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Mark's Not Gay [Brac Pack 11]

Brac Pack 11

Mark’s Not Gay

Mark Forest decides to sell his tattoo shop after he inherits his granddad’s auto shop. When he glides down the highway on his motorcycle to visit his friends after his granddad’s funeral, he finds himself in a small town filled with shape-shifters.

Caden McQueen is only ninety years old and the youngest of the timber wolves, but he holds his own as a sentry who guards the mates residing in Alpha Maverick’s home. Little does he know that Tangee’s very straight friend who blows into town for a few days will turn out to be his mate.

After Caden chases his fleeing mate into the city, he’s attacked by rogue vampires and left for dead. Even so, his biggest problem may be how to get a guy so deep in the closet that he doesn’t even know he’s gay to come out.

Each book in Lynn Hagen's Brac Pack collection features a different romantic couple. Each title stands alone and can be read in any order. However, we recommend reading the series in sequential order.

Alternative (M/M or F/F), Paranormal, Vampires/Werewolves

27,765 words


Brac Pack 11

Lynn Hagen



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Brac Pack 11


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Chapter One

Mark sat the gun down and backed away. He stared at the man’s chest for a moment as his thoughts drifted to his granddad. Charles Forester was dead. Mark couldn’t get the thought out of his mind.

With the passing of the elderly man, he was the last Forester.

Mark’s chest tightened at the thought of being alone now. No family but himself. Not even his good friends Loco and Tangee were around anymore. He had given the kid a job even though Mark hadn’t needed the help, but he knew Tangee’s family struggled financially.

The kid never made it to work on time and usually had to leave early when his little sister or mother needed him. Still, like everyone else in Mark’s life, Tangee was no longer around.

He looked around, knowing that this would be the last time. The last time he held that gun in his hand. His fingers curled in at the loss.

What choice did he have? What was in store for him next? The empty place in his chest tugged at him. He walked down the road of life alone. Why? He wasn’t sure.

Maybe the fear of losing someone stopped him from reaching out.

They always left, every last one of them. His parents had died when he was twelve. They stopped at one of those corner stores on their

Lynn Hagen

way home and stumbled on a robbery in progress, the assailant killing them both. Charlie had raised him, and now he was gone, too.

He had opened up when the slim man ran into his shop a few years ago with bullies chasing him down. He hired Tangee, giving him a safe place to be after school. Now Tangee was a grown man and with his boyfriend Loco as Mark stood here wondering where his path was leading him next.

“Looks good. Shame you’re closing up.” Mark blinked a few times, forgetting the customer in his chair was even there. “Yeah, can’t run the tattoo place and an auto shop. I’ll give you the business card of the guy who taught me. He’s good, and his prices are fair. Tell him I sent you, and he’ll give you a discount.”

“I will, thanks. The neighborhood won’t be the same without you here. You’re a landmark.”

The side of Mark’s mouth pulled up in a grin as he refused the man’s money. “On me. You’re my last.”

“Thanks.” The customer shoved the money back into his pocket and looked around the shop. “It’s a real shame.” Mark gave him the card then locked the door behind him. He turned and looked around his tattoo shop. It had been open for a solid decade, and business had always been good, but his gut told him it was time to move on. Charlie had left him his custom auto shop, but even though his granddad taught him everything he knew about motors, Mark wasn’t so sure he even wanted to run that.

“Maybe I need a vacation.” He spoke out loud as he thought about Loco and Tangee. Maybe he would take Loco up on his open offer to come visit anytime. A few days in the country should do him some good.

* * * *

Mark steered his motorcycle to the off ramp that told him he was now entering Brac Village. He had finally settled Charlie’s will and
Mark’s Not Gay


decided to take Loco up on his offer. He throttled down as he hit the town limits. His eyes scanned the area until he saw the small diner on the end of a row of businesses. Swinging into a spot in front, he let the engine idle as he pulled his helmet off.

It was hot out, and sweat ran down his temples. Once the stifling helmet came off, the air made his skin prickle. He lifted his hand and wiped it down his face then across his denim-clad thigh. Mark leaned his head back, trying his best to catch a breeze to ease the perspiration soaking his body. He could us a nice cool shower right about now.

Bringing his head back down, Mark cut off the bike then swung his leg over the hog. He sat the helmet on the seat then pulled his leather off, carrying it inside with him.

The air was much cooler inside. His skin tightened as the sweat began to dry.

Mark took a seat at the counter, straddling the stool as he laid his leather on the one next to him. Looking around, he noticed a few people at booths eating. The place seemed kinda slow, but it was only four in the afternoon, too early for dinner.

He grinned when a slim tattoo-covered dude pushed his way from what he assumed was the kitchen carrying a tray, oblivious to him sitting there. He watched Tangee carry it over to a table with four people occupying it.

“What can I get you?”

Mark turned around to see a guy with multicolored hair standing there. “I’ll have an iced tea.”

The guy nodded and walked over to a cooler behind the counter and pulled out a pitcher. Mark looked back over at Tangee as he nodded at the people talking to him. Life seemed to be agreeing with the guy out here. The bags under his eyes were gone, and he had a healthy glow to his skin.

Mark’s eyes darted to the door when a large silver-haired man came strolling through. The man’s eyes lit up as soon as he spotted Mark.


Lynn Hagen

“What in the hell are you doing here?” Loco laughed as he came across the diner.

Mark stood, giving Loco a man hug.

“I came to see your ugly mug, of course.” He chuckled as he patted Loco’s back and then pulled away.

“Mark!” Tangee ran across the room and hugged Mark tightly.

Loco gave off a low growl that Mark ignored. That’s all the silver-haired man did when he visited the city a few months ago while dating Tangee. Mark was used to it. “Why didn’t you tell me you were sitting here?”

“You were busy,” he replied.

“Never too busy for an old friend.” Tangee leaned up and kissed Loco before mock punching Mark in his arm. “Tell me next time as soon as you get here.” He huffed before running back to the table he had been waiting on.

“Brat.” Mark grinned as he took his seat back at the counter. Loco joined him.

“You Tangee friend?”

Mark turned to his right to see a very pretty young woman sitting there. “Yes, and who are you?” he asked in a husky voice. She was beautiful.

“Keata.” The woman extended her hand, and Mark shook it, holding on to it a little longer than politeness dictated.

“Let him go, Mark.” Loco nudged him and nodded at the multicolored hair guy as he growled and came quickly to stand in front of Mark.


“Hey, no harm intended. I didn’t know…” Mark turned to Loco.


Loco had a devilish gleam in his eyes, and he nodded. “Yeah, him.”

Mark turned to look at the pretty young…man. “Sorry, little dude.”

Mark’s Not Gay


“It okay.”

“Relax, Cody. Mark’s not gay, and he didn’t know.” Loco grunted at the glaring man standing behind the counter. Mark rolled his shoulders, readying himself for a fight if that’s the way things were heading. He didn’t come here to start any trouble, but he wasn’t taking shit from anyone. It was an honest mistake that he just apologized for, and if that wasn’t good enough, tough shit.

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