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The Fighters of Absinthe, 3




Copyright © 2014




Chapter One


“Are you sure about this, Janie?” Mack adjusted his much larger frame over the girl he loved more than anything else, and braced his weight on his elbows beside her head. Her cheeks were tinged pink from the heavy make-out session they’d had over the last half an hour, but what they were about to do right now would sure as hell make kissing seem like child’s play.

“I’ve never been surer of anything in my life, Mack.”

They were both eighteen, and even though Mack had slept with a few girls before he’d gotten with Jane a year ago, she was a virgin, and offering to give him a part of her that no other asshole had tasted. His cock was hard, really fucking hard, and the damn thing pressed against
zipper of his jeans incessantly.

“I don’t want you to think that I’m rushing you, because I can wait as long as you need.” He leaned down and kissed her. She was sweet and addictive, and never had Mack wanted something as much as he wanted Jane Reynolds. Lifting up enough that he got a good look at her face again, Mack’s chest tightened at the way she stared up at him with those big blue eyes. Her blonde hair was a sexy mess around her head, and the strands fanned out over his pillow, making him think of a lot of dirty things. He had never pushed her for sex though, because from the first moment he had seen her in school he’d known there was something special about her. There had been this connection, like this string had been attached form his chest to hers, pulling them closer and closer. Yeah, that shit sounded clichéd as hell, but it was true on every level, and Mack hadn’t screwed around when it came to getting to know her better. Mack didn’t know if he believed in all that fate bullshit, but what he did believe in was how he felt for Jane, and that was some powerful stuff.

“Mack, for over a year you have been so patient with me.” She searched his face with her eyes, and a small smile curved her pink, bowlike lips. “I trust you.” She reached between them and placed her palm right over his erection. A groan left him at that very light touch, and he couldn’t hold his eyes open as pleasure washed through him. After they had gone out to dinner he had brought her to his parents’ house, but he sure as fuck hadn’t expected the night to progress to this. He heard her swallow when she moved her hand up and down his length, which was only separated from her by a thin layer of cotton and denim. “You’re so hard.” Her voice was so very low, but heated from her arousal.

Shit, she couldn’t say that kind of stuff, not unless she wanted him to blow his load before he was even inside of her. It was mid-summer, and they had just graduated. Both starting Colton U in the fall meant he’d be able to see his girl all the time, and also look after her. There were a lot of fuckers in their town, just looking to get a piece of ass no matter what the cost. Mack was possessive of Jane, there was no question about that, but there were a lot of assholes who wanted something that wasn’t theirs. He had seen it a dozen times, especially in school, and he could only assume it was worse in college. But it wasn’t just about watching over Jane. He wanted to be with her, no matter where she went, and why not get some education out of it, too?

“You’re thinking about something that is not what’s going on right now.” She smiled, and the teasing note in her voice had him smiling as well. Rain pelted against the window, and a look at the clock showed his parents wouldn’t be home from his father’s medical convention for another hour. Although he wanted to be with her all night long, this first time he knew he wouldn’t last very long, not when he would finally be inside of the girl he loved. He had never been into sappy shit, never even thought about stuff like that, but Jane brought out all these different emotions inside of him.

He leaned down, took her mouth in another hard, deep kiss, and pushed from his mind all other thoughts that didn’t have to do with what was happening right now. Jane moved her hand out from between their bodies, gripped his biceps, and opened her mouth wider. They moved their tongues along each other’s, and the wet sound of their kiss filled his head, causing him to feel drunk, or high, or shit, all of the above. She panted against his mouth, spread her legs wider, and he pressed his hips further into hers. Gently, slowly, thrusting against her, he kept thinking about them being naked and how it would feel to have his bare cock along her naked pussy. They had fooled around plenty of times, but never had there been penetration. That had been fine with him, but now she was giving him the all go, and Mack was really turned-on. Not breaking the kiss, he reached between them, grabbed the hem of her skirt, and pushed it up. He wanted them both naked and sweaty when he was finally buried deep inside of her. Pulling away from her was hard. She raised her upper body up, reached for the bottom of her shirt, and pulled the material up and over her head. After tossing it aside, she reached behind her and unhooked her bra. Mack’s mind short-circuited as he watched this seemingly innocent act turn filthy in his mind. Her breasts became free of the cotton restraint, and her peach colored nipples hardened the instant the chilled air touched them. His mouth watered for a taste, and although he knew that her flesh was soft and saccharine, at this moment it was like he had never sampled her. Mack watched with a throbbing cock that was already wet at the tip as she lifted her hips and slid off her skirt and panties. He had to shift for her to take her clothes off, and it felt as though his limbs were made of lead as he tried to move from her. She had closed her legs a little, and he could tell by the way her face became redder that she was nervous, but God, she was so damn beautiful. Thick and curvy, and not at all thin like the girls they had gone to high school with, who starved themselves, Jane was shaped like a real woman, and one that he was going to devour. Mack reached behind his head to grab a chunk of his shirt and pull it up and over his head. He moved away only enough to undo his pants and push them off along with his boxer briefs. She had seen him naked before, had touched his cock with tentative hands even, but he saw the way her eyes widened slightly and heard how her breath hitched.

