Initiation: A Novella (Initiation Trilogy Book 1) (6 page)


Chapter 9


I'm sitting on the end of my bed putting my shoes on and as I'm doing so my phone rings and buzzes loudly on my dresser. I get up to see who it is. The caller I.D. Reads restricted, but I answer it anyway.


              “Have you had enough?” the bitch’s voice rings in my ear.

              “Just tell me where the fuck you are,” I spit out at her, quickly.

              “So you've had enough?” I can hear her smile.

              “Yeah. Where you all at?”
              “Where we always be at, baby.”

              I sigh. “I was over there. Where the fuck are you?”

              “I'll text you the directions. Follow. Them. Exactly. Kay?” She speaks slowly and exaggerates each word as if I’m a child that needs directions.

              “Yeah, okay, fine,” I say flatly.

              “Good, see you soon.
you can make it here.” Her voice grates my ears and sends shivers down my spine. I linger on what she means
, but before I can ask, she hangs up the phone.

              I shake my head and sigh as I wait for the text message to come through. The fact they went through all this trouble to get me back pisses me off.


              About an hour or so later, I finally get a text message from Leanne's number with the directions. I grab a pen and notepad out of my nightstand drawer and write them down. As I'm writing them down, I don't really know the name of these streets. I can't put my finger on if I have been there or not. Well, no skipping out now. I can only hope nothing happens as I head over there. I put my phone in my pocket and rip out the paper on the notepad, folding it in my hand. I grab the purple bandana off the dresser and scramble through my drawers for a purple shirt to put on. Then, folding the bandana just enough to tie it across my forehead putting a knot in the back, I stand in front of my wall mirror as I put my shirt on. I sigh as I know this may be the last time I'll be standing in this room. I bolt downstairs and out the front door and into my car, I get settled in as I read the first direction.

Go down Hammer Lane and turn right at the first intersection.

              I pull out of the driveway and drive down that street. When I reach Hammer Lane, I see nothing but trees, dirt, and abandoned farm houses. The drive is about ten minutes long when I finally hit the first intersection and make a right.


              As I get closer and closer to where the I-Ten's is located the guilty feeling is fading away slowly as I reach the dark road of Caraway Boulevard. Prostitutes are roaming the streets, the clock on my radio reads 10. I park in front of a Motel 6 and take out the written directions to go over the next street.

Suddenly, I hear a firm knock on my window, so I whip my head around and there is a female dressed in an all black mini skirt and halter top, her bright red hair blinding me and wearing dark make-up. I put my hand on my gun and roll down the window.
              "What the fuck do you want?" I hissed as I grip my gun tightly, my knuckles turning white...

              “Just wanted to know if you want to have a good time, big boy?” she says seductively as she twists hair with her index finger and bites her bottom lip.

              I look her over for a moment before answering. “How much?”

              “Come on into my room and I'll show you,” she winks, turning around walking away slowly. I look around and get out of my car to follow her as she opens the door and walks in, clicking on the light immediately taking off her clothes and plopping on the bed.

              “You want some of this, baby?” She says as she leans back on the bed and pulls out a condom from between her breasts. I stand next to her with my head tilted to one side and, taking the condom from her hands, I toss it on the ground. I get on top of her pulling off my shirt and unbuckling my pants, pulling them down just enough. Leaning down, I kiss her neck, running my hand up her sides and hips as the other is grabbing a hold of her hair. She moans softly in my ear and bites down on it gently.

              I continue to kiss her neck and then finally ram inside her. She wraps her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist as I thrust inside her, each one harder then the last as her legs are wrapping tighter around me. I push in one last thrust and cum inside her, moaning in pleasure.


              “Mmmm, that was good, baby?” she asks she fixes herself up. I look at her as I buckle my jeans back up and putting my gun back in its place.

              I scoff and shake my head. “I bet it was.”

              “So are you going to pay me?”

              “I never got your name, cutie,” I smirk.

              “Oh, it’s Kandy with a K,” she smiles innocently though we both know better.

              “Well, Kandy, thank you for that good time. Oh, and here's your payment.” I pull out my gun as fast as possible shooting her twice in the chest. “Keep the change.”

              I walk out of the motel room and back out to my car.








Chapter 10

The clock on my radio strikes Midnight as I turn into a twenty-four hour gas station and pull into a parking space, shutting off my engine and heading inside.

              The bell rings as I open the door and I nod towards the cashier who looks me over with suspicion. I turn my head to the front and don’t look back at him until it is time to pay. I walk down the aisle and look in the chips section, grabbing a bag of hot Cheetos and a trail mix. I then head over to the refrigerator, taking a bottle of water and a Pepsi. Heading on over to the cashier, I take each step slowly setting down my stuff, my eyes meet his.

              “How are you tonight?” he asks me.

              “Good and you?” I reply firmly.

              “Fine.” He nods as he continues to look me over. It looks like he's trying to figure out who I am.
Does he know me or something?
I wonder to myself. He scans the items and the price lights up in green on the register.

