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Make Me Yours



Susan is ready for the next part of her life to begin after becoming a widow at the age of thirty. She thinks the most exciting part of this next phase is going to be opening a bookstore with her two best friends from college, but life has other plans. Erik, an older man she was once “just friends” with, comes back into her life and sweeps her right off her feet. Susan remembers the overwhelming crush she had on him and how the sight of him used to make her heart race. She also remembers his reputation from years ago and cannot help wondering where their relationship will go. As he both seduces and perplexes her, she finds herself needing him more. When a friend questions Erik’s intentions, Susan has to decide if the passion he’s awakened inside her is worth the risk of giving herself to him completely.

Make Me Yours




Marie Medina







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Make Me Yours

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Second E-book Publication: January 2015


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Make Me Yours



Chapter One


Susan sat across the kitchen table from Jeremiah and David as they both read the paper. Jeremiah picked up a pen and circled something as she got up to refill her coffee.

“Find something?” she asked. She peeked over his shoulder as she walked around the table.

“Maybe. It’s the right size, and it’s near Five Points. We’d get lots of traffic, and there isn’t a bookstore anywhere downtown now.”

Susan, David, and Jeremiah had been friends since college, and a year earlier both Susan and David had lost their spouses in car accidents. The three of them had reconnected at that point and become close again. Susan and David had both needed change and purpose in their lives when Jeremiah inherited a house, a large sum of money, and an overwhelming collection of books from his great grandfather. Jeremiah’s one in the morning text about them opening a bookstore together had been met with affirmatives within sixty seconds. Susan and David had both moved back to their hometown, and the temporary fix of the three of them living together had now become a permanent arrangement.

David leaned over and looked at the ad. “That’s a decent lease price. The apartments across the street are pretty expensive.”

“Yeah, they are,” Jeremiah said. “It’s probably so reasonable because the square footage is split between two floors. That’s not practical for most businesses, but it could work for a bookstore, I think. Wanna go look at it this afternoon?”

“Sure,” Susan said. She sat down at the table again and noticed that she’d received a text. “Damn it, I left my phone on silent.” She took it off silent and went to the new message. She didn’t recognize the number. “It’s a 734 area code.”

“That’s Michigan,” David said. He and Jeremiah both shrugged.

She read the message.
Hi, it’s Erik. Got your number from Heather at the library. Moved back recently and heard you had too. Would love to see you.

“It’s Erik. From our history class.”

David raised his eyebrows. “Erik? Really?”

Jeremiah thought for another minute. “You mean the med student?” he finally asked.

“Yeah,” Susan said.

David grinned slowly. “The guy who had a major thing for you.”

Susan glanced at him briefly. “That was your opinion.”

“I don’t know. It was a widely held opinion. What does he say?”

“He just moved back here. He said he heard I was back in town and wants to see me.” She put her phone down and tried to keep her expression neutral as she looked at her two grinning friends. “Either of you would have done the same if I’d moved back here without telling you.”

“Does he know you’re single?” David asked.

“He got my number from Heather, so he probably does.”

“Invite him for the weekend. We’ll fire up the grill and go fishing,” Jeremiah said.

“You’re jumping to conclusions,” Susan said. She didn’t want her second cup of coffee anymore. She got up and poured it out. “Make arrangements to go see this place. We’ll do that this afternoon if we can.”

“And you’ll text Erik back…when?” David said as he eyed her phone.

She grabbed it off the table. “After I get out of the shower. Okay?”

“Okay,” they both said.

She went up to her room, but she could hear them whispering. She held back a groan, not wanting to give them the satisfaction.

Jeremiah might have needed a moment to remember Erik, but Susan had never forgotten him. Erik had sat down next to her in a history class her freshman year, and he’d kept glancing at her until she’d finished talking to Jeremiah and turned her attention to him. Then he’d introduced himself and complimented her eyes, which had led to David, who’d been sitting two seats down, stifling a laugh, and Jeremiah poking her with a pen under the table. Erik was ten years older than them and about to graduate from the university’s medical program, but he loved history and often audited or sat in on classes between his own classes and shifts at the hospital. The history teacher had been his roommate. He’d said he only planned on stopping in a few times, but in the end he’d attended every class except the final exam.