“Are you sure you’re okay with this, baby?” Even he could hear the guttural sound of his voice, thick with his desire.

She licked her lips, and he was riveted to the sight of her bottom lip as it became slightly wet and red from the act. She nodded, rested fully back on the bed, and slowly parted her thighs until there was no part her that wasn’t open for him. Fuck, her pussy lips parted as well, and he could see how wet, pink, and swollen she was. There was a trimmed thatch of darker blonde hair above her clit, but other than that she was smooth and bare, and all his.

“You’re mine, Jane.” His voice was harsh and gruff, and although he didn’t know why the words had tumbled out of his mouth, he didn’t regret saying them. She had been his even before they had gotten to this point, and in fact he had claimed her when he first saw her, whether she knew it or not, but once he had his dick inside of her then all bets were off. He felt like some kind of animal right now, ready to mark his mate or some shit. But it was exhilarating and arousing, and he was spiraling out of control.
He wanted to lick every inch of her body, wanted to memorize every dip and curve of her, but right now he needed to be inside of her. He grabbed a condom from his wallet, rolled the latex down his cock in record time, and climbed back on the bed. He positioned himself between her thighs and grappled with his self-control. He could smell her, the sweet musky scent of her arousal, and it was all for him. He wanted to run his tongue through her pussy folds, but that would have to be for another time, because he needed his dick in her right.

“God, Mack, I’ve never felt like this before.” Yeah, he knew exactly what she was talking about because he was right there with her. He slipped his forearm under her thigh and parted her legs even further. She was hot as hell against his dick, and the fact she was this wet, soaking his shit, turned him on to the point he was barely holding onto his control. Taking hold of the root of his dick, he tormented himself by running his cockhead up and down the center of her pussy. He was riveted to the sight of the bulbous head of his erection pushing her labia out even further as he moved along her cleft. Her clit was a swollen little node at the top, and his tongue practically swelled with the need to suck it into his mouth, and thrust his finger into her until she came against his face. Taking a deep, stabilizing breath, he pressed the crest of his shaft at her entrance, but held still. He didn’t push into her right away, just held her gaze with his own and started slowly rocking back and forth. The tip of his dick pushed in just minutely before he pulled back. Over and over he did this, and it was so damn good. God, he needed to stop that, or he’d come in the next five seconds. He should stop, now, but he couldn’t, not when he felt how slick she was, how his dick slid right through her folds, and how the little sounds of her moans filled his ears. “Mack, please, this is torture.”

He leaned down, which caused the length of him to mold right against her slit, and captured her mouth with his. She dug her nails into his skin, and he groaned against her mouth, taking her lips and tongue harder with his own. He could literally feel her clit swell every time he rubbed his dick against it, and he wanted her to come from that alone. As he pushed his hips forward at a more brisk pace and dragged his teeth along the swell of her lips, he felt her tense beneath him.

“That’s it, baby. Just let go.” He added a little more pressure. She opened her mouth and cried out. Mack pulled away and watched the ecstasy travel across her face, but it wasn’t enough, because he wanted to be buried fully inside of her when she came again, and wanted to feel her pussy clenching along his cock. When her tremors stopped and she was breathing a little easier, he reached down and grabbed the root of his erection. Placing the tip at her entrance once more, he swallowed roughly and started to push forward. She was tight, really fucking tight that it almost bordered on pain, and he had to grit his teeth and make sure to go slow so he didn’t hurt her. Mack didn’t have an ego, but he had a pretty big dick, and well, his girl was a virgin. He needed to make sure he didn’t hurt her any more than was inevitable, but goddamn was it hard to go slow. He felt her hymen and closed his eyes. She clenched around him. “If you keep doing that, Jane, I won’t be able to last very long, baby.” When he opened his eyes he saw a light sheen of sweat along her brow. “Are you okay?” Brushing a few strands of hair away from her face he leaned down and kissed her on the forehead.

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