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Authors: Gemma K. Murray

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Natural Born Enemies (Cedar River Series) (16 page)

Slowly, they got to their feet. Adrienne Anders was the first to speak. “Welcome back to the Pierce Pride, Adam.”

“Thank you, Adrienne. I’m sure most of you know my feelings on taking this position. I’m simply doing what I need to do.” I cleared my throat. There would be another day for speeches. Today was not the day.

“Let’s get this cleaned up and back in order. I’ll give you guys some long speech later.”

Somebody had put the bodies in the shed. The workshop saws were buzzing as the pride members built the coffins in which we would bury my uncle and cousin. My heart stuck in my throat as I forced the noises from my mind.

Leo Anders came up to me and laid his hand on my arm. “No one here harbors any resentment towards you, Adam. We all know you did what you had to do. Connor attacking your uncle, well, that was simply a horrific act.”

Aunt Alicia had sent out e-mails to everyone, I thought to myself.

“Yes, it was. I’m glad to hear no one is upset with me.”

“Roman wanted us to be sure to understand by accepting you we were also accepting your mate,” Leo added.

Today was a day of miracles. “Thank you, Leo.”

Leo simply nodded as he walked away.

It was dark before the training center was clean. Everyone was exhausted. One by one, the pride members came to offer their condolences and to assure me they would be up to help me clean up from the fire.

Humbled by their kindness, I walked back up to the house. Aunt Alicia was sitting on the porch, wrapped in a blanket.

“Auntie, you need to be inside. You’re going to freeze to death out here.” I lifted her into my arms and carried her inside. She sobbed all the way inside. I put her on the living room sofa and went to make some dinner. The women of Pierce Pride had stocked the refrigerator with casseroles and cold cuts galore. A crock-pot sat on the counter bubbling away. I lifted the lid and smelled the most heavenly rabbit stew. There was a loaf of homemade honey wheat bread sitting beside the butter dish.

I scooped some of the stew into one of the ceramic bowl. Carefully, I sliced the bread and spread it with softened butter. I carried it into where Aunt Alicia was sitting.

She waved me away.

“Auntie, you need to eat something. This rabbit stew is delicious. Uncle Roman would kick my ass if I let you starve yourself to death.”

That remark made her smile. “Well, we can’t have that now, can we?” she said accepting the bowl from me.

I sat with her while she ate the entire bowl plus the bread.

She declared herself full and said, “I’m going to bed, sweetie. I think I’ll sleep in the guest room tonight.”

I kissed her forehead. “Sleep well, Auntie.”

I watched as she climbed the stairs and turned into the guest room. I checked the time. It was after midnight and I hadn’t called anyone. Luna was going to kill me.


Chapter Twenty-Seven- Luna


I was tossing and turning in my bed when the phone rang. I leapt up to answer it. “Hello?”

“Hi, sweetheart,” came Adam’s voice through the line.

I fell to my knees, sobbing with relief.

“I’m fine, Luna.”

“For now, you are. Where are you?”

“I’m out at the pride lands. We have some things to talk about. My life has taken a dramatic turn today, baby.”

“What happened?”

“Uncle Roman handed me the Alpha position. When I confronted Connor, who is the one behind the trouble we’ve been having, there was a battle. He killed Roman. I’ll give you the details later, just know, Connor is dead. Uncle Roman is dead. I’m Alpha of the Pierce Pride.”

“Sounds like you have had a horrible day. I’ve been very worried about you.”

“I know, honey, and I’m sorry. I’ve been so busy. Aunt Alicia seems ready to fall apart at the seams so I’ve been trying to hold her together. We had to clean up the training center and prepare the bodies for the wake. Oh gods, the wake. Will you come?”

I hesitated. “I don’t know, Adam.”

“Please, Luna, I need you beside me. Your parents and the pack are coming if that helps you feel safer.”

“What time do you want me there?”

“Tonight. Gods, Luna, I need to hold you tonight.”

“Adam,” I began. “Let me pack a bag and I’ll be on my way.”

“Really?” he asked.

“Yes, really. I’ll be there in an hour or so.”

“I’ll be waiting for you. I love you, Luna.”

“I love you, too. Oh and Adam, call Bowie.”

“I will,” was response before we hang up.

