Horror Erotica: The Merman


The Merman
(Horror Erotica)


Nikita King


Copyright 12/21/2012 by Nikita King


Edited by:  Samantha Perez

Proofed by: Greta Maloney

Warnings:  This story contains graphic sex
, forced seduction, and rape fantasy.  All characters are eighteen and above.  Adult content!






For Lisa…….

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to Horror Erotica.  If you were expecting a warm and fuzzy story you have gotten off at the wrong station, sorry my friend.  This is erotica for the depraved part of your soul. This is for that part of you that will never admit to liking this and that is okay.  Why, you ask?  Because I’ll never tell……………………


It was a bright and sunny day when Ben and Lisa decided to get the boat and go out into the ocean.  They loved to go sailing; going out onto the water was one of the things they both enjoyed
doing.  Lisa worked long hours at a dog grooming spa which made her relish her time off even more.  Going out on Ben’s boat gave her the chance to catch up on her reading while Ben liked to fish and sail.  Ben was an accountant who worked at a stuffy old law firm all day.  So when the weekend came around both of them were eager to get out and do something fun.

Once they set the boat asail they pulled out a couple of beers and turned up the music.  It was the best time Lisa had had in a long while.  Her sister was pregnant and was always talking about baby stuff and that was getting old to her.  Lisa just wanted to enjoy life!  Like right here, right now with her handsome and rugged boyfriend.

The sun was setting in the west and Ben and Lisa were planning to sleep on the boat that night.  Before going to bed, they both cuddled on the sun deck and watched the night sky.  It was so beautiful.  There was a full moon that night which made the water brighter than usual.  Lisa was feeling a little light headed because she was on her sixth beer for the day.  Lisa snuggled into Ben’s arms and started to run her fingers over his chest in little circles.  Ben caught himself yawning a few times; it might have had something to do with the eight beers he'd drank today.

“Maybe we should head off to bed.  Get below and go to sleep.  What do you think, Lis?” Ben whispered in her ear.

“No, not yet, it is just so beautiful, tonight.  I just want to stay a little bit longer.”

“Okay, but if we fall asleep out on this deck my back is going to be killing me in the morning.  You’re gonna owe me a really long massage and I’m not taking
for an answer,” Ben said while nibbling her ear.

“Oh yeah, what will you want me to massage?” Lisa leaned over and kissed him.  What started off as tentative kisses slowly sped up as Lisa rolled on top of Ben grinding her mound on his erection.  After five minutes of grinding and kissing Ben broke away.

“Babe, I think I drank a little too much today. Maybe we will need to pick this up in the morning.”

“Really, you think I bought this new bikini for myself?” Lisa pointed to her new yellow swimsuit.  Lisa just huffed and turned over on her side.

Ben’s hand found her hip.  “Sorry Lisa, I am just so tired.  I love you, Lis, don’t be mad.”

“Yeah, love you too.” Lisa said with a bitter taste in her mouth.

Lisa was frustrated, aroused, and tired.  That was fine.  Lisa lay on her side with her head lying on her hands.  Lisa didn’t want to admit it because Ben was right.  They both were a bit tipsy.  While the world had slowed down from spinning, the next thing that happened was sleep.




The Merman saw the boat floating on the water.  He had to admit he was curious about it.  He swam up closer where he could scent arousal.  A female’s arousal to be precise.  Now he was really interested as he looked on board for the female.
She was quite pretty and she was lying on the boat’s deck in a little yellow bikini.  She looked as though she was falling asleep.  With her long brown hair and very curvy body, it looked as though she had not been with her male tonight.  It made him yearn to touch her.  It had been a long while since he had tasted of a human, much less a female human.  Kye felt something stir inside his body.  A pleasant warm feeling that made him ravenous with need.  He could tell that his penis wanted to start to protrude from his body.

Mermen’s sex organs were a lot like dolphins.  They both had a retractable penis that was also prehensile, which meant it could grab, swivel, hold, and wrap around an object.  They could use their penis to explore objects just like a hand.  A Merman’s penis could move on its own accord without the Merman having to pump his hips.  The Merman could stay perfectly still and still have sex with some being because of the length and the motion of his penis. 

Over time, Mermen had been known to mate with dolphins from time to time, if they couldn’t find a Mermaid or another Merman to have sex with.  It was common knowledge that Mermen and dolphins were very sexual creatures.  If they couldn’t find a suitable creature, another could easily be substituted.  But right here, right now, he had found a suitable creature to have sex with and it was this human woman on the deck of the boat. 




Lisa heard a splash and she opened her eyes and looked out over the water.  That is when Lisa saw the most beautiful man she had ever set eyes on.  He had long black hair, sculpted abs, and the most beautiful face.  It could have belonged to a celebrity.  He seemed to be just bobbing in the water.  He was just so still she thought he was actually standing but that couldn’t be possible.  He just continued to look at her.  He looked ethereal to her.  Was she dreaming?  Was this just some dream she concocted because Ben wouldn’t have sex with her?  But the man in the water looked so real.  He was so beautiful that she wanted to feel his hard chest under her hands. 

He seemed to be moving in closer now.  Not really swimming, just floating to her.  He was still standing straight up.  How was this possible?  Maybe this was just part of the dream, so she closed her eyes and fell back into slumber.




Kye floated closer to the boat.  The human woman closed her eyes again and that was fine with him.  He didn’t really need her to be awake.  Most humans reacted to Merfolk sort of like being hypnotize.  Humans found their outward appearance so appealing that they couldn’t help but to be attracted to them.   Mermen could lure and attract females and males with their enchantingly seductive siren-like singing voices and tones.  Kye found that using the tones (crooning) was enough to get any female in a hypnotic like state where he could use her to his liking.

