Marissa & Mr. White: (Sexy Contemporary Romance) (2 page)

What’s Missionary?


A sexy grin spreads across his handsome face. My pulse
quickens as he approaches me. Who in the world ordered a pizza for me? I look at
Bianca. She’s as giddy as a little schoolgirl. Sexy red shirt sits the pizza
box onto my lap. It’s not warm. I gaze into his dreamy dark brown eyes. It
should be illegal for a guy to have lashes more beautiful than a woman’s.

“This is for you, my dear.”

My mouth opens. I plan to say thank you but nothing comes out.
I just stare. His lickable lips part into a wide grin. He then bends down and
open the lid of the pizza box. I pull my gaze from his body long enough to look
inside. My hand quickly covers my smile. “Happy Birthday Rissa” is spelled out
with pepperoni slices. Before I can respond music echoes through the airwaves
from the stereo in the living room. Pizza guy bites down on his bottom lip then
takes a few steps back. Bianca moves the patio table away then pulls her chair
up next to the wicker loveseat where Jas and Sara sit. All eyes are on me. All
of a sudden, nicely sculpted arms drag my chair into the middle of the patio
floor. I’m now facing my girls and he’s standing in front of me.

This can’t be what I think it is. He does a two-step to the
beat, and throws his hat to the left. My gaze follows the hat as it flies
though the air then smacks into the glass door and falls to the floor. I slowly
turn my head to face pizza guy again. He grabs his shirt by the collar then
pulls it seductively over his head while rolling his hips. Oh yeah, this is
definitely what I think it is.

“Take it off baby!” Bianca yells over the music.

Pizza guy turns to her then throws his shirt into her face.
She catches it then screams like a groupie at a rock concert. His back is to
me. His hips sway as he fiddles with something. I lean over to get a better view.
Oh, his belt. He takes it off and tosses it to the side. Uh oh. Here we go. I have
it in my mind to close my eyes. I’ve never seen a stripper before in person.
Come to think of it, I’ve never seen another man’s package in person except for
my ex-boyfriend, Richard. I want to close my eyes but it’s too late. His tan
butt cheeks are staring back at me in his man thong. Oh boy. I cock my head to
the side. Damn. His ass looks better than mine. Maybe I should join that squat
challenge with my co-workers after all.

Pizza guy takes a few steps backwards until the backs of his
calves are pressed against my knees. Before I know it, both my hands are being
guided up and down his muscular thighs. Wow. Can skin really be this soft?

“Go, Rissa! Go, Rissa! Go, Rissa!” my friends chant as
stripper dude turns around and straddles my lap.

Oh. My. God. I look down at his…his…his
against my thighs. Every time he thrusts his hips the fringes on the front of
his man thong bounce around. This is just like I’ve seen it countless times on
TV. I can’t stop staring at it flopping…up and down…up and down. Oh boy, now
it’s going around in circles. I think I’m getting dizzy.

“Bianca! Bianca!” I jab my finger in her direction and give
her my “please help me” look.

“Come on over here, lover boy. Show mama whatcha working

Stripper guy dances his way over to the loveseat where my
friends wait excitedly with their dollar bills waving in the air. He hops from
lap to lap shaking his buns of steel and grinding on their laps. Bianca stands
as he’s rolling his hips in front of Jas and Sara while they stuff dollar bills
down the front of his thong. Just as Bianca pulls the band of his thong to put
in her dollar he quickly spins around and picks her up. She gasps then wraps
her legs around his waist and one of her arms around his neck while the other
swings in the air as if she’s on a rodeo.

“Ride’em girl!” Jas stands and puts another dollar in his

Tears fill my eyes from laughing so hard. I haven’t laughed
this much in such a long time. The last six months have been filled with lonely
nights of crying and eating pint after pint of chocolate, chocolate chip ice
cream. The one guy that I had thought would be in my life forever suddenly
realized that I wasn’t worthy of his time anymore. Needless to say I haven’t
had too much to smile about since my break up. Well, it technically wasn’t a
break up. More like a walk out because that’s exactly what Richard had done.
He’d simply walked out of my house that night and I haven’t heard from him
since. I guess the years that we’d been together, the fact that he was my high
school sweetheart, and the fact that he was the guy I lost my virginity to, just
didn’t matter to him in the end.

