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Authors: J.T. Savage



by J.T. Savage




Lunar 5 is a fallout shelter from the moon in a different plain of existence.  These people that  live on the moon were not organic like us, but more like air or space.  They move through light.  They are the light.  They are the air.  The moon, in their existence, is more like an organism and they are the air that it breathes.  But with the technologies of their civilization using up all their resources, the moon fought back and now the only ones that ever existed and that will exist were the ones that were lucky enough to get  into the fallout shelters, by just maintaining it or whatever  knew the time was coming and the fallout shelter doors are now shut forever and they can't breathe in the atmosphere.   But the scientists that maintained the moon bases were the wisest ones in the world at the time, because they were the ones that created all their technologies and kept them stored in the fallout shelters for later use because they had a feeling that the planet was going to regurgitate them completely off the map.  Them and their technical overgrowths of light that they could use at the time created the moon bases, fallout shelters and they run off the moonlight.  The moon is basically a giant battery that gets charged by the light.  They can withstand the light.  They feed off the light. They have been monitoring earth for as long as they have been there.  They weren't a dumb race, they just annihilated themselves with greed and not using the proper procedures in plant life or technology at the time that they now felt threatening from the planets wrath of their choices which were very bad.  It was a struggle every day.  Every time that they would react there was a bigger reaction from the moon.  There were volcanic explosions and whatnot.  The planet resembled earth in many  ways, but they are air.  They're not organic.  All that is long long  gone.  The light that they thrive to have, happens to be moonlight and happens to be absorbed every night on our planet absorbing the sun into the moon to charge a giant organic battery basically which charges them and therefore is their substance or food. 

On Fallout 5, they've been watching us.  They want our planet.  They're sick of their  shelter.  They are cramped, under spaced.  Their life spans are 300 years better than ours, but they would  gladly  give it up for a planet again.  Every thing has been self contained in these pods for twelve generations.  The technology is completely foreign to them.  They don't know how it works or why.  They know its organic.  They see the veins.  They know the pod is their life force and they are its air.  Therefore, you can't have one without the other.  So, they want to come and live on a planet.  They're tired of being enslaved in a pod just for the self contained planet that they are enslaved in.  They have the moonlight.  At least 12 times a year they can use their technology from their forefathers to beam to earth and experience the wonders of it all that they have seen numerous times through satellite stations and any technology that their  ancestors have created to moderate earths activity.  They are so fascinated with earth.  They love it.  It's their dream.  It's all they ever wanted.  But unfortunately, their great great and so on grandfathers have died who took with them how to create this wonderful technology that they have and always have and let me explain about this technology.  It's not like a computer on earth.  It's organic in matter.  It's a thought.  They think they want energy they get energy.  It's a brain in a way and it's there for as long as they have been alive.  But they can escape through these ports of moonlight to earth through light.  They look like you or me and they live there on the moon in the pod and 12 times a year, in full moonlight, they can shoot down as a hologram and inspect us.  We don't know their there.  We can't see them.  It's a filtered light of spirit. 

So Moon Unit 5 is alive.  Frank is the smartest one in Unit 5 who can work some of the technologies there and modify to his best extent.  He basically moves around certain cells and bonds them together.  Manipulate the moons DNA to his bidding.  Frank has been trying and trying to manipulate the light to create a new species to be on earth and finally stay and he has to do it soon.  300 years is maximum for these generations of people almost to the second and its spreading like a plague.  The numbers grow and then they fall and he knows that his cycle is up.  Tomorrow he will check to see if his manipulations to the DNA will finally spark that final journey for good. 











Frank and Jack do last minute adjustments to the departure mission.  Good boots help. 

"Ok Frank, but you gotta be careful this time because we only have these two transport tags left", said Jack. 

"Yea I know", Frank replies.  "I know, Jack.  Hopefully, this works and  at least we can get our asses off this damn thing.  If so, we can modify some more.  Somehow.  We can figure that out when the time comes.  I'm sick of going to this damn planet and not getting any results.  All we do is just fadeout.  Such wasted technology. I hate it.   Damn mission, I hate it.   I do." 

" I know, I know.  Just hang in there Franky.  This could be it.", Jack said while making adjustments.   "There ya go, all done. 

"Cool it's nice."  said Frank.

  "Don't lose it.  Keep it safe and if you don't come back then we'll know it worked and then I'll use mine and we'll get off this damn thing.  Frank, Jen just died too .  Maybe 12 left in C Section 9, I'm not sure.  We gotta go man, we gotta get outta here.  They're practically  dead you know why.  It seems year after year they just get more stupid.  They just sit there and look at the monitors.  Earth monitors, oh my God.  I can't believe half the shit that they watch on that damn thing.  Such a wasted race.  Just to be a part of that would help so much to stay for one day and watch the sunlight or the trees growing not like humanity killing one another all the damn time.  Anyway, it's about time,we outta get going".


"Now remember, keep that chip safe.  If anything I can find you and get it and we will just reuse them since we only have two, which we are pretty limited on ways to get it going."

"I know, I know."

"Well, have a good run."