Lots of people probably wondered why they never went out. David and Jeremiah had asked her several times, but she’d always said Erik never asked her out on a date. That had never been true. He’d asked her many times, but Susan had always had one objection: his reputation. He was charming and flirty, and based on the comments of his friend and his roommate, he’d slept with lots of women. He had always been a gentleman with her, and he’d never tried anything, but his eyes had always been saying so much more to her. At the age of nineteen, she hadn’t been ready for that kind of relationship with a man approaching thirty. Every time he’d asked her out, he’d done so in a very teasing manner, and when she’d said no each time he’d always given up without a fight. She’d never taken him seriously.

She had turned thirty a few weeks earlier, so that made Erik forty now. The ten years didn’t seem to matter much at all anymore. Erik had written to her, called her, and emailed her after he left Georgia to do his residency in Virginia. Now that she thought about it, he had mentioned a job in Michigan the last time they’d spoken. That had been the day she’d told him she was engaged. The phone calls every few months had faded to occasional emails and then to nothing until he sent her a condolence note. She’d written him a brief letter back, but he hadn’t responded in any way. The text that morning had been their first contact since then. David and Jeremiah were right. Her being both single and nearby obviously had something to do with Erik contacting her.

She undressed and turned on the shower. What would he be like now? He had been tall with lightly tanned skin and dark red-brown hair. She’d always thought he was classically handsome. He would look right at home in a smoking jacket sipping brandy with Errol Flynn and Laurence Olivier. He could talk for hours on any subject, and he had an amazing way with words. He’d seemed so much more experienced than her, and so much more mature than most of the guys her own age, that she’d convinced herself that her feelings were simply a crush.

She rinsed the shampoo from her hair and rubbed her shoulders. They’d been very stiff lately. She needed to find a masseuse this week. As she rubbed, she thought about Erik giving her a massage. She definitely liked that idea. What would it have been like to lose her virginity to him? She sighed as the warm water ran down her body. Her breasts felt heavy as she rubbed them. She hadn’t had sex since her husband’s death, and she hadn’t masturbated much either. She ran one hand down to her pussy as she leaned against the shower wall. She thought about Erik’s voice, always husky and low. She adjusted the showerhead so the spray hit her breasts and ran down between her legs. She stroked her clit with one hand and slid her other hand over her breasts and down to her thigh before pushing two fingers into herself. She was very wet, and her pussy was clenching. It had been far too long and she needed to come. She massaged her fingers in and out and rubbed her clit in a circular motion. She thought about Erik catching her touching herself. What would he do? Would he watch? Would he join her? She imagined him crushing her body against his. Would he kiss her? Take her right then and there?

She whimpered with relief when she came. She rubbed her pussy as she trembled. Pleasure surged through her with surprising ferocity. The release felt so good. Her entire body tingled, and she even felt a little dizzy. She grabbed her shower gel and rewashed her hands and pussy. Her clit felt amazingly sensitive as she ran the lathered sponge over herself. She rinsed her body, and then turned the water off. The bathroom had filled with steam, but she still got goose bumps when the air hit her skin. She put her cushy bathrobe on and sat down to comb her hair out.

She looked at her phone and put the comb back down. She sent a text back to Erik and said her schedule was very open right now and that he should call her sometime. The phone rang as soon as she put it down. It was Erik. Had he been waiting for her to text back? Was he that eager to see her? She felt her face flame red. Considering what thoughts of him had just done to her, she couldn’t deny she wanted to see him as well. Should she answer it? She picked it up on the fourth ring because she guessed he would know she was still near her phone.


“Hello, beautiful.”

She shivered, and her pussy clenched in response. His voice hadn’t changed. It was still deep and heart stopping. “Hi, Erik. How are you?”

“I’m doing quite well. How are you, my dear? As happy as I was to hear you were living here again, I am sorry about the reason. I wish I could have done more when it happened.”

“Thank you, Erik. It’s been a year now. It’s still hard, but I’m fine these days. Jeremiah and David and I are going to open a bookstore together.”

