Lady Emma's Dilemma (9781101573662)

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Lady Emma's Dilemma

Rhonda Woodward



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Chapter One


ell, if I am going to take a lover, I had best meet a few gentlemen,” Lady Emmaline Fallbrook declared in a flawlessly serene tone of voice.

“Emmaline!” the dowager Duchess of Kelbourne exclaimed in a sharp whisper, whipping her regal head around quickly to see if the people streaming past their theatre box had heard her granddaughter's outrageous statement.

Keeping her expression calm, Emma gazed at her grandmother with barely suppressed amusement. She knew her comment was outrageously scandalous, but did not care. With a delicious feeling of mischief she watched the play of emotion cross the old lady's surprisingly unlined face.

In truth, it gave her a secret thrill of satisfaction to see her normally imperturbable grandmother's flabbergasted expression. Since she was a child, it had been a great feat to elicit such a reaction from her.

“Did I shock you, Grandmère?” she asked, raising her brows in feigned innocence. “That would be above strange since you have been telling me for years that I have grown dull from too much time spent in my own company.”

The dowager's jewels, flashing beneath the light of the chandelier, matched the glint in her perceptive steel blue gaze. “Saying you have kept yourself from Society for far too long is a far cry from suggesting that you take a … a … I shall not repeat such outrageousness! To make such
an announcement where just anyone might overhear—Well! I confess myself shocked at you.”

Emma reached over and laid her hand upon her grandmother's arm and finally gave way to her suppressed mirth. “You must forgive me, Grandmère, you know how much I love to tease you.”

As the noise of the crowd, still flooding in from the streets, reached almost deafening levels, Emma scrutinized her grandmother's expression.

Despite the good lady's words to the contrary, Emma could tell that Grandmère was not as shocked as she pretended to be. This knowledge afforded Emma some measure of relief.

Just as Grandmère opened her mouth to reply, the velvet curtain at the entrance of their box fell aside. An elegant gray-haired gentleman, dressed completely in black, except for his parchment white shirt and cravat, stepped in and made an elegant leg.

“My dear duchess,” he intoned, “I cannot express my delight when I glanced up to see that you had decided to treat us all to your most desirable presence.”

“Harwich!” Grandmére cried out like a young girl. “I wondered if you would be in Town this Season!” She held out her gloved hand to him.

By the way he lingered over Grandmère's hand, Emma had a suspicion that the earl had once been one of Grandmère's beaux.

“You remember my granddaughter?” the dowager asked, sending a look to Emma that showed a great deal of pride. “Emmaline, I am sure you recall Lord Harwich.”

Smiling up at the earl, Emma said, “Indeed I do. I spent some time with your daughter in Bath last spring and enjoyed her company immensely. I trust that Lady Davinia is in good health?”

“She is very well, Lady Fallbrook. And I know she certainly enjoyed your company as well. I must say that it is
very good to see you again. I clearly recall the year of your come-out, what, nine or ten years ago?”

“'Tis gone thirteen years, sir,” Emma said with a smile.

“Truly? I remember it so vividly. Everyone was agog with your beauty and poise. As they are again.”

“You are too kind, Lord Harwich.” Feeling the blush come to her cheeks, Emma chided herself for being such a pea goose. Her grandmother may have it right after all; she had allowed herself to become much too provincial and had lost some of her polish.

“Not kind at all. Just yester eve I supped at Lady Colhurst's and half the evening was spent discussing the dash you have already cut through Town.”

Grandmère waited long enough for Emma to thank the earl again before tapping him lightly on the wrist with her sandalwood fan. “Unless you have guests waiting for you in your box, why don't you join us?”

Lord Harwich's smile anticipated his answer. “How kind, my dear duchess. As a matter of fact, my guests sent their regrets at the last moment—how exceedingly lucky for me.”

The elegant old lady blushed at his gallantry and the earl seated himself on the gilded chair between her and Emma.

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