              “That will be eight dollars and seventy-five cents.” His voice cracks as he speaks and for a moment, I try to stifle a laugh and play it off as if I’m annoyed. I’m not here for a lot of talk.

              “All right.” I pull out my wallet and begin digging for the money, but he wants to talk and I can see it. He’s trying to see where he knows me from, but I don’t care.

              “Where do I know you from?” he asks out of nowhere, his head tilted to one side and eyes squinted.

              I look him over for a moment before giving him an answer.

              “I don't know. You tell me,” I shrug and hand him the money.

              “Just saying that I feel like I've seen you before. You from around here?” he questions as he takes the money and puts it in the cash register and hands me my change.

              “Not really, have a good night,” I scoff and walk away from him, taking my bag with me.

              “Wait! You're Collin!” he yells, stopping me before I can reach the door.

              I sigh and turn around to face him. “Yeah. Yeah I am,” I admit.

              “You're the one that's in that I-Ten gang. You know they were in my store about a month ago. Mother fuckers fucked up my store and took all of my money. You know anything about that?” he says as he comes around the counter and stands in front of it with his arms folded across his chest.

              I roll my eyes. “No, no I don't. You see, I left that gang the night my mom died,” I smirk as I roll my eyes. I really hate talking.

              “You sure? You sure are dressed like you still in it,” he tries to read me, looking at me suspiciously as if he’s debating on whether he needs to call the cops or something, but I put him down.

              “Not anymore.” I confirm.

              “How long ago did she die?” he asks as he takes a few steps towards me, but still a distance away.

              “I believe that's none of your business, but it was a few years ago.” I growl, growing more and more annoyed.

              “Oh. That's too bad,” he says in a blunt ‘I don't really give a fuck' way.”

              “Yeah. I got to go. Have a nice night.”

              “Oh, and Collin, tell your so called crew to stay the fuck away from my store. They're lucky I only called the cops on them. ‘Cause now. I'm packing,” He says as he pats the front of his pants.
Did this bitch just threaten me?
This only pisses me off more.

              “I don't think you have to worry about that,” I say sarcastically. I pull out my gun as fast as I can and fire at him a few times, hitting him in the chest and head. His body falls to the floor as the blood streams out of him like a leaking faucet. I walk out of the store and into my car screeching out of the gas station, making a right at the nearest intersection. I roll down my window and switch on my radio. The night air is calm and cool, I love this spring weather and my mom did too. I open up my bag of chips and read the next direction on the paper.


              Later that night, I finally reach my next destination. I park across the street from a small abandoned house and look around me and there's no one to be seen. I slowly get out of the car and jog across the street to get a closer look at the house, wondering if they are here. Slowly, I open up the door and peek inside. It's dark and there are cobwebs everywhere. Am I supposed to be here? I wonder to myself. I shut the door and head around the back where I push open the metal gate and look around the yard.
Nothing. Fuck! This has to be a damn joke
, I think as my anger begins to boil up.
Are these fuckers taking for some kind of game or are they testing me?
I shake my head and run back out to my car. When I reach the front again, I see someone lurking around my car. Who the fuck is that?
              “Hey! Hey, you!” I yell out to the person as I run towards him, pulling my gun out from the back of my pants. The person looks up at me and his eyes grow wide. Mine do too as I recognize who the person is.


No way... Is that who I think it is?
What the fuck is he doing here?











Chapter 11

“Ryan?” I say in confusion as I walk a little closer to him.

              He looks at me also confused with his head tilted to one side.

              “Collin?” He scratches the top of his head with his index finger.

              “Yeah man.” I say with relief putting my gun away.

              “Where the hell you been? I mean.... Well, last I heard you were shot and dead,” he shrugs as he looks me up and down.

              “And who told you that?” I roll my eyes.

              “Just... Around the streets, I guess.”

              “That's not telling me anything... But everyone thinks I'm dead?”

              “Mmmhmm,” he nods. “Pretty much, at least some people do.” While he’s avoiding my eyes, he reaches up and scratches the back of his neck. I find that suspicious but ignore it.

              “Hmmm. Well, they're fucking wrong. Yes, I was shot... But, look I'm in a bind, can you help me?”

              “Yeah, what is it?”

              “My sister,” I start, but he asks about her before I can continue.

              “What happened to her?”

              I sigh. “She was taken by my old gang,” I say softly.

              “How do you know?” He’s skeptical and I don’t blame him.

              “Long story short, she was kidnapped, they fucked up my car and house, shot at me once, and now I'm here.” I rush my words, but I know that he catches them, understanding every last word.

              “Damn... Well, let's go find her. I saw them the other day, maybe they're still there.”

              “Thank God,” I sigh as I unlock the car door and hop in.

              I can't even remember the last time I saw Ryan. I know it was way before my mom was diagnosed with Cancer. We always use to hang out and for some reason I blame myself for not keeping touch with him. Although, I was in that gang and I guess in some sort of way, I didn't want him to know. Just like Leanne, he was one of the few people I could call family. It's nice to see him again, especially now.


