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Authors: Mikayla Lane

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Manipulating Mikey (First Wave Book 8) (21 page)


Tristan still stood in the center
of the stage while Tricia and the others tried to clean up the disaster left
behind from their first Christmas play. His left hand was still weaving
intricate patterns in the air around him until his spine went stiff and he
began to tremble.

While everyone was busy talking and
laughing over their disastrous play, Tristan walked out of the room, his eyes
fixed ahead unblinkingly. His right hand reached up just as Tricia came up to
take his hand.

“I heard, baby. Let’s go see if you
can help,” Tricia said as she led him to the portal room so they could meet
Koda and the others when they arrived at Beta.


To my Readers:

This is NOT a cliffhanger! Koda’s
book is next and we all will get to see just how in the heck this all happened
the way it did. Gibly will NOT die. So fear not for our furry friend or for
Koda, things are never as they seem.

Koda will be out in February,
quickly followed by Chris in April. Chris will answer many of the bread crumbs
left behind in Mikey and Koda.

The new year is full of shocking
surprises for not only our First Wave crew, but for our Dranovians as well.



Coming in February

Saving Koda

The gift was Emily Smith’s curse,
and she’d have killed herself long ago if her mother hadn’t died giving birth
to her autistic sister. The baby needed her, and that was enough to keep Emily
in the world. She’d never known peace in her life; the curse kept them isolated
and on the move as they sought to flee the spirits of the dead.

In the middle of the night, a flash
of light and loud explosion awakened her from sleep, and Emily stepped out onto
her porch to the most handsome man she’d ever seen walking towards her. The
only problem was that he was so close to death his soul had come to her for
final release. 

Caught between the worlds of life
and death, Koda finds his spirit wandering in a shadow world, driven towards
the one light he can see in the darkness. He never expected to find the
beautiful and compassionate woman who met him in the light, and he vowed to
fight with everything left in his being for the one woman who could make him
fight through the agony and darkness, to live.

As Emily struggles to find and save
the body that goes with Koda’s spirit, she’s caught in a race against time that
could cost them all their lives, or she could end up with the greatest gift of
all—a mate and family of her own.
















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