I proceeded to pack a bag. Most of the town would shut down for the wakes tomorrow, so I wasn’t worried about the store. I pulled out my black pinstripe suit and white camisole. I dug around in the bottom of my closet for my black high heels and threw them into the bag.

With all of my stuff, I had three bags to take with me. Good grief, this was an overnight visit, I thought to myself. I ran back inside to hang the “Closed for Pierce Pride Wakes” in the front window and packed up some candy to take to Adam. After the day he’d had, I’m sure he’d be ready for some chocolate.

The roads were relatively clear as I drove the distance to the pride lands. The full moon glistened off the snow, making Cedar River and its surrounding land look like it was from a fairy tale. The iridescence was mesmerizing.

When I pulled onto pride land, a ball of fear sat heavy in my stomach. I knew Adam wouldn’t allow anything to happen to me, but it was a long drive from the front gate to the Alpha’s house. I took a deep breath and drove up to the manned gate. Dammit, I am shaman of the McIntyre Pack and the Alpha’s daughter. I should have nothing to fear.

The security guard stepped out and shined his flashlight in my car. “Can I ask what your business is?” When he saw who I was, he dropped to one knee and bowed his head, “I beg your pardon, Miss.”

I was more than a little puzzled. I don’t get that kind of reception from the pack, why would I get it from the pride? I’d ask Adam about it.

The gate opened and the guard motioned me through. Up the long curving drive to the Alpha’s house, I drove. Cottages along the way were dark. I glanced at the clock on my radio. It
after one o’clock in the morning.

I rounded the last curve and saw the Alpha’s house up ahead. The downstairs lights were burning bright through the darkness. I pulled up next to Adam’s truck and parked. On the porch as shadow appeared and I recognized Adam’s shape. There was something different about him, I thought as I stepped out of my car.

I pulled my bags from the car and turned around. Adam was directly behind me. I made an “eep” noise before his mouth claimed mine with a hunger I’d never before experienced. My bags slid off my shoulders and onto the ground. The bones in my body turned to mush as his tongue slid in and out of my mouth. I felt as if I were being devoured and it was a pretty amazing feeling.

When he did pull away, I was breathless. He rested his forehead against mine as he held me tight against him. “I need you, Luna.”

I smiled, “I know. That’s why I’m here, babe.”

He released me and simply took my hand as he bent to pick up my bags. Neither of us said a word as he turned off the lights and led me upstairs. We walked into his childhood bedroom and he shut the door quietly behind us.

He refused to let go of my hand as he set the bags down. “Do I smell chocolate?” he asked with his little boy smile.

“It’s in the blue bag at the bottom. There are two boxes.”

His eyes twinkled in the moonlight that shone through the window. He let go of my hand long enough to rummage through my bag for the boxes of candy.

I looked at the trophies from high school still sat on shelves. Sealed in clear envelopes, a few of his English papers hung on the walls. It was as if we stepped back in time.

“Aunt Alicia seemed to think she should keep my room as it was when I left,” Adam said around the cherry whip he had popped into his mouth.

“It’s funny how our moms think this stuff is important, isn’t it?” I said as I felt him step up behind me.

“Turns out that sometimes it does matter though,” he said as he lowered his mouth to my neck and nibbled along the side of my jaw.

I leaned back into his hard body as he wrapped one arm around me and cupped one of my full breasts in his hands. “Adam,” I whispered as he caught my ear lobe in his teeth and nipped lightly.

“Hmmm,” was his response as he tugged the hem of my t-shirt over my head.

I wrapped my arm around his neck and turned to face him. His shirt joined mine on the floor and I attempted to untie the string on his sweatpants. He stopped me and re-tied the string.

He slid my yoga pants down my legs and my pink underwear followed them. He slid the chair from his desk across the floor and urged me to sit down in it.

Positioning one leg over each arm, Adam knelt in front of me, kissing me from my lips to my pussy. His tongue made circles around my aureoles as his fingers slid in and out of me. Just when I thought I was coming unglued, he would stop and focus his attention on my mouth again. The feeling of urgency would subside and he’d pick up where he left off.

This teasing went on for quite a while, until I thought I couldn’t take it anymore. I was sobbing and begging for some release. I caught his smile as he buried his head between my legs, lapping at the cream that was there. His tongue circled my clit and I couldn’t control the growl of release that escaped me. I dug my fingernails into his scalp as he continued to lick at me.

