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Authors: Stephanie Barron

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Jane and the Prisoner of Wool House

Extravagant praise for
Jane and the Prisoner of Wool House
“The narrative is true both to what's known about Jane's activities at the time and to her own private journalistic voice.”

The Denver Post
“A murder mystery for everyone … Barron has penned a clever mystery and a diabolical plot”
—Old Book Barn Gazette
“A skillfully told tale with a surprising ending.”

Romantic Times

Library Journal
“Well done … passionate, colorful, and provocative.”

Mystery News
Outstanding praise for
Jane and die Stillroom Maid
“This fifth Jane Austen detection gets … my Best in Series vote.”

from The Poisoned Pen
“Another first-rate addition to the series.”

The Christian Science Monitor
“Details of early 19th-century country life of all cases ring true, while the story line is clear, yet full of surprises.”

Publishers Weekly
“Very appealing … As in Austen's novels, the relationships are complex and full of suppressed passion.”

“Barron writes with greater assurance than ever, and her heroine's sleuthing is more confident and accomplished.”

Knkus Reviews
“This work bears all the wonderful trademarks of the earlier tides, including period detail, measured but often sardonic wit, and authenticity.”

Library Journal
“Stephanie Barron does an excellent job of creating Jane Austen's world…. A chilling mystery with a solution that will leave you spellbound.”

Romantic Times
“Jane and the StiUroom Maid
has a marvelous cast of characters. The dialogue is lively and sharp and … Ms. Barron beautifully depicts the English estates and countryside.”

Extraordinary praise for
Jane and the Wandering Eye
“Barron seamlessly weaves … a delightful and lively tale…. Period details bring immediacy to a neatly choreographed dance through Bath society.”

Publishers Weekly
“Barron's high level of invention testifies to an easy acquaintance with upper-class life and culture in Regency England and a fine grasp of Jane Austen's own literary style—not to mention a mischievous sense of fun.”

The New York Times Book Review
“For this diverting mystery of manners, the third entry in a genteelly jolly series by Stephanie Barron, the game heroine goes to elegant parties, frequents the theater and visits fashionable gathering spots—all in the discreet service of solving a murder.”

The New York Times Book Review
“Charming period authenticity.”

Library Journal
“Stylish … This one will… prove diverting for hard-core Austen fans.”

“No betrayal of our interest here:
Jane and the Wandering Eye
is an erudite diversion.”

The Drood Review of Mystery
“A lively plot accented with fascinating history… Barron's voice grows better and better.”

from The Poisoned Pen
“A pleasant romp … [Barron] maintains her ability to mimic Austen's style effectively if not so closely as to ruin the fun.”

The Boston Globe
“Stephanie Barron continues her uncanny recreation of the real' Jane Austen…. Barron seamlessly unites historical details of Austen's life with fictional mysteries, all in a close approximation of Austen's own lively, gossipy style.”

Feminist Bookstore News
Lavish praise far
Jane and the Man of the Cloth
“Nearly as wry as Jane Austen herself, Barron delivers pleasure and amusement in her second delicious Jane Austen mystery. Worthy of its origins, this book is a delight”

Publishers Weekly
“If Jane Austen really did have the 'nameless and dateless' romance with a clergyman that some scholars claim, she couldn't have met her swain under more heartthrobbing circumstances than those described by Stephanie Barron.”

The New York Times Book Review
“Prettily narrated, in true Austen style … a boon for Austen lovers.”

Kirkus Reviews
“Historical fiction at its best”

Library Journal
“The words, characters and references are so real that it is a shock to find that the author is not Austen herself.”

The Arizona Republic
“Stephanie Barron's second Jane Austen mystery … is even better than her first… A classic period mystery.”

The News & Observer,
Raleigh, NC
“Delightful… captures the style and wit of Austen.”

San Francisco Examiner
“Loaded with charm, these books will appeal whether you are a fan of Jane Austen or not.”

Mystery Lovers Bookshop News
The highest praise for
Jane and the Unpleasantness at Scargrave Manor
“Splendid fun!”

Star Tribune,
“Happily succeeds on all levels: a robust tale of manners and mayhem that faithfully reproduces the Austen style—and engrosses to the finish.”

Kirkus Reviews
“Jane is unmistakably here with us through the work of Stephanie Barron—sleuthing, entertaining, and making us want to devour the next Austen adventure as soon as possible!”
—Diane Mott Davidson

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