“Ah, yes, Heather mentioned that. Sounds like an exciting venture.”

“Yes, I think it will be fun. There’ll be lots of hard work, but it will pay off in the end.”

“I’m sure it will. Let me know if I can help you with anything.”

“We will. Thank you.”

Erik paused, and she shivered again when she heard him exhale. She held the phone away from her mouth so he wouldn’t hear her breathing.

“I’ve thought about you a lot over the years. I hope I’m not too late to ask you out.”

“No, you’re not. I haven’t dated at all yet, but no one has asked.”

“So there’s no one else in the picture?”


“I’ll admit I’m pleased to hear that. I was a little worried I might have to compete with David or Jeremiah. I wasn’t sure what you all living together might possibly mean.”

“Oh no. I’m just friends with both of them. That’s all we’ve ever been.”

“Just checking. As men get older they begin to appreciate better qualities in a woman, and I couldn’t help fearing I might have missed my chance.” He sighed. “I’ve always regretted having to move away. Perhaps I could have convinced you to go out with me eventually. I always gave up too easily.”

She couldn’t believe how serious he was being. She’d expected him to flirt far more. He was still turning on the charm, but he definitely seemed different. She laughed, trying to lighten the tone. “Perhaps. I think I was intimidated by your reputation.”

He paused for a long time. “Sometimes a person’s reputation is only that. A reputation. But then again, sometimes it’s deserved. Does it matter to you?”

“No, it doesn’t. It mattered then, but I was so young.”

“Ah, so I was just a dirty old man? Now I see why you always said no.”

She laughed, glad he’d made a joke. “No, you weren’t. I had quite the crush on you.”

“Really? I always thought there was more to it than that.” He sighed again, and she felt like he was doing it on purpose to torment her. “What are you doing right now?”

Her mind scrambled. How would he react if she told him the truth? Part of her really wanted to know, but instead she said, “I’m just getting ready to go out. The guys and I are going to try to go look at some property today. We think we’ve found a good spot for the bookstore.”

“When will you be free?”

She would be free tonight, but did she want to say that?

“Are you free this evening? I’d love to see you.” He chuckled. “I’m sure I’ve already made that clear.”

“Yes, I am. Assuming we can see the place early, I’d be free tonight.”

“Good. Call me when you’re done, and we’ll make plans.”

“Okay. I will. Bye, Erik.”

“Good-bye, Susan.”

She hit the End button. “Oh boy.”

* * * *

“That’s perfect! We’re seeing this guy at one, so you’ll have plenty of time to get ready. What are you guys gonna do?”

Susan sat down next to Jeremiah and put her hand on his leg. “I don’t know yet, so don’t get too excited.”

“Should we wait up?” David asked.

She groaned. “This is probably why I don’t have many female friends here. I don’t need them. I’ve got you two.”

“Hmmm. We could shift gears and go completely protective-big-brother on you here. We definitely have reason to believe seduction might be on this man’s mind. Perhaps we should chaperone,” David said.

She called his bluff. “That sounds wonderful! I’m sure he won’t mind.”

“Oh I’m sure he would,” Jeremiah said. “I’m willing to bet someone had a hard time forgetting about you.”

“We were really good friends. You two were always splitting on me, so he never got to know you guys as well.”

“He liked you. He was always shooting daggers at us with his eyes,” David said.

“He was not!”

“Yes, he was. We were trying to stay out of the way.”

She feigned shock. “So you left innocent little me alone with him thinking he’d seduce me?”

Jeremiah laughed. “Hey, come on. Better him than Luke.”

“Ugh. Let’s not talk about that.”

Luke was the guy she had eventually lost her virginity to. He was wonderful, but the third time they’d had sex he’d lost his erection. They had both been confused by this event, especially since they had been talking about getting engaged. Then Luke met a guy named Derek and found his spark again. She and Luke broke up, and though they remained friends, she’d had little desire to date after that. She’d dated some, but she’d never had any true interest until she met and fell in love with Mark. She sighed. Their marriage had only lasted two years, and she still missed him very much.

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