He looked up at me, wiped his face on his t-shirt, and grinned. He set my feet back on the floor and the blood raced back into my legs. When he stood his desire was quite prominent. He untied his sweatpants and let them fall to the floor. My mouth watered at the sight of him. I leaned forward to take him into my mouth. I licked at his saltiness and sucked him deep into my throat.

He grasped a handful of hair and tugged lightly. Slowly and carefully, I moved him in and out of my mouth. He was whispering things to me that I’d never heard come out of Adam’s mouth before…and I liked it. He pulled away from me and held out his hand.

I was on my hands and knees at the edge of the bed when Adam caught my feet and slid me backwards. My calves and ankles hung off the bed as he stepped between my legs and eased himself inside me from behind. He traced my spine with his hands as he began to move. Sensations burned through my body as he thrust deeper and faster.

“Oh gods, Adam!” I cried out.

My hips were grasped in his hands as he worked hard to reach his completion. His cock hit my sweet spot with each stroke and I had to bury my face in the comforter to avoid waking the entire pride.

With a final thrust, Adam emptied himself into me.

He left me long enough to retrieve a wet washcloth from the bathroom. “Lay on your back, sweetheart, and let me clean you up.”

I felt bruised and battered but in a very good way. The warmth of the soft cloth felt good against my skin.

Adam returned the washcloth to the bathroom and crawled into bed beside me.

“What on earth was that?” I asked, curled up against his chest.

“Are you going to complain?” he said with a throaty chuckle.

“No, sir. I’m just wondering if this is going to be an everyday occurrence. I may need to start taking vitamins if this is going to be the case.”

“I’m going to want you every day, but I cannot guarantee it will always be like this.”

I smiled as I snuggled close to him and fell asleep.




The sun was shining bright overhead when I finally crawled out of bed. I took a shower and dressed in my suit before heading downstairs.

The house was quiet so I looked around. I’d only been here once in my life. I was looking at the stunning family portrait that hung over the mantle in the living room when I heard Alicia Pierce come in to the room.

Her eyes were red and swollen, but her hair was perfect and she was dressed in a beautiful suit.

“I hope you don’t mind that I’m here,” I said.

She stepped toward me and opened her arms, “Adam is Alpha now, but you are as welcome here as you are in your pack. This is your family, too. After all, you are the Alpha’s mate.”

Until this very moment, I hadn’t even thought about the ramifications of Adam’s actions. I mean, sure they made him Alpha, but that only affected him, right? I had never once considered the fact by him claiming the Alpha position, I would be the Alpha’s mate.

Alicia stood next to me and looked at the picture over the mantle. Connor couldn’t have been more than seven years old in that picture. His blue eyes were almost crystalline they were so blue. Adam was probably seventeen and looking simply defiant. His black hair hung long and his tie was askew. I smiled because in all the years I had known him, I’d never seen him in suit.

“Those are my men, Luna. All I have left is Adam and I know haven’t done right by him through the years.”

I put my arm around her. “Probably not, but Adam is Adam. Whoever he was before he came to you has changed. You and Roman raised him to be the man he is.”

Alicia laid her cheek against the top of my head, “I just wish he knew how proud Roman and I are of him.”

“You could always tell him. I mean, Roman handed over the Alpha position to him, Adam has to know.”

Alicia sniffled a bit and excused herself to finish getting ready for the wakes.

I felt so bad for her. Losing one of your family members can be hard, but two in the same day? I still had no idea exactly what happened, but I assumed this was one of the many things Adam and I would discuss later on.


Chapter Twenty-Eight- Adam


I was sitting in the community center. I’d pulled up a chair next to Uncle Roman’s coffin and sat there pondering what the hell I had been thinking. Being Alpha was not what I’d wanted. I was going to have to quit the sheriff’s department. I loved that damn job and the people of Cedar River. I sure as hell didn’t want to take over the construction company. I hated working construction. It was too many long hour days.

Then, there was Luna. I rested my head against the edge of the coffin. I had to talk to her about this. If I didn’t want to be Alpha, was she going to want to be my mate? Essentially, she would become a part of the Pierce Pride. It was unheard of for a wolf to become part of the pride.

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