What was the last thing he said to me? Oh yeah.
Stop being
so difficult, Rissa
. Difficult? Because I didn’t want to try a new sex
position? I shake my head to myself. That’s not being difficult. If I’d always
had a negative attitude with him and no matter what he did it never pleased me,
then that’s being difficult. I didn’t even make a big deal about going weeks
without seeing my boyfriend who’d decided that even a simple phone call to say
hello was just too much. I had every right to complain, but I didn’t. I just
accepted it for what it was because I loved him. And what did I get in return?

A broken heart.

I’m ripped from my thoughts when a strong hand takes mine from
my lap. I blink rapidly. Stripper dude comes into focus. I mirror the wide
smile on his face. He’s down on one knee and I’m lost in those baby browns of
his. He begins to sing his rendition of “Happy Birthday”. Honestly I stop
listening to the words after the first “happy birthday to you” because his lips
have stolen the show. I look into his eyes when I notice his mouth stops
moving. I can’t wipe the silly grin from my face.

He kisses my hand then my cheek. “Hope you enjoyed your
birthday, little lady. Enjoy the rest of your night.”

Still smiling, I say, “Thank you. It’s been very entertaining
to say the least.”

“I’m glad that I could help.” He winks then gathers his
clothes from the patio floor.

“Aww, the show is over?” Bianca pretends to pout.

“Sorry babe, I have another gig to get to.”

“Wait, before you go I have to get a picture of you and the
birthday girl.” Bianca grabs her phone off the table. Stripper dude kneels down
one more time and we are cheek to cheek as she snaps the shot. He stands, looks
at the photo on her phone then gives her a thumbs up.

Bianca hands the phone to me. “You do private shows?” she asks

I glance down at the photo. We could actually pass for a real
couple. A cute couple at that. If only Richard could see this picture. It
probably wouldn’t matter though. Richard was never the jealous type. Or maybe
he just didn’t care that much about
to be the jealous type.

Stop it, Rissa.
No more Richard thoughts. At least for

I look up from the phone just as stripper dude is fastening
his pants. “Of course, I do. Why? You want a private show?” He pulls his shirt
down over his head.

“Maybe,” Bianca answers.

He picks up his ball cap, dusts it off then places it firmly
on his head. “Well you know how to reach me, doll.” He waves his hand. “Good
evening, ladies.”

“Good evening,” we all say in unison as we wave back.

Bianca walks behind stripper dude through the living room and
toward the front of the house.

“Wow.” I sit back in my seat.

“Hey, what was his name anyway?” Jas asks.

I shrug.

“All I know is, he was fine, sexy, and I will gladly stuff
dollar bills down that thong any day!” Sara added.

We all laugh. Just then Bianca returns.

“Did you ladies enjoy Romeo?”

“His name is Romeo?” Jas asks, seemingly disappointed. “I was
expecting something different like King Ding-a-ling or something.”

I crack up laughing. “Leave it to you, Jas.”

“What? I’m just saying.”

“How was your first strip show, Rissa?” Bianca stands beside
my chair and places her hand on top of my head.

I look up at her. “I have to say, Bee, you did a good job.
Unexpected but definitely appreciated.”

“Glad you liked the show. I was a little nervous that you were
gonna be a little prude about it but I have to say that you were a great

“Yeah, Rissa, you seem like you really enjoyed yourself. It’s
great to see you smiling again,” Jas says.

“It’s great to be smiling again.” I rise from my chair. “And I
owe it all to the greatest girlfriends in the world. Group hug?” My three friends
form a circle around me and wrap me up in their love. I close my eyes and take
in the moment with a huge smile on my face. Men will come and go but true
girlfriends…they will last a lifetime.

After about thirty minutes of talking about Romeo, we clean up
the patio, then Jas and Sara head home. I follow Bianca into her bedroom. Her
parents spoil her rotten. They got her this place so that she could be close to
campus. She just graduated last month from college and now has a paid
internship at an independent ad agency. It’s only part-time but her parents
still take care of all the expenses for this apartment so it’s no biggie. It
must be nice though. I could only imagine having all my bills and expenses paid
for and all I had to focus on was my career. Unfortunately for me, I had to
drop out of school after two years to take care of my mom. That’s when she got
really ill from breast cancer.

