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Authors: Victor L. Martin

Nude Awakening II (8 page)

“I want you so bad, papi!” Jurnee exclaimed, reaching for his dick. She was tired of fingering herself, or using the vibrator, or a detachable shower head to bring her pleasure. Her body wasn't just asking for any man. It was asking for Trevon. Countless nights she had been fantasizing about feeling all of Trevon inside her. Unknown to anyone, just the sound of his voice would make her hot and want to throw the pussy on him that he would never forget. Slipping the teddy off, she was delighted to see the spark in his eyes. She licked her glossy lips and then took his dick back into her hands. She caressed him while pressing her nipples against his arm.

Trevon gasped when Jurnee lowered her beautiful face between his legs, taking his balls into her mouth. He closed his eyes, enjoying how she slurped and popped his balls in and out of her wet mouth. Her soft hands massaged the length of his dick, making his back stiffen. She took her time pleasing him with her mouth. Seeing a drop of precum at his tip, she worked her way up his shaft with her tongue. She licked him clean, moaning with the sweet taste of his precum in her mouth. She licked all over it like a lollipop. Coming up on her knees, she lowered her soft lips down the length of his stiff, hard dick. With her titties pressed against his thigh, she bobbed up and down, slurping around his meat.

Trevon ran his fingers through her hair, and then he held it up and out of her face so he could see. With his free hand he palmed, squeezed, and spanked her soft, golden ass. Gently, her soft lips rose and fell on his long, hard dick.

She continued to do her thang, waiting for him to pop his delicious whip cream inside her mouth. Up and down she deep throated his flesh while caressing his balls. For eight minutes she had him feeling like a king.

Allowing her to lead, he showed no hints of wanting to stop her when she mounted him. Squatting on her toes her titties swung in his face.

“I need this dick, papi,” she moaned. Licking his neck, she raised her ass up a few inches and then reached down his body to hold his dick straight up. With nothing between them, she slid down on his throbbing hot meat, losing her breath. Her pussy was wet and surprisingly tight. Slowly, she moved herself up and down. “Fuck, this feels good, papi!” she moaned heavily. Balling up the sheets in her hands, she moved faster, her soft ass clapping against his flesh. Each time she went up, she squeezed her pussy muscles to grip his long dick.

Trevon was in a trance, watching her breasts jiggle and the erotic way she was dancing on his bare dick. He encouraged her to keep going by telling her how good the pussy was. No thoughts of LaToria filled his mind as he later pounded Jurnee from the back while pulling her hair. They had a wild marathon of fucking that lasted fifty-five minutes. Jurnee had cum twice in that time, and was gasping and out of breath when Trevon finally came deep inside her.



Can I Hit in the Morning?

January 22, 2012

Sunday, 12:30 pm Miami, Florida

I need your help,” Tahkiyah said over the phone while closing the door behind a female hotel attendant.

“I thought our terms ended—”

“I'm not in the mood, Mr. Staton,” she said, interrupting the private investigator. “Do you wish to be paid, or not?”

“What's your problem?”

Tahkiyah sat on the edge of the bed. “Why didn't you tell me that LaToria lives in a gated community?” she complained. “Quovadis Estates.”

“I didn't feel it was of any relevance.”

“Well, it is. How did you manage to get those pictures?”

“I got my sources. Uh, by any chance are you down in Miami?”

“Yes. I'm at the Mondrian Hotel. Now, can you help me or not? I need to get on the visitors' list somehow without LaToria knowing it.”

“All right. I'll make a few calls, and I'll call you back around five or six.”

“I'll be waiting,” she said dryly.

Ending the call, she sat in silence for a few moments. She had to go through the plan she had set before herself. Her options were limited. Ignoring the truth was an issue she could no longer live with. Still somewhat exhausted from the road trip, she elected to take a long relaxing soak in the tub. Stripping her name brand, tailor-made clothes, she stood naked in the middle of the bathroom.  Closing her eyes she licked two of her fingers and then lowered them between her legs. Her folds were warm and slightly moist. Anthony liked it when she touched herself in front of him. Doing it alone didn't bring her the same satisfaction as it did when she was being watched.  She pushed two fingers between her delicate folds and then imagines she wasn't alone. “This isn't working.” She said and gave up on pleasing herself. Her breasts were full, well rounded and youthful looking. She found delight in the way she still had a sex appeal that could turn Anthony on with little effort. She also craved it when he would caress or suck her nipples when he was stroking hard inside her.

She knew she didn't have a large ass. She was content with being viewed as somewhat petite. At her age, she didn't have a damn thing to cry or fuss about. Hell, she herself would proudly point out that her body could double for Gabrielle Union's and Tahkiya had no ill views of showing off her body. Even with all the pressure she was facing, she held a slim hope of visiting the beach wearing a bikini. Sex was a major element in her life. She was open-minded toward sex but was wise to play it safe.

Relaxing in the hot, scented water, she closed her eyes after placing her glasses to the side. She hoped Staton would be able to get her through the gate at LaToria's home. The trip to Miami was for a reason, a reason that Tahkiyah was steadfast on seeing through.


At the same time, Trevon and Jurnee were just waking up in bed together. Across the room the sun threw its beam through a slit in the curtain.

“My head killin' me,” Trevon complained, rolling to his back.

“That's your fault, Mr. Drink From The Bottle,” Jurnee kidded, with the sheets up to her neck. “You um, want something to eat?”

“What's on the menu?” he asked, with his voice raspy.

“Name it,” she said, feeling the warmth of his body next to hers.

“Uh. How ‘bout some bacon, eggs, toast, and grits.”

