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Authors: Natalie Dae

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Master Dan (3 page)

And caught sight of Mr Gold stalking toward my car.

Oh, God. Oh, Jesus Christ, no… Has he been watching? Did he see Dan?

I plastered on a smile and pressed the button for my window to slide down. He came to stand beside the door, blinked a few times at the sight of my corset, at my breasts spilling out of the top, then lowered his gaze to my legs. I could only be thankful Dan was in the boot, out of the way. Mr Gold wasn’t the kind of man I wanted to spend any time with. Slim, weasel-like and in his fifties, with greying hair and a huge walrus mustache, he exuded something that made me uncomfortable.

“Good evening, Mr Gold.” I smiled again as though my clothing wasn’t anything to warrant such a shocked yet pleased gawk.

“Um, good evening. I err, I…” He shifted his gaze back to my face. “Fancy dress party, I take it?”

“So lovely that you guessed!” I smiled. “Why I’d be out in such a racy thing otherwise…well, I wouldn’t, would I? Of course I wouldn’t. Yes, fancy dress party. Bunny girl. I have a fluffy tail on too. My ears are around here somewhere…” I smiled harder, looking for my ears that didn’t exist. I turned back to him. “Can I help you?”

“Your back light’s out. Passenger side. Thought it best you knew.” He laced his hands over his flat belly and rocked back and forth, nodding, grinning the grin of the self-satisfied.

“Oh, bugger.” I bit my bottom lip, wondering what the hell I ought to do next.

“Bugger indeed.” He peered into the car, seeming to zero in on my cunt.

My naked cunt.

Oh, dear God, I’d forgotten about that…

He cleared his throat. “Would you like me to check it for you? Save you getting out when you’re, you know, without your… Shall I see if I can fix it?”

I felt sick. “Oh, no no. That’s fine. I’m more than capable.”

I shut off the engine and prepared myself to exit knowing I was going to expose my pussy. There wasn’t much else I could do bar waiting for him to leave, and it didn’t seem as if he were about to go away anytime soon. I took a deep breath then got out of the car.

“Pardon the state of me,” I said. “This fancy dress—I’m supposed to be truly authentic. You know, showing myself off like this.” I wafted my hands down below. “I’m terribly sorry. Please feel free to look away.” I strode past Mr Gold, conscious that he might be ogling my bare arse, and pretended I wore jeans and a T-shirt. I paused at the boot, cocking a hip so one of my thighs partly obscured my pubic hair. “Was there anything else?”

He looked me up and down. “You’ve lost your tail. And there’s nothing to pin it to. Just skin.” His cheeks reddened and he licked his lips. His tongue was like a slug coming out from under a pruned bush.

I felt my arse. “So I have. Not to worry, the ears will give away what I am.” My actual ears were burning. I imagined Dan listening, his heart tickering ultra-fast, him silently telling me to get rid of Mr Gold. “Off you go then, no need to hang about. I’ll be quite all right, and thanks for making me aware. You know, about the light. And the tail.”

He gave me one more up-and-down rake with his gaze, blushed harder, then turned, heading inside to the lift.

I opened the boot a smidge. Whispered, “Oh, God. Dan?”

“I’ve fixed it, Mistress,” he said. “And your cunt and arse… He saw them?”

“I’m afraid so.”

“How did it feel, Mistress?”

“Not as mortifying as I thought it would. Although I don’t ever want to see him again. He’s a little old pervert.”

I blew him a kiss, shut the boot again then got back in the car. That had been a super close call, and my heart didn’t need another episode like this one tonight. I reversed, bolted out of the car park, then drove through town without observing whether anyone noticed what I was wearing. I was sure my Master would forgive me for that. Mr Gold more than made up for the thrill other drivers would give us.

At last I pulled onto the country road, relieved to be safe. “What did you think of that?” I shouted.

Dan knocked twice.
Good. He thought that was good.

“Bit close for comfort, though!” I yelled. “Still, the time had to come when someone spotted us, didn’t it?”

He knocked once.
Yes, yes it did

A surge of adrenaline rushed through me. My God, if Mr Gold hadn’t mentioned the fancy dress party, I didn’t know what excuse I would have given. And to think I might bump into him again after that, knowing he’d basically seen me in a way he never usually would… I shuddered.

“He’s a pervert!” I shouted. “A raging bloody pervert!”

