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Authors: Kim McMahill

Marked in Mexico

Marked in Mexico

By Kim McMahill

Copyright 2011 Kim McMahill

Cover Art by Joan Alley

This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental. The characters are the product of the author’s imagination and used fictitiously.


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978-0-9847645-4-9 First Edition, 2011

Published in the United States of America

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Marked in Mexico

Table of Contents

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About the Author


Chapter One

This had to be the worst day of Jessica’s life. Her bun was too tight and it—along with losing her case—was giving her a raging headache. She rummaged through the top drawer of her massive mahogany desk until she located a bottle of Ibuprofen. Popping two pills, she leaned back in her seat, swallowed up by the throne-sized leather office chair given to her by her father the day she had agreed to join Phillip, the man Daddy hoped she’d one day marry, in his Maryland law practice. But, when she envisioned marrying Phillip, all she could see at the moment were pigs flying over a frozen hell.

Jessica closed her eyes and tried to relax and allow the pain killers to work their magic, but the tension refused to leave her body. Not only was the carefully constructed bun pulling her hair out by its roots, but the pointy toes of her shoes were pinching her feet, the crotch of her panty hose was sagging, and the day was far from over.

After several moments Jessica kicked off her shoes, slid the nylons down her legs and freed her hair from the ridiculous do. Pushing herself to her feet, she shook out her long brunette locks and massaged her temples, easing away the tension in her body. As she whipped her head back, the door burst open.

“Wow. I thought you’d be sulking. I didn’t expect a strip show.”

Phillip Harmon strode across the hardwood floor and sat on the corner of her desk. His perfect smile was charming and his broad shoulders inviting after the day she was having, but she was still furious with him for forcing her into a case she didn’t believe in, amongst other issues. What had she ever saw in him?

“Very funny. What do you want?”

“No need to be so icy, Princess. I just stopped by to say not bad for the first go around.”

“What do you mean, ‘not bad’? I got my butt kicked in there. I was brutalized by the prosecutor and in case you didn’t hear the news, we lost.”

“We knew we’d lose. We had nothing. But we’ll just keep on appealing the conviction, playing the media and eventually we’ll wear them all down. Coop will get off.”

Jessica felt her headache reasserting itself on an epic scale. She had always disliked Cooper Morgan. He was spoiled, rich and arrogant. He felt he was above the law and he usually was, but this time he had really screwed up and had gone too far. But, she knew Phillip was probably right. They would just keep hammering away and eventually the pig would walk.

“He’s guilty and he should pay for what he’s done. You’ve got to take me off this case. If I don’t believe he’s innocent, it’s no wonder I couldn’t convince a jury.”

Phillip rose and walked to Jessica. Placing his hands on her shoulders, he looked down into her violet-blue eyes. He was always amazed at how this small, voluptuous woman could make men shake in the courtroom and bring them to their knees with a handful of well-chosen words and a steely glare. But this time, they’d been thrown for a loop. A prosecuting attorney had been brought in from another district, due to the political influences of the case, and the she-devil had more than held her ground against his determined, tough and feisty little Jessica.

“You know we need you to lead this one. The entire firm is at your beck and call, but when we walk into that courtroom we need the jury to see a female. You’re the only woman we have at the firm with the skill and experience to keep Coop out of prison. In fact, there is no one in this firm with a better defense record. If I defend Coop, it’ll look like the good-old-boys club at work.”

“Isn’t it? You think that poor woman deserved to be raped, don’t you?”

Phillip stepped back and let his gaze roam over Jessica’s body. She was attractive, but sometimes he wondered if she was worth the frustration. He was surprised she hadn’t put him on the spot before now. Jessica played the tough idealistic champion of justice on one hand and the innocent baby girl of the most influential man in the Senate on the other. But, he wasn’t buying either. She just hated Cooper for breaking her best friend, Amber’s, heart.

“Come on, Jess, let’s not talk about this now.” He forced a pleasant smile to his lips.

“Well, Phillip.
you think she deserved it?”

He wasn’t going to tell her what she wanted to hear just to keep her happy. He never coddled women. Didn’t have to and wasn’t about to start now. She’d be mad, but she’d get over it. He had her father, Senator Hughes of Texas, wrapped around his finger and Jessica always eventually caved to Daddy’s wishes and forgave him.

“Be realistic, Jess. Coop would be quite a catch for any gold-digger. The Morgan’s have more money than they know what to do with. Women throw themselves at guys like us all the time and some don’t take it well when their little plan backfires and they cry foul. I have no doubt she asked for it. I’ve been in Coop’s shoes before, but I’ve always been a little more careful. And now, I have you to keep me out of trouble.” He moved his hand up to her cheek and stroked it gently.

Jessica pulled away from him and circled her desk. It was pretty presumptuous of Phillip to be so possessive of her. To her, he was just a father-approved dependable escort to the myriad of political and social functions she had to attend and he did keep the pompous sons of other politicians, government officials and campaign contributors at bay.

She and Phillip had gone out off and on since graduating from college and most people considered them a couple. Jessica didn’t feel guilty about the charade since she knew he wasn’t even vaguely faithful to her. She was busy and he was convenient and persistent. Jessica knew their families would like nothing more than if they would marry, but she didn’t have those feelings for him and doubted she ever would, and at the moment she was so angry she could hardly stand to be in the same room with him.

“He’s a slime ball and he’s always been one, but I don’t want to argue with you anymore. My head is pounding. When I get back from my trip, have the appeal ready to go. I think what we’re doing is criminal, but I know I’m severely outnumbered on this issue.”

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