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by Bonnie S. Mata


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Y. Farias

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For Saint Michael the Archangel,

guided me spiritually throughout the entire process of
Just a Kiss.
Thank you for being a part of my life.

I love you with all my heart!



To my editor, Kath
, the best gift that Michael the Archangel could have given me when I asked him for help. Thank you for working with me and for keeping my voice throughout the story. I enjoyed working with you very much!

To Andy Segovia, a guy with a big heart, who continues to support me unconditionally and to his family who waits patiently, while he helps me. May the Lord continue to bless you, with your photography talent in capturing those

Farias, who pushes herself beyond limits and who can drive me nuts with specifics! If ever you needed someone who took pride in their work, working their dam hardest
would be Ari! Thank you for putting this beautiful cover together.

To Karla Garcia, the beautiful model that graces this
, for your unwavering patience, with the many poses that we had you do. Thanks for being such a sport!

To my
Viky Garcia, who was always
a text away at ANY time of the day including early morning hours during my
Thank you for letting me
on you, whenever I needed you!

To Celina Gonzalez de Salinas, I hope you enjoy the
in which your name appears as the heroine.

Connie Guerrero, who entered the contest for the name of the hero, Francisco “Pancho”

To my readers
who continue to support me
in this tough business
, because this would not be possible without


no se
, se
Love is not demanded, it is earned




Copyright © 20


Chapter 1


To the club


Celina revved the engine to her high-performance muscle car, parking next to the Mustang that was racing her moments ago.
She lowered the volume to the song that was playing by

Highway to Hell

“When are you going to stop driving like a young teenager in this car?” Valeria pulled out her cosmetic bag from her oversized purse.

“I’m just having a little fun. And besides, he started wanting to race me back at that light.” She threw her head back against the leather seat, reeling in the moment.

“You know that kid can’t beat you in this car… so why do you even give them a chance and let them think that they can?”

“They think because I’m a girl, that I can’t drive this car. That’s why.” She looked right at her.

“And who gives a shit!” She looked inside the beauty bag and pulled out a lipstick. “You’re going to get a ticket here, and one that you’ll have to pay for! We don’t know anyone in this town that can get rid of it for you. This is
not Laredo

She looked out her window.
Yeah, yeah, Valeria.
If Valeria could only remember that she hadn’t driven her car like that in a very long while, and doing so right now felt
’ good.
She took a deep breath and watched the guy who had just raced her get out of his car. He came around to open the passenger door. She eyed his butt through the tight-fitting jeans he wore, and glanced at his white shirt which, was slightly open. She peeked to get a glance at his muscular chest. He turned to look into her car, and she flashed him a big smile. He smiled a sexy smile back at her, but then Celina felt the eyes of death on her. She got a mean girl stare from another girl, who stepped out of the guy’s Mustang.

Celina laughed.

“What’s so funny?” asked Valeria, looking around with wonder, waving the lipstick around in her hand.

“I just got the mean girl stare.” She glanced at her rearview mirror, watching the couple walk away.


“’Cause she caught me checking out her man.”

Valeria puckered her lips and nodded her head. “Is that so? Oh my goodness! Are you trying to tell me that the Celina that I once knew is back?” She transferred a small wallet into an evening purse.

Celina gave her a sly smile. “Not sure, but my eyes have been wandering around lately.”

“Praise the Lord!” Valeria threw her hands up. “Maybe time has finally cured my girl.”

Celina gripped the gearstick, slowly moving her hand up and down, feeling the hardness of it, waiting for Valeria to finish up with her last-minute cosmetic touchups.
I hope Valeria’s right about that. Maybe I am cured, after lying out in the hot, blazing sun, sipping margaritas and watching
, out on the beach. For some reason, I am feeling more receptive being around men. The look in their eyes, the smell of their manly cologne… have aroused my senses lately like you have no idea, when they hadn’t anymore. My eyes have been constantly rotating in every direction, drinking in certain male anatomy parts. And the thought of one just holding me has been on my min
lately. I’m still scared, but at least I know that I want that again, when I thought I would never.    

Celina and her friend, Valeria, had attended a hair show in South Padre Island earlier that day; actually, they had been there the past three days and were told about a new rock club that was rocking the Texas valley in McAllen. It wasn’t Friday night, but Thursday night, and it showed potential with a line waiting to go into the club.

Stepping out of the car, Valeria said, “Girl, you know that if this place is hot, we are going to have to stay the night.” She slammed the car door shut.

When they came around the corner, Celina paused to look at the building. “Look at that big ass electric guitar hanging front the top of the entrance.” The guitar was lit up with blue ghost flames and with the name of the club in bright orange.

“Talking about ass.” She tugged on her tight skirt. “How's my ass look?” she asked, with her gaze zooming in on a handsome man.

“Shut the hell up! I don't want to see your ass. You know your ass is big and could cover up a full moon.” Celina replied, running her fingers through her long hair as she walked toward the club entrance.

“Jealous as always,” Valeria said, hitting her with her evening purse.

“Yeah, right.
I got a fine ass too. It's just not
.” She let out a loud laugh.

“Well, for your information, I have gotten several complements when I've backed up
fine ass in the bedroom,” sang Valeria, as they waited in line. She slapped her hand on her butt, and then pointed in the air with her French acrylic tips.

Celina closed her eyes for a moment, shook her head, and then her shoulders when that mental image flashed before her, and said, “Please, enough with the horror stories. That’s T.M.I.”

The line advanced. “What’s T.M.I.?” Valeria looked and wrinkled her forehead.

. Too. Much. Information,” she replied, waving her hand in front of Valeria’s face.

“Girl, there's lots of men who like curvy women of generous size and proportions,” said Valeria, pushing up her cleavage.

At the front of the line, they found themselves looking up at a very large man, who greeted them. “
, ladies.”

Valeria's expression quickly changed upon hearing his voice. “
to you too,
.” She flashed her teeth and batted her eyelashes at him.

The guy at the door stamped their hand and licked his lips at Valeria.

The girls walked through the club doors, Valeria looking back and winking while she whispered in Celina's ear, “You see,
likes curvy women, and oh, how I'd love to have his mouth up in my coco-puff licking it up like a melting Popsicle.”

Celina threw her shoulders back and shouted, looking up at the ceiling, “Please, no more, God. Tell her to stop!”

Valeria laughed loud, as if someone was tickling her feet.

Celina stood looking around in amazement, walking further into the Blue Rock Night Club, as bright blue neon lights swirled on the walls, and moving beams flashed a colored light show on the ceiling.

Valeria pointed up at enormous props hanging over the main dance floor. “Look at the fog!” she said, shouting over the deafening beat.

“Yes, I see the fog coming out of them,” she replied, in reference to the props, but was more interested in spotting the guy who was driving that Mustang. She was hoping to get a better look at him and his date.

The girls climbed to the top level and looked down at the main dance floor filled with people dancing and having a good time. The vibrant laser lights, with astonishing colors, lit up the place. The special effects allowed you to see the people, yet still gave a cozy effect.

Ten minutes later, they sat at a table, sipping on their first margaritas and taking a look around.

“Look at those skinny girls near the bar, dancing up on those platforms. I'd like to get up there and shake my booty too.” Valeria held her drink in air, looking over the rim.

“Honey, I think those girls are paid dancers. I don't think just
can go up there.” Celina shot Valeria a sideways glance and released her breath.

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