              About an hour goes by and Ryan and I are still cruising around looking for the I-Ten gang.

              “How long has she been gone?” Ryan looks out the window as he inquires.


              “Yes.” He turns to face me and I know that I have to answer him or he could very well stop helping me.

              “Just a few days,” I confirm as I keep my eyes on the road, turning a sharp corner of the dark street.

              “Oh dang... How's your mom doing?”

              “What? Oh my god, I'm so sorry. How long and what of?”

              “Five years now and brain cancer,” I all but whisper, trying not to allow the emotions to rise in me again.

              “Oh shit, that’s too bad.” He tilts his head down and fiddles with his fingers, the car growing quiet for a moment before I break it.

              “So what have you been up to?” I say quickly, wanting to change the subject.

              “Just... around,” he shrugs, making me slightly confused.

              “That's it?”

              “Pretty much.” He shrugs, speaking softly.

              I’m uncertain of the truth of that, realizing that there’s something he’s keeping from me, but keep my eyes on the road ahead of me.

              “Make a right here and then a few more miles up ahead and that's where I think they might be at,” he demands, talking to me sternly. I do as I'm told, but wonder what the hell his problem is talking to me in that tone.

“You alright?”

              “Yeah, I'm good, why?”
              “Just asking,” I glance at him in the corner of my eye.

              We head up a few more feet on the street and hit a stop light. As I'm sitting there, I begin to overcome a strange feeling. I rub the back of my neck as I anxiously wait for the light to turn green. I tap on the steering wheel as every second passes as Ryan looks over to me. I glance at him before looking back at the burning red light.

              “Something wrong?” He challenges, but I shake my head no and continue to tap on the steering wheel.

              Suddenly, my windows explode open. Gunshots are being fired at us.

              “GET DOWN, RYAN!” I yell outto him as I pull out my gun and fire back. I open my car door and fall out on to the ground as the shots keep coming at us. I run hunched over, trying to protect myself while getting to the other side of the car where Ryan is and hide behind there. I swing the door open and pull him out.

              “What the hell, man?” he yells as he falls onto the ground besides me.

              “Shut the fuck up and go take cover!” I demand. He does as he's told and runs over to the parked car behind me. As I'm ducking, I can hear the headlights and windows shatter, tires popping, and air hissing out of them.

              “Get the fuck off our turf, you son of a bitch!” one of the guys shooting yells at me.

What turf
? I immediately think to myself. The shooting finally stops and I give a sigh of relief. I take a deep breath and exhale, taking a moment to gather myself as I look around the street signs and see that I'm at the Crawford Court area. What the fuck? The Crawford Riots live here. DAMN! Fucking Ryan!

              “Yo, Ryan! You all right?” I call out to him.

              “Yeah, I'm over here!” He comes out from behind a car parked across the street and sits up next to me.

              “Did you have any idea where we were going?” I ask him in a rough tone.

              “Not really, I just thought they'd be up this street,” he shrugs.

              “I ‘ought to fuck you up for that.” I say matter-of-factly and roll my eyes.

              “Sorry, Collin.”

              “Yeah, now my car is completely fucked up, thanks to your fucking directions.” I stand back up and look around the area some more. “The coast it clear,” I confirm with a sigh.

              “Are you okay?” He stands back up to his feet and dusting himself off, the dirt particles rolling off of his body.

              “Yeah, I'm fine.”
              “Well, now I guess we got to walk the rest of the way?”

              “You really think we're going to fucking walk. No.” I roll my eyes at his ignorance then run over to the parked white highlander that Ryan was hiding behind. I bust the window open with my gun and unlock the door, hopping inside.

              “Let's go!” I yell out to Ryan. He shakes his head and jogs over to me, climbing in the passenger seat.

              “I hope we don't get caught.” He jeers.

              “Shut the fuck up, you have nothing to worry about.” I can hear the sounds of sirens off in a distance and can see that Ryan is getting nervous, looking out the back window I hot wire the car finally and hear the engine start, then I pull out of the area and speeding down the street, continuing on our way.


              Moments later, we arrive to a building that looks like a warehouse. The walls are a light blue and the building was only one floor with a high ceiling. There are three doors that opened as trucks backed into them so people can load them, taking products to where ever they need to go. There are windows around the building too, though they are closer to the ceiling. The area is surrounded by train tracks and large cases of metal. It looks like they are hook ups for the train. The boxes are locked up and ready for shipping but no one is around except me and Ryan.

              “Is this where they're at?” I ask Ryan as we park across the street.

              “Yeah, I'm sure. I saw the SUV parked here a few times,” he whispers, almost as if he thinks we will get caught only from his voice.

              “A few times?” I question him as I rise my eyebrows.

              “Yeah, let's go check it out.” He is already getting out of the car, so I do the same and follow behind him, but something tells me they might not even be here. Why would they be here?














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