Kye went to the side of the boat and grabbed the lip of the sun deck and took hold.  Slowly he pulled his body up onto the deck.  Then he slid his tail onto the deck with the aid of some of the sea water to help him maneuver himself.
Now he could see the human female better.  He watched her by holding his upper body up with his palms.  She was quite attractive.  Kye’s penis started to protrude again.  His arousal was strong so he started to move forward and then he heard a peculiar sound.  Kye looked over and saw a human man asleep on his side away from them.  He was making a soft nasally noise.  Hopefully he could get what he wanted from the female without involving her mate. 

Kye started to croon one of his seductive songs out.  The female responded to it like all humans did when he would come to call on them.  Her hips started to rotate slightly, searching for something, something to relieve her need.  She was slowly but surely getting aroused by the crooning.  Kye started toward her on his palms with his tail sliding behind him.    

Her legs were parted while her hips were still rotating.  Kye moved his body up to the opening of her legs.  He was still walking on his palms while crooning out his song.  His penis was already fully protruding from his body at this time.  His dick could move on its own accord as it searched out her opening.  Oh he really needed this!  He wanted this!  It had been so long since he felt the wet heat of a human woman, the heat that came from their cunt.  Mermaids were cold in nature, but human women were warm and inviting.  His body hovered over her. 


He took one of his sharp pointed nails and cut the little tie of fabric covering his human’s lower half.  Kye slowly pulled the fabric away and threw it to the side. 
His mouth watered with anticipation of her juices. He decided that he needed a taste.  It had been so long after all.  He lowered his head and took in a breath of her arousal.  He couldn’t wait to put his cock into her.  How his thick phallus would enter her tight little pussy.  All human females had tight little pussies when it came to a Merman’s cock.  He lowered his head again and this time his tongue snaked out to lick her outer folds.  The female’s vagina rose up and smashed up into his mouth.  She wanted more and he was going to give it to her.

Kye’s tongue licked up her juices and swirled his tongue around again and again.  Kye grabbed her ass as he pressed her upward and proceeded to push his tongue into her pussy as far as it would go.  Kye made the female jump when he brought his tongue to her clit.  Putting his fingers on both sides of the little bud of nerves, he pushed it out.  He started licking back and forth over it again and again.  The female was squirming but he wouldn’t stop.  He liked her aroused.  It wasn’t necessary but he did like her being needy.

Kye slid up her body some more while continually crooning his song.  He came to the female’s breasts.  He took his nail again and cut the two triangles away from her body.  Her breasts spilled out of the top and Kye moved his mouth down to her nipple and started sucking.  Holding the other breast in his hand he gently massaged it, playing with the nipple with his sharp fingernails. 




Lisa was laying on the sun deck having the most vivid dream.  She had dreamt of the beautiful man that was in the water.  He was watching her.  He wanted her.  He made her feel sexy.  Lisa opened up her legs and her hips started to rotate in a grinding motion.  She kept hearing this humming, this beautiful noise that made her want to sway her body and grind.  Her eyes were closed but she could still see the man’s face in her mind.  She felt something cool to the touch start to move in between her legs.  It actually felt nice since the July heat had been so miserable lately.  She dreamt it was the beautiful dark haired stranger.  She felt some slight tugging on her swim suit and then she felt a welcome woosh of air.

The humming seemed to get a little louder in her head and her body started to sway more.  Then she felt something wet and cool latch onto her cunt. 
Oh, God that felt good!
  Lisa felt the most fantastic tongue against her pussy.  It was pushing in and out, in and out.  Then she felt the tongue concentrate on her clit.  The pressure was unbelievable and she was just at the right point to cum and cum hard but then the tongue disappeared.  Lisa tried to open her eyes but she couldn’t.  She got the feeling that her lover wasn’t ready for her to come yet.  Her lover wanted her to be wanton and needy.  Then she felt the body move up to her breasts.  

Feeling the most wonderful wet tugging motion on her nipple she whispered, “Oh that feels so good.” Her hands went searching and found hair on the top of a head.  She tried to open her eyes once more but still she couldn’t.  That was okay, this was a dream.  She would just enjoy it.




Kye pulled his mouth up from one nipple and went to the other.  His lips suctioned on the little nub, pulling and sucking.  He loved the female body even more than the males.  He started to feel the female’s hip grind against the bare flesh of his abdomen.  She was getting even more aroused; she was smearing her wet arousal all over him.  He loved the smell that a female excreted when she was excited.

Kye’s penis which was already out at full length was lying on the deck in between her legs while he was playing with her breasts.  It started to search out something to embed itself in, to bring himself pleasure.  His length was rather large for a human.  His penis compared to this female was a little too large but he didn’t really care.  He was sure it would fit, even if it was painful for her that wasn’t his concern.  He was driven by his dick right now and whatever it wanted he would try to get.  And right now it was this human’s hot, wet vagina.

The phallus was moving on its own accord searching out the female’s heat.  It slithered on the boat deck heading toward the female.  When it touched the human’s labia, the penis started squirming with desire and need.  His cock needed to bury itself into her.  It slipped and slid over the outside of her lips.  Little excited gasps came from the female so he continued to do it a little more.  And then just like that, wetness started to seep out of the vagina.  Kye’s penis was drawn to it like a moth to a flame.  It slid into the wetness and started upward to the core from where the heat was coming from.

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