Naughty Angel (Sexy Nerd Boys #2) (21 page)

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She’s my best friend’s twin sister. She’s the one girl I wasn’t supposed to want. But some things are just too
Hard to Resist.



Since I was five years old I've had two best friends: Chase and his twin sister Hadley. Unfortunately for me Hadley isn't a little kid anymore and I can't stop seeing her as more than a friend. Even more unfortunate, Chase says if I lay a finger on her he'll never speak to me again, so no matter how difficult it is I have to resist her.



              I fell in love with my best friend Ravi when I was sixteen. Now, I'm eighteen and I've made a decision; before I go to college I'm giving Ravi my virginity.


              After one steamy summer together Ravi and Hadley are at odds because they just can't seem to agree on the direction to take their relationship. Hadley wants it all, while Ravi just wants to make sure his best friend, Chase, never finds out what happened between the two of them. When they're forced to live together will Ravi be able to resist the woman he hasn't stopped thinking about for over a year, or will it be too hard to resist?


Chapter 1


, the state of infatuation.
a short lived but intense attraction to another person. What constitutes ‘short lived’? A week? A month? A year? I’m thinking three years is probably past the grace period to describe something as ‘short lived’. The intense part though? Yeah, I’ve got that covered.

              The rhythmic pounding of feet on pavement has always been soothing to me. Finding that perfect pace where you can zone out and just run. I can’t think of anything better than that. I let my mind wander during these bi-weekly cross-country runs with the track team. I think about the future; mostly what I wish it would be instead of what it will be, and I spend a lot of time doing my best
to think about…

“Hadley Parker,” Greg Peterson says reverently to a sophomore, whose name I can’t remember, a few paces ahead of me. “I’m telling you man, she is so fucking hot.”

I bite my tongue until I taste blood. Greg Peterson is too big of a tool to have the right to even say

“Isn’t her brother, Ben, crazy overprotective?” The kid asks.

Hell yeah, Ben is overprotective. As far as he’s concerned no one is good enough for his sister, not even his best friend in the world...that would be me.

“I guess so, but she’s like a secret agent or some shit. She’s really good at sneaking around so big brother doesn’t kill a guy,” Greg says with a laugh.

Bile rises in my throat. This doesn’t sound like a hypothetical ‘have you seen that chicks rack’ type conversation. Not that it’s any of my business who Hadley is sneaking around with.

Having a ridiculously inappropriate crush on your best friend's twin sister really sucks.


              I’m honestly not even sure what my trigonometry teacher is going on about at this point. I’ve done nothing but stare daggers at the back of Greg Peterson’s head since class started. I wish I’d been running near someone else this morning.

A light knock at the classroom door gives the teacher pause.

The door opens and, as though summoned by my errant thoughts, Hadley steps in. Her long, chestnut hair is pulled into a messy bun at the base of her neck. Her striking winter green eyes land on me and light mischievously. She schools her features quickly and looks blandly at the teacher.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, Mr.Voss. I was sent to bring Ravi down to the office.” She holds out a pink slip of paper to indicate that she’s here on ‘official office orders’.

I gather up my things and follow her silently out of the classroom. Once we’re halfway down the hallway we both burst out laughing.

“Thanks for the prison break LP.” I sling an arm over her shoulder and try my hardest not to notice how warm and nice she feels tucked protectively against me. “Where the hell did you get the office note from?”

“I swiped the pad when the secretary wasn’t looking. If they didn’t want people to take them then they shouldn’t leave them just sitting there on the desk,” She explains defensively.

“Are we getting Ben, too?” I ask as we head for one of the side exits.

She scrunches her face up and shakes her head.

“He always lectures me about ditching class.”

“Okay, where to?”

She rolls her eyes at my question. It is a dumb question because there’s only one place in the world Hadley would want to go on a beautiful spring day instead of sitting in class.

“Alright, let’s go to the lake,” I concede with a laugh.



              Lounging on the hood of Ravi’s car, basking in the sun, watching the water of the lake ripple invitingly...this is heaven. It also doesn’t hurt to have the love of my life laying next to me, our shoulders just barely touching. Unfortunately, it’s never going to happen with Ravi.  A twinge of sadness attempts to wrap itself around my heart but I take a deep breath and let the sweet spring air chase all of the sorrow away.

              Ravi has been best friends with my twin brother, Ben, since kindergarten. And, by extension one of my best friends as well. Unfortunately for me I’ve been madly, stupidly, unrequitedly in love with him for four years.

I first realized I liked Ravi as more than a friend or a big brother when we were fourteen and Ben had referred to himself
Ravi as my brothers. I still remember the disturbing lurch in my stomach at his words. I remember thinking ‘
Ravi is NOT my brother’
. I was surprised at first by my own intensely negative feelings to Ben’s statement, until I realized that what I really wanted was to hold hands and kiss Ravi. Those were my fantasies about him when I was fourteen, but as I matured so did my fantasies. Boy did they ever mature. Last summer when I saw him shirtless for the first time since he’d joined the track team I’d needed to change my panties afterward.

              “So, graduation is in two weeks, what do you want to be when you grow up?”

              “You know I’m going to be a doctor,” Ravi responds, a hint of resignation in his husky voice. Ever since he went through puberty and his voice dropped about ten octaves it’s given me goosebumps every time he opens his mouth.

              “I didn’t ask what you’re going to do to please mommy and daddy. I asked what you
to be.” I bump his shoulder playfully.

He sighs heavily and gives me a sidelong glance.

              “It’s really dorky,” Ravi warns with a grimace.

              “You’re an Indian boy with a pompadour and Star Wars bed sheets. I already figured that your dream career would be dorky,” I tease.

              “Don’t be jealous of my awesome hairdo and badass bed sheets,” He quips. “ to be a writer. I’ve written a few science fiction stories,” He finally admits with a blush creeping into his dark brown cheeks.

              “That’s so awesome. Could I read something sometime?” I ask hopefully.

              “Sure, maybe,” He mutters awkwardly. “Are you seeing Greg Peterson?” He blurts.

My mouth falls open and I grapple for words.

I’d been very careful to keep any and all of my “boyfriends”, and I use that term very loosely, quiet. One reason for this is Ben, because he’s the most overprotective brother in the world. But, the other reason is that I didn’t want Ravi to think I was a skank. I did spend some, let’s just say ‘quality time’ with Greg, but it was mostly because he wasn’t repulsive and I want to be well practiced on the off chance that one day I’ll have my chance with Ravi.

“Here and there. Nothing serious,” I shrug.

For a second it looks like Ravi is actually jealous...or maybe it was just a trick of the light.

              My heart flutters at the possibility of Ravi seeing me as more than a little sister. I decide right then and there that I’m not letting Ravi leave for college before I give him my virginity. I’ve kept it for him and this may be my last chance. I’m not stupid, I know Ravi and I can never really be together. I swear I will not be disappointed to only have him once. And then, he can go to college and we’ll both move on and remain best friends who share something so special. My mind is made up.





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K.M. Neuhold is 26 years old and lives in Madison, WI with her wonderful husband, loveable dog, and three crazy cats. She has been writing for as long as she can remember and when she isn’t writing she has a serious reading addiction.

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