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Her Special Knight


Her Special Knight

An online RPG chat brought them together and
tonight, after months of talking, Simone is finally going to meet
the man of her dreams. They’ve shared secrets and jokes, and many
long, steamy, late night conversations, but can their fantasy life
survive the transition to reality?

Her Special Knight

Lisa Fox

Copyright © 2012 Lisa Fox

Cover design by
Fantasy Designs

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Her Special Knight

Simone twisted in front of her full-length
mirror, checking for the hundredth time that everything was
perfect. Her short, black, pleated skirt twirled as she spun
around, flashing a lot of thigh and just a hint of her ass. Cool
air tickled her exposed skin as she moved and a tingle of
anticipation ignited in her belly. She wasn’t usually so daring in
her choice of attire, but then again, it wasn’t every night a dream
came true. Tonight was different. Special. Tonight she was finally
going to meet

He called himself ‘Alec’ after the devilishly
handsome knight in the popular RPG Simone absolutely adored. He
knew her as Xanthe, the brave, but stoic female warrior. They first
connected through hashtag chats about the game and their
relationship quickly progressed from Twitter to the phone, where
their conversations evolved from the usual ‘getting to know you’
banter to hot and steamy sexting. They suited each other perfectly
and those titillating tête-à-têtes never failed to make her come,
but there was more than just some raunchy simulated sex between
them. They had a real connection. She felt it every time they
spoke. There had been many late nights when Simone she had laid in
her bed, listening to the sound of his deep voice washing over her
as they talked of games and books, chai lattés and music. When a
band they both loved announced they would be holding a
one-night-only concert in a town directly between their homes, it
seemed like fate had offered them a golden opportunity to finally
meet in person.

Simone took a deep breath and exhaled, trying
to calm her racing heart. This was it. She gave herself one last
look and then gathered her car keys. Would she get to kiss him
tonight? she wondered as she set out on the highway. She wanted to,
she longed to finally be able to feel the softness of his lips,
taste the warmth of his mouth. She hoped it was even better than
she imaged on all those long nights alone in her bed.

She shook her head, smiling at her own
foolishness. No matter how much she loved the fantasy, she lived in
the real world, and she knew that it could all be lies. Just
because he sent a picture, didn’t mean it was actually him. He
could totally be some kind of weird sex freak. She didn’t think
so—and everything in her prayed for him to be normal—but you really
never knew, which was why they were meeting at a very public

She arrived at the theater, found a decent
parking space, gave her ticket to the girl with blue hair at the
entrance, and went inside. Simone strolled through the enormous
general admission space, marveling at the Art Deco design, the
high, vaulted ceilings, the massive, ornate chandeliers while she
surreptitiously searching the crowd for her Alec. No one matching
the picture he sent seemed to be in the concert space. A lead ball
of disappointment gathered in her chest. How could she have been so
stupid? She should have known better. How could she think he would
actually show up? She always did this to herself, always allowed
her fantasies and wishes to fill her heart with hope, and every
time she was let down. Why did she think this time would be any
different? With a heavy heart, she left the ballroom and headed for
the bar.

Her breath stopped when she stopped him
sitting at a small table in the far corner. He looked exactly like
he did in his photos, blond and tan and muscular and oh, so very
sexy. Giddy excitement mingled with her fluttering nervousness and
she approached his table on wobbly knees.

“Hi,” she said, standing before him. Her
shoulders wanted to slump, but she forced herself to stand upright.
She was strong, confident. She was the warrior Xanthe, not shy,
awkward Simone, and he belonged to her. She forced a smile on her
face and hoped he didn’t notice her shaking hands. “I’m

He met her gaze and all her nervousness
disappeared as she looked into his stunning blue eyes. He smiled
back and a lick of heat ignited in her lower belly. This was the
man she had spent months talking to and texting, the man she had
shared her secret desires with, the man that had made her come
again and again and left her satisfied without ever having touched
her. She drank him in, her eyes hungrily taking in all the curves
and contours of his broad chest, his long, lean thighs. He rose to
his feet and a tingling thrill of pure lust rushed over her. Simone
loved tall men and her Alec was a full head taller than she

“Well,” he said, flashing her a grin so full
of erotic promise her panties almost melted, “I am a lucky man

The flutter in her belly intensified, and she
was hyperaware of his touch as he helped her into the chair beside
him. Their knees touched and the rough scrape of his jeans against
her bare skin sent shivers down Simone’s spine. It was hard to be
this close to him, her head full of his clean, delightful scent,
and not wonder about the size and shape of his cock. Maybe he’d ask
her back to his place for ‘coffee’ later. She very much hoped

And when they talked, it was just like on the
phone, that same instant, comfortable connection. He told her about
his ride to the venue, the detour he had to take, almost getting
lost. His voice washed over and through her and Simone was almost
tempted to close her eyes and drink in the sound of him like she
did during all their late night talks. But this was infinitely
better than even the best of those conversations—here, finally, she
could look at him, feel him beside her, touch his warm skin.