I now have to work full-time as a receptionist at Trentini
& White to make ends meet. Well they
meet. It’s my first job
ever in an office setting. Getting the job was the easy part since Harold
Chase, who works at the company as the Marketing Director, is a friend of the
family and he put in a good word for me with HR. Learning how to do the job was
a different story. I’d never seen a multi-line phone before in my life. I think
I answer over a hundred calls daily, and that’s on a slow day with calls split
between two other receptionists.

I’m a fast learner so within three months I was answering
calls like I’d been doing it my whole life. Not to mention anytime I needed
anything Harold was there to help. I’ll be forever grateful to Harold. He’s
more like a father to me than mine ever was. That wasn’t hard since I haven’t
seen my father since I was five. But that’s a story for another time.

Working at Trentini & White is good but I can’t afford to
be a receptionist anymore. I recently applied for this Executive Assistant
position that has become available in the Marketing department. The good thing
is the position reports directly to Harold, and it pays more. The bad thing is
it’s more responsibility and I’m not sure if I’m really qualified to get the
position. My mom always told me to have a plan. She would say if I fail to plan
then I can plan to fail. I had a solid plan when I graduated from high school.
My mom getting sick and dying was never a part of my plan. Now I guess it’s
time to make a new plan. My five-year plan is to get back into school. I don’t
want to take out any loans to add more debt so if I can get this Executive
Assistant job then I can at least start going back to school part time. I’m
going to need that degree if I want to do more than just be a receptionist or
for the rest of my life.

I sit on Bianca's bed. "I think I'm going to crash here
tonight, Bee. I don't feel like driving across town."

"You know you're always welcomed to crash at my place. I
didn't expect you to go home tonight anyway."

"Good." I grab her pillow and position it behind my
head against the wall. I close my eyes. A tiny laugh escapes my throat.

"What are you laughing at girl?"

I open my eyes. "I can still see Romeo's fringed thong
and his thing just flopping around all over the place." I laugh again.

"His thing? You mean his dick?"

"Yeah, of course."

"Say it."

"Say what?"

"Dick. I want to hear you say it."

I suck my teeth then close my eyes but only for a quick second
before something soft and furry bounce off my nose. "What the hell?"
I look down to see Mr. Rabbit lying on his side. "Bianca, why did you
throw Mr. Rabbit?"

"Because I want to hear you say dick, Rissa."

"But Mr. Rabbit has nothing to do with this." I pick
him up. "You're just an innocent bystander aren't you Mr. Rabbit?" I
say in my baby voice then nuzzle his nose.

"Say it, Rissa, before I throw another stuff animal at
you!" Bianca picks up Tucks the Turtle.


A wicked smile spreads across her face.

I sit quietly then lick my lips. I'm not a dirty talker and
Bianca knows that. I don't know why she's busting my chops about

"Rissa, spit it out!" She holds Tucks the Turtle up
in the air then cocks her arm back ready to fire.

"Fine! DICK! There. I said it."

Bianca grins. "Again."

"What?" As if I didn't hear her.

"Say. It. Again."

I exhaled loudly. “Dick. Dick. Dick. Dick. Are you happy

She springs from her chair then wraps her arm around my neck
and presses her cheek against mine. My arm instinctively wrap around her waist.
"Aww, my baby is growing up. She finally referred to a man's penis as
something other than his
." She kisses my cheek.

I push her away. "Whatever. You know I don't like using
that word."

She sits on her bed in front of me. "Why not? That's what
they're called. Was this your first time saying the word?” She gives me the
“don't lie” look.

"No." Technically that's the truth. I've read it a
few times in novels so I've said it in my mind and I've called people dicks

"So you’ve actually told Richard to put his dick in your
pussy before?"

"Not in those exact words."

Bianca rolls her eyes. "I'm sure I would've been bored
watching you guys have sex. Two geeky people trying to get it on." She
shakes her head. "Not my cup of tea. You probably only did it in
missionary, too. Am I right?"

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