"Thanks.  Transferring in 3 seconds. 3..2..1"

As Frank is flying through the air, it's like a bolt of electricity.  One beam, straight down.
Hopefully the coordinates are precise on this because we don’t want too much activity,
Frank thinks.
It's a lot like a crap shoot.  Franks falling down.  Coming towards the earths atmosphere at the speed of light.  Its a very dangerous slide.  Not only do you hit hard when you hit bottom, sometimes you just fall from the sky from the cloud fall and the weakness  in the light, therefore creating hard impact.  Stuff basically you are taught way back.  Way back when the first moonslides were ever created.  Alot of deaths from impact.  But with modifications of speed from the chip you can slow yourself down to a certain extent.  But if you hit a cloud that blocks out total moonlight whatsoever, you hit and you hit hard.  As of Franks usual luck, he hit hard too.  Slowing down almost to a stop at the cloud, but not quiet  and he falls and he falls.

"Arghhhhhhhh, myyyyyy,"  
Thump. "
Well, " Frank laughs.  "That wasn't so bad. Nothing like a good solid slide to invigorate your mind a little bit."  Frank stands to brush himself off.  "Oh that hurt more than I thought.  My arms...oh my arms.  So heavy.  This is gonna take a little getting used to.  I'm organic. .  Oh my God, Jack!  It worked!  I'm organic! Huh.  Sweeeet!  Alright now where the hell am I at."

As Frank goes walking into the woods under the pale moonlight, he touches the briar patches, looking at the trees, the leaves, touching everything that he can get his hands on.  It's a whole new feeling to be human.  It's heavy.  Everything is so heavy.  "My hands and arms are like 50 lbs.


















On L6:

Scott walks into the lab.  “What the HELL is that Rob?!” 

Rob laughs. 
“ You like that? Those are my wolf men.”  he states. 

“ Why on earth would you create such a thing?” 

Well, I figure, ya know, humans have been coming to the moon so we can use this to guard my lab.”

That’s insane”, Scott said.

Insane or not, you gotta think of all your defenses.  And besides that I keep them cryogenically frozen in  there in the freezer.  Oh and uh get this nifty trick.  I got it down to 5.3 seconds to unthaw one of them at a time.  I got the idea from NASCAR.  You know how they roll into the pits and they switch out their tires and check the engines and change all the parts that need to be put on or taken off and they do that all in a small amount of time?  I figured I could do it with this just in case  of an emergency.  Its just how quick I can pull the gun.  So I got it to 5.3 seconds.  I’m pretty impressed myself.”

Yea well you keep them damn things away from me.  I don’t want nothing to do with it.  You keep fucking with DNA like that,  this moon here just might swallow you up.”

Well I got all the defense features down.  I mean, I’m the only one that can unfreeze them.  It’s in my chip.  You never know what’s gonna come outta L.-5 or L- 7.  It’s just here for emergencies only.”

Yea well just the same, you keep them damn things away from me.”

You worry too much Scott.  You worry too much.”

What Rob didn
’t tell Scott was that he plans on coming to earth in the wolf men if he can manipulate the DNA just right along with his chip, then maybe there’s a chance he won’t die in 5 days.  But he doesn’t tell Scott this because it would just stall the whole plans.  He doesn’t have much time left. 

If I can keep testing with no interruptions, I think this just might work. 

Zoth is the biggest and the leader of the pack of the wolf men. Also, the prime choice for Robs experiment subject.  But Zoth don
’t let on to all he knows.  Hes not just a dumb animal.  He is the wolf.  Just like here on earth.  The pointy ears, the long snout, the hair covering the body from head to toe, sharp fangs, big footed pows and longer arms and huge claws.  The wolf man.

Rob secures Zoth onto the table preparing his experiment with the tag making exact duplicates into the wolfs neck as Zoth lies unconscious. 
“If this works, it will be my ticket out.  It’s too bad I couldn’t manipulate an actual human being but its better than nothing.   With what I got I’m happy to have what I have,”  Rob thinks.   “It’s the lunar way.  Fend for yourself.  I know my tickets punched in 5 days, so what the hell.  It’s been a good run though, but it’s silly to stay here if I can change and go some where else.  Earth is the perfect place for the wolf man.  I could just hide in the hills and die with my pack.  At least I won’t be alone.  Not like up here where everybody fends for themselves. And why not stay secluded?  Our units give us everything we want.  We just have to picture it and there it is.  It’s not a bad life, but the complex is so boring.  There’s just worm holes for hallways.  There’s just no atmosphere, I guess.  Not after seeing how earth is like.  With their houses and cars and oceans  mountains and trees.  Ah yea.”That’s the life I whant

The problem is that Rob needs Scott to help all the tags go through the light.  He can
’t light down without help.  “Now how do I convince Scott in to helping me”, Rob wonders.  “He will think I’m crazy sending all these wolves and me down at the same time.  Not to mention the questions he’d ask.  What can I do to get Scott to help me?  Hmm. 

As Rob slowly thinks out loud,  Zoth listens.  Zoth is thinking to himself two,
“If he takes my body, how will I ever exist?  We’ll see little man, we’ll see.”

Zoth is very simple.  He has the sole instinct to survive and hunt.  That
’s all Zoth wants.  It’s hard to hunt in a pod or cryogenically frozen, which isn’t very comfortable either.  Being froze and unfroze for tests just to see how fast it is to be unfroze.  It wears a wolf out.  “You just try little man.  You just try.  If you had more substance I’d bite your ass.  Maybe this switch will be a good thing.  Maybe that tag won’t work.  Maybe I can get it out of me.  Maybe I could go hunt.  I know earth isn’t sounding bad at all.  I’ve caught it on their Tvs now and again.  Big screen monitors that just float in the air like holograms.  Wonderful sights.  I feel like I’ve already been there in a past life.  The hunting instinct is so engrained in my DNA, it thrives in me.  Its my meaning of existence.

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