She was disappointed when the house lights
flickered, signaling the start of the show. She didn’t want to get
up, leave his side, be distracted by concert, but she didn’t
protest when he took her hand and led her toward the stage. She
allowed him to guide her though the gathering crowd as people
swarmed around them, vying for a better view. They squeezed into a
tiny space at the security barricade in front of the stage. Simone
gripped the black, plywood fence. Alec was pressed against her back
and she was intensely aware of the very male presence behind her,
his strong, lean body so very warm and so very close. There was no
opening act tonight and when the band started, the crowd cheered,
their bodies gyrating on the dance floor.

She moved with the music, bouncing along with
the beat. Alec wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her
firmly against him, and rested his cheek against hers. His warm
breath tickled her shoulder, whispering over the tops of her
breasts and the steady, gentle stream made her nipples pucker.

“Remember when I asked you to tell me your
favorite fantasy?” he asked.

Simone’s cheeks flushed as she vividly
recalled the conversation. It had occurred on a night not too long
ago, right after he had led her to amazing heights with his
whispered commands and she had lain panting in a heap in her bed,
exhausted but satisfied. “I remember.”

His grip tightened around her. “Tell me

“I want a handsome stranger to take me from
behind,” she began. His hands moved over waist, up along her ribs,
and she sucked in a sharp breath when his fingers brushed the
undersides of her breasts sending fevered chills racing along her
nerve endings. “A dark, mysterious man that takes me rough and
hard. I want him to use me,
me. And I want him to make
me scream when he makes me come.” Her body trembled from the force
of her confession, her innate shyness battling with her undeniable
arousal. She moaned as he caressed her, his hands fueling the fire
already burning deep in her core.

“Kiss me,” he whispered in her ear, his
breath hot on her throat.

Liquid heat melt her insides and she turned
her head to nuzzled his nose. His lips touched hers once, lightly,
and she lifted her chin, offering him her mouth. He took her in a
teasing, playful kiss before slipping his tongue into her mouth
with hard, breathtaking control.

She moaned into him when cupped her breast,
and desire exploded in her core when he squeezed her nipple. She
pressed against him and moaned into his mouth when she felt the
hard length of his erection pressing back. The music took a sudden
upswing in tempo and the crowd surged around them, bodies crashed
into them.

His breath was warm on her throat and she
practically melted when his tongue flicked her earlobe. She leaned
back against him, any resistance she might have entertained
dissolving away with every playful nip, with every soft, wet lick.
His hand slid under her shirt and then skimmed across her stomach,
gently caressing her belly. She sucked in a sharp breath when she
felt his other hand on her bare thigh. It glided higher and then
came to a rest right between her legs. His knuckle grazed the
material of her panties and a shudder rolled over her. She shifted
her feet to allow him more access, encouraging him to explore

His fingers slipped under the material of her
panties and when he found her wet, he pulled her tighter against
him, grinding his erection into her backside. Bolts of lust shot
through her when he found her clit and her knees went weak when he
began to slowly massage it. He inched her underwear down and she
let it fall to the floor. She felt no regret at all when she
stepped out of her panties and kicked them aside.

Her cry of pleasure was lost in the crowd
when he slid one, long finger inside her. He held her tightly
against his chest as he teased her, caressed her, stroked her,
making her pant and sweat. Her nails dug into the security fence as
he increased the intensity of his exploration, her hips rocking in
time with his fingers.

She whimpered in protest when his hands
moved, leaving her unfulfilled. He did something behind her and
then brought his hands in front of her face, showing her the condom
he held. He opened the wrapper before her eyes and then his hands
disappeared. A moment later, she felt the head of his cock press
against her entrance.

She wanted him so badly. Her pussy was
literally throbbing and she needed him to take the ache away. She
rose up slightly on her toes, offering herself to him. He thrust
inside her and Simone moaned as he filled her completely. He spread
her legs farther apart and plunged in deep. He took her hard and
fast and she grunted with each thrust. It wasn’t long before she
began to feel the stirrings of her orgasm and she pushed back
against him, helping him take her higher.

Her entire body quaked as her release tore
through her and she cried out as her body clenched and shuddered.
She felt him tremble and then his body went rigid behind her as he
found his release. He held her tightly as he came and then slumped
against her with a low, satisfied groan. She sighed as he pulled
out, leaving her empty, but completely sated.

He leaned over and kissed her cheek. “I think
I’m in love.”

“Alec and Xanthe make quite a pair,” she
said, and couldn’t help but feel a pang of sadness. No matter how
magnificent it was, it hadn’t been real. She didn’t even know his
name. And he didn’t know hers. What they’d shared amounted nothing
more than a pleasant fantasy.

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