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Chapter One


Leah Jones threw herself down on
the sofa with her bowl of potato chips. They were spicy, and she needed the
heat to rid her mind of the awful date she’d been on. Chocolate ice-cream would
have been preferable, but Mitch had clearly forgotten to get the groceries for
the week. She shared an apartment with her two friends, Mitch Fields and Chase
Lawson. They were currently watching football with a couple of beers in their

“You’re back early,” Mitch said.

She glared at him and went back for
more chips.

“Did Guy not match up to your
expectations?” Chase asked.

Guy was the name of her date. Leah
refused to talk to them. Both men were hot as hell and never struggled with
finding women. She hated dating, and living with two of the sexiest men in the
world made it even harder. It was hard to realise she had a life when she was
more than happy to spend her time with both men in the apartment they rented
out together.

“I bet he said something to piss
her off,” Mitch said, chugging down some beer.

“He didn’t say anything.” She lied.
The chips were losing their appeal. Her tongue felt like it was on fire from
the excess

“I thought you’d be out for most of
the night. Or at least be going back to his place for a fuck,” Chase said.

Leah felt the blush fill her
cheeks. Out of both of her friends, Chase was the cruder of the two. He said
what he liked and didn’t care what others thought of him. Mitch, on the other
hand, was the more fun-loving of the two. They’d been friends since they were
kids, going through school and then high-school, all the way up to college.
Their friendship had survived prom, puberty, and the loss of their virginities.
They were the two people she trusted most. The only two she’d tell all of her
worries to. Her biggest problem at the moment was her feelings toward them.

go there.

They were all twenty-five years old
and showed no signs of settling down or moving on. She didn’t mind, but the
problem was with all of her dates. Her dates were adamant they would pick her
up from her apartment. That was fine. She didn’t mind them having a beer and
waiting with Chase and Mitch as she finished getting ready. The biggest problem
half-way through their meal. Like several other
dates before Guy, he’d asked about her accommodation.

are you doing living with two men?” Guy said.

my best friends. I don’t see the problem.”

leaned forward reaching out to stroke her hand. “Leah, I like you a lot, but I
don’t want to have to compete with your roommates.”

not competing.”

I don’t think
right for a single girl like
yourself to be living with two men. I imagine you’re high on the gossip list.”

Guy’s innuendo had been the last
straw for Leah. She’d had enough and made sure he knew about it. Storming out
of the Italian café may have seemed childish, but it hadn’t felt like it at the

“Come on, Leah. What has gotten
into that head of yours?” Mitch asked, moving to sit beside her. He pulled her
legs over his lap, removed her socks, and began to play with her feet. She
smiled at him, loving his touch.

This is how it used to be. The
three of them together without any fears at all. Her biggest problem was her
response to him. In the past when he had played with her feet or rubbed her
thigh, she’d not felt anything. Now, her pussy melted from his touch. She felt
her cream leaking into the thong she’d been wearing. Her nipples tightened
against the fabric of her shirt, which made them harden further from the

Chase sat on the opposite side of
her holding her hand.

She enjoyed both of their touches,
and that was her biggest problem of all. She fancied, not one, but both of her
friends. Leah stared at the television screen as the football continued to
play. When they were on their own, she’d read a book or check through some
recipe books for new styles of food to try. She loved being in the kitchen, and
with Mitch and Chase, she had two men with healthy appetites. Leah watched the
ball being kicked from one team to another.

“Do you think we’re doing the wrong
thing still living together?” she asked.

Both men froze by her side. She
felt Mitch tense on her foot while Chase squeezed her hand tighter.

“What the fuck are you talking
about?” Chase asked.

“I don’t know what has gotten into
your head, but you better stop it, Leah. I love the way we are. Are you
planning on moving out? Is that the problem?” Mitch asked.

“Forget I said anything,” she said,
moving away from them both. Mitch and Chase caught her, pulling her back, so
she’d little choice but to listen to them.

“Who has been putting these ideas
in your head?” Chase asked.

Leah pulled out of their embrace and stared at the television. She wished she’d
kept her opinion to herself. “I just wondered what we’re going to do with the
future. I mean, you’re one day going to find a woman, and both of you will get
married. I wondered where that would leave us.”

She bit her lip, feeling the tears
fill her eyes. Glancing down at her lap, she forced the tears back. When they
were younger she’d never thought of them going their own separate ways and
starting their own families. To her, they would always be together with no
fears of what the future would bring. She hated the uncertainty she felt about it

“I need to sleep. I’ve got to work
early in the morning.” Leah gave them both a smile then disappeared into her
own room. She grabbed her towel and robe then made her way down to the bathroom
they shared.

Leah removed her clothes and waited
for the shower to warm up. She hated feeling this way. Guy was her third date
to point out her living arrangements. She made good money being a receptionist
for a prestigious law firm. Admittedly it wasn’t what she wanted to do with the
rest of her life, but it paid the bills. She’d gotten a degree in business, but
with the economic markets the way that they were, she hadn’t been picky when
getting a job. Sharing the apartment with Chase and Mitch meant her money went
so much further. She was able to afford some of her creature comforts while
keeping a decent roof over her head. It all worked together.

What she hadn’t anticipated was the
feeling of doom inside her. She’d dated three men in the past month, and all of
them had made comments about her living arrangement.

She tested the water to see if it
was warm enough before getting into the shower. Leah rinsed her hair, soaping
her body as well. She made sure she cleaned off the make-up she’d worn along
with the perfume she’d sprayed on.

After washing the date away, she
got out to clean her teeth. She’d worry about their time together in the
morning. There was plenty of time to panic and make other plans. The thought of
no longer being with the two men she loved the most was like a dull ache that
refused to go away.


Chase watched her leave. Her full
ass swayed with each step she took. He groaned, feeling his cock thicken and
his mouth water for a taste of her ripe flesh. When were his feelings going to
go away? Ever since they’d turned sixteen, she’d been a temptation to him. It
was wrong; he knew that. Leah was his best friend, along with Mitch, but it was
getting harder to deny his feelings. For the past month he’d watched three men
enter their apartment waiting to take her out. All three had been lacking in
every department, to him.

Leah needed excitement in her life.
She needed someone who knew and understood her. He knew the passion inside her
that lurked beneath the surface, scared to come out.

“You’re dick is making a tent in
your pants,” Mitch said, throwing him a cushion to cover his obvious arousal.

“You can’t tell me you’re not a
little pissed at the way she was talking?”

Mitch shrugged his shoulders. The
glare on his face contrasted with his carefree nature. Chase knew his friend
felt the same way he did about Leah. They’d discussed their feelings for the
brown-haired beauty many times.

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