romance at Heart Magazine

Seduced by His Touch
is one book that I would never part with; it goes on my bookshelf with my other keeper
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author. Brilliant!”

—Romance Reader at Heart

“A terrific Regency romance.”

—Genre Go Round Reviews

“A rich book full of elegance, desire, and romance.…Tracy Anne Warren sketches a magnificent
tale that grasps hold of the reader.…This is one impressive read that I will always

—Coffee Time Romance and More

“Readers are gifted with the awe-inspiring genius of Ms. Warren’s talents.”

—The Romance Readers Connection

“Warren’s wickedly wonderful and witty romances enchant readers and have made her
a shining star.”

Romantic Times

stars, top pick)

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Chapter 1

June 1816
The Scottish Highlands

un, Your Highness! Run!”

Princess Mercedes plunged through the forest, barely aware of the stinging scrapes
to her arms and face as she pushed past leafy bushes and low-hanging tree branches.
Her lungs burned as she forced herself onward, her feet aching inside thin silk slippers
that were no match for the rough, uneven terrain beneath her. She staggered slightly
as the hem of her gown snagged on a piece of nettled undergrowth. With her heart drumming
like a frantic bird’s, she yanked the garment free, not caring when the elegant green
silk tore along one edge. On she ran, knowing that her pursuers were only yards behind,
each of their long strides surely gaining on her own shorter ones.

Images of the attack flashed again through her mind—of her guard as they fought bravely
against the band of ruthless highwaymen who had waylaid their coaches along the road.

Before that, everything had been calm, boring even, as she, her cousin Herr von Hesse,
her maid, and the men sent
to escort her on the long journey to London had traveled south. Only that morning
she had set off from Countess Hortensia’s Academy for Elegant Young Ladies of Royal
and Noble Birth and the Highland castle that had served as her surrogate home for
the past six years.

Inside her coach, she’d been on the verge of dozing off, with the book she was reading
lying slack in her hands when the first gunshots sounded. The horses had whinnied
in terror and the men had shouted as the coaches drew to shuddering halts. More gunfire,
then rough voices that mingled menacingly with those of her guard, before the metallic
clash of swords began to ring out.

Suddenly the coach door on the side farthest from the fighting was wrenched open.
The captain of the guard stood before her, his eyes fierce as he reached in to pull
her out and onto the ground. “It’s you they want,” he said, urging her toward the
thick woods that spread outward like a vast green ocean. “Go. Hide. We’ll search for
you when this is over.”

“Yes,” her cousin said as he exited the coach after her. “Do as the captain says,
my dear. We’ll find you once these thieves have been subdued.”

But she knew there was no one left to search for her—except her pursuers. For in spite
of her guard’s best efforts, her last glimpse had been of them losing the fight. Even
her cousin and her poor maid were dead, she realized with an anguished pang.

She was alone now and no one would be coming to her rescue.

She stifled a whimper as she heard the brigands crashing through the foliage behind
her. They called to one another, their voices carrying on the wind with taunting ease,
as if they had no doubt they would find her.

Did they want to kill her too?

Or worse? Because even she wasn’t naive enough not to understand that there were things
in this world worse than death.

Her breath rasped loudly in her ears and a cruel stitch
burned in her side as she forced her feet to keep moving ahead.

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