One knock.

“How do you feel about him ogling me? Because he did. Head to toe!”

Three knocks. Dan didn’t like it. I smiled. Contemplated teasing him some more then decided against it.

“We’re nearly there. I can see Marshall Cottage. Not long now.”

Two more minutes saw me screeching the car up the drive then coming to a stop that scattered the gravel in all directions. I shut off the engine, got out and took a moment to compose myself. After taking a deep breath, I helped Dan out of the boot. He immediately went on all fours, sucking in a deep breath as the small stones dug into his skin.

“This way,” I said, speeding across the drive toward the mansion.

The quicker we got inside, the better. I’d feel safe then. Dan had said he enjoyed the bite of the gravel, so the fast trip across it would rev up his desire. That thought had my libido going haywire.

At the door, I smiled and told my pattering heart to go back to normal. “Good evening, Mr M.”

“Good evening, Mistress.”

I sauntered inside, Dan trailing behind me, and headed for the stairs. The grandfather clock in its transparent casing ticked along with my footsteps.

What I had in mind needed privacy. It was a first time thing for us, so no voyeur room to begin with tonight, and I wanted to make sure Dan liked what I was about to dish out before anyone else witnessed it.

Like Dan had said, “It isn’t everyone’s cup of Earl Grey, darling.”


Chapter Three




Once at a private room, I left Dan on his haunches in the middle of the tiled floor and locked the door. Unlocked or ajar meant anyone could either enter or stand
the doorway and watch. The fact there was a camera monitoring our every move wasn’t a concern. I’d rather that and be safe than not. Mr M had catered to everything, our safety his prime objective.

I turned and stared at Dan. “Face the foot of the bed. I don’t want you seeing what I’m doing.”

This was different. He usually faced me at all times, me watching his eyes for commands. If we were to do this properly, he needed to retain a soft cock. At least at first. He shuffled around and presented me with his arse. I eyed it, encased as it was in the PVC, and took a moment to step forward then kneel and caress it.

“Such a beautiful arse,” I murmured, smoothing my hands over the swells. I reached down to fondle his balls through the material. My fingertips brushed the base of his cock—his hard cock. “I shouldn’t have done that.” I got up swiftly. “Think of something to get rid of that hard-on.”

What I’d said would give him some idea as to what I wanted to do, but there wasn’t anything I could do about that now. Perhaps having him turned away from me wasn’t such a good idea at all. Perhaps I never was meant to be a Domme. A professional would know when not to touch. Of course he would become erect as soon as I handled him—wasn’t that normally the whole point?

Cursing myself, I went over to the drawers that stood beside the door and pulled one of them out. I flicked a few things aside, looking for what I needed and coming up empty. A search through one of the others resulted in me wallowing in disappointment. Ready to give up. I couldn’t do what I’d planned. I should have brought a toy with us.

Think. Do what Dan would suggest and improvise

I slid open the third drawer down, remembering what I’d spied in there. I reached in to pull out a peach-colored rubber cock ring with a mini, balloon-like clitoral stimulator attached. But what could I use as a
? The balloon wasn’t big enough for me to get a proper grip, and by the look of it, it wouldn’t stretch. I ferreted through the toys again, pulling out a pair of rounded black laces sealed in a packet. I smiled.

Placing the cock ring on top of the drawers, I tied one end of a lace around the base of the clitoral stimulator. The lace was long—long enough to do what I had in mind, and if it hadn’t been I’d have tied the two together.

“Is your cock soft?” I asked, taking the ring and lace with me, standing behind Dan and staring down at his arse. The overhead light bounced off the shiny material of his tight shorts. “If it is, get those boxers off. You may stand to do so but don’t turn around.”

He obeyed, tossing the boxers onto the bed.

“Now get back down on the floor. Same position.”

He knelt.

“Part your legs as wide as they’ll go.”

Dan did.

“Good. Now, keep still.”

I went down on my knees and tilted my head to scrutinize his cock. It hung limp, so I reached out and quickly slid the cock ring onto his length. With it sitting snug against his body, the little balloon between his dick and bollocks, I curled my hand around him. Gave him a few short, sharp strokes that had his erection springing to life.

“That’s it,” I said. “Just what I like to see and feel.”

His dick appeared harder and longer than usual, probably owing to the ring being tight.

“Hmm, you’re quite a size tonight. Excited, are we?”

He mumbled a response.

“I’m looking forward to you filling me with that. There seems to be an extra half inch in length
God, I can’t wait…

To take my mind off thoughts of him plunging inside my cunt, I took the other end of the lace and looped it around the head of his cock, tying it loosely with room to spare in case he got any harder.

“You realize what I’ve chosen to do now, don’t you?” I asked.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“And are you pleased with the act I’ve picked?”

“Yes. God, yes, Mistress.”

“Do you have anything you’d like to say to me?”

He remained silent.

“As you know,” I went on, “I can’t do this and have you facing me. Therefore, I can’t see your eyes. Can’t see if you’re asking me for something or telling me what to do next. Would you like a mirror in front of you?”

“Please, Mistress.”

“Very well.” I stood, gave his arse a swift, glancing flick with my fingertips, then went over to a cupboard built into a corner while he breathed heavily through his teeth.

Inside the cupboard were a range of mirrors, all different sizes, all with men’s tie-shaped, thick cardboard stands that could be pulled out of the back, much like photo frames. I chose one big enough that I could see his face clearly and went about setting it up at the foot of the bed. The bottom of the frame wedged itself into the space where two floor tiles met. I stood back to check the view.

“Are you happy with that?” I studied his reflection.

His cheeks were red—the flick would have done that—and a lock of his hair swayed between his eyes. He nodded and gave me one of his piercing glares.

“Ah, so you’re impatient for me to begin,” I said. “As you wish.”

I knelt and inspected his cock again. It was flush with his lower belly, pointing toward the mirror. The lace had a nice bit of give in it. I curled my finger around the lowest part of the hanging arc and have it a little jerk. Dan jerked with it, his cock drawn down a tad, away from his body. I looked in the mirror. Dan’s expression told me to go to more extreme measures.

I tugged again, encouraging his dick down, down, down, then used my other hand to take hold of the piece of lace closest to his cock head. I pulled so that his length bent down then backwards, the head pointing at me, his balls squashed between the pressure from his cock and the mini balloon.

“How is that?” I asked, holding steady. My cunt creamed. Ached.

“Different, Mistress.”

“How so?”

“It feels odd. A hard dick isn’t meant for this position. So it’s uncomfortable yet… Yet it’s good. Strange good.”

“Strange good. I can imagine what you mean. Are you ready for more? Exactly how we discussed it?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“And remember, the second it becomes intolerable, you
say so.”

I’d heard of cocks being damaged by someone doing this, so I was reticent to go at it like Dan expected, like we’d discussed. If he wanted pain, fine, but proper, excruciating, this-isn’t-how-it’s-meant-to-be pain—no, I wasn’t prepared to obey him on that.

I pulled with gentle force, watching carefully as his cock lifted, the hole in the end almost pointing to the ceiling. His dick was at what I would have thought was an impossible angle, yet it had been manipulated beautifully and he seemed to be coping well.

He groaned. I stared into the mirror. Dan had bared his teeth, clamped them together, and pushed out a breath. He dared me to go further. I checked what his cock was like. Very purple, very swollen. I shook my head and released the lace. His dick sprang toward his belly, slapping it.

“Take a moment,” I said, rising to walk over to the drawers again.

I resisted cupping my cunt and bringing myself off against my palm.

Dan moaned, uttering words I didn’t understand or just couldn’t decipher. I took out a package of cooling wipes then returned to kneel behind him. Taking a wad of cold, wet tissues out, I pressed them to his heated cock. Dan sighed and shuddered.

“Good?” I drew the tissues down to cover his balls.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Are you ready for me to yank again?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

His reflection seemed to dare me to disobey. I wasn’t about to, but I gave him a look of my own—one that said he might well call the shots but in this instance I would walk away from the scene if I felt he was going too far.

Discarding the tissues on the floor, I took hold of the lace and repeated what I’d done before. His cock bulged, the head impossibly wide and fat, and pre-cum squeezed out of the hole. I bent my head to lick it away. Dan shoved back, so I sucked as much of his cock in as I could—lace and all. He moved frantically, rocking back and forth on his hands and knees. His cock slid in and out—I’d let him do the guiding—and the lace grated against my tongue. My nose got buried in his soft balls each time he thrust inside, the scent of them musky and such a turn on that my cunt leaked.

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