“That's simple, papi.” She turned to her side, hoping he wouldn't push her away.

“About last night,” he said.

“What about it?” Jurnee moved closer, placing her hand on his six pack stomach under the sheets. “You have some regrets about what we did?”

“Nah. But I don't want you to feel that I took advantage of you.”

“Please.” She rolled her eyes. “I was in my sober mind when I
you this pussy, and I'm in my sober mind now. What we did last night was natural, papi, and I enjoyed all of it.”

Trevon slid his hand down her back until he reached her bare ass. “Okay, it's all good then.”

Jurnee looked into his eyes, slowly inching her fingers down. When she discovered that he was fully erect, she smiled. “You're gonna spoil me with this.” She took him inside her hand and then leaned up to cup her swollen nipple to his mouth. Closing her eyes, she tossed her head back moaning his name while his tongue circled her nipple. Under the sheets, she squeezed his dick, pressing her body closer.

“I need to be inside you!” he groaned between her soft breasts. Jurnee released his erection, and then rolled over, parting her legs. Trevon shoved the sheets back, so he could view her body. She gazed up at him, rubbing her clit with two fingers. He took her legs and placed them up on his shoulders and slid in deep and slow.

“Damn, you got some good pussy!” he moaned, taking full length thrusts inside of her warm pussy.

“Shit . . . papi. Fuck me! Go faster . . . ahhh . . . I love your big dick!” she cried underneath him. “Do it! Fuck this pussy! Aaahhh, right there!”

Up and down he fed her soaked pussy with his manhood. The bed started to squeak from their weight and movements.

“You like it like this?” he asked, grinding between her legs.

“Yesss, papi! Ahhh. This dick is so fuckin' good!” she screamed, digging her nails into the back of his arms. Closing her eyes, she entered a state of pure euphoria. Trevon pounded hard and steady at a pace that had Jurnee fighting to catch her breath. He filled her thoroughly, causing her legs to tremble with each and every stroke. The wetness between her thighs became heavy, allowing Trevon to easily slide in and out. Churning her hips, she murmured his name continuously, matching the tempo of his thrusts.

“You love this pussy, papi!” She breathed as their bodies smacked together. Trevon changed the angle of his thrusts by leaning up and pressing her legs back near her ears. Groaning, he kept fucking her with no regrets.

“Turn over,” he said minutes later.

Jurnee rolled to her knees but kept her head on the pillow.

“Mmm. This ass looks so damn good!” he said, caressing her ass.

“Gimme that big dick, papi,” she purred, wriggling her hips and ass. Reaching back between her legs, she wrapped her hand around his dick and began to jack it. She felt his hands moving all over her ass, making her shudder with lust. Teasing him, she placed his tip against her syrupy pussy lips, and then moved it up and down its length. They both moaned.

“Make me cum. Please fuck me good and hard, papi.” She released her grip and then pushed herself back while biting her bottom lip.

Ecstasy stung her from her nipples to the center where Trevon was splitting her. She wiggled her ass as he fucked her. “Fuck! Papi, you feel so good in me! Yes . . . gonna cum all over your big dick!”

“Shit!” He smacked her jiggling ass. “Pop that pussy fo' me!”

Trevon had a firm grip on her hips, pounding in and out of her sweet pussy. He couldn't stop if he wanted to. No regrets.

“Aww fuck, aww fuck! Aww . . . shit, it's so good, papi!” She shuddered.

“You love dis dick?” he shouted, running his length inside her.

“Fuck yes!” she moaned. “Owww . . . yes! I feel it in my stomach!”

“Mmm. You got my dick so wet!” he moaned, staring at her ass.

Jurnee squeezed the pillow, drowning in pleasure as Trevon stirred her insides. Staying face down–ass up, she took the dick happily, climaxing eight minutes later. She was speechless when he pulled out of her. No words were needed to meet his needs. Turning over, she slid off the bed, pulling him with her. She went down to her knees, wrapping both hands around his love tool. She jacked him off slowly with a twist on her upward trip. When a drop of precum formed before her lips, she flattened her tongue against it and then wrapped her wet lips around it. Her eyes stayed open while she sucked his meat.

Trevon ran his hands through her hair as her lips slid back and forth across his rod. “Shit. Suck it, baby,” he groaned. “Mmmm. Work it good fo' me, baby.”

Jurnee went to work, slurping and sucking on his dick until spit started coming from the corners of her lips. She loved how his large manhood stretched her jaws. “Mmm, you taste so good papi,” she said, giving his balls a gentle squeeze. Showing it was true, she took him back inside her mouth, loving the taste of his precum. She sucked it hard while jacking him off. His tip popped in and out of her mouth with a loud wet snap. His head rolled when she gripped his ass and forced his rod to the back of her throat. She could feel his balls slapping her chin when she engulfed all of him.

Trevon closed his eyes, holding Jurnee's head with both hands while fucking her moist mouth. She hummed and moaned, giving him the best head in his life. Jurnee looked up at him when she felt his veins throbbing and growing thicker along the length that slid in and out of her mouth.

“Jurnee!” he moaned, curling his toes. His nut exploded in a sudden release, bursting inside Jurnee's mouth.

She took it all in, licking his dick clean after she slurped down every drop of his cream. Purring, she lifted his soft dick and suckled gently on his balls. When their eyes met, she twisted her tongue around his tip, smiling. “You ready for breakfast now, papi?” Sweat dripped down in between her titties.

Trevon nodded, and then helped her to her feet. Her body was too appealing to ignore. His hands slid down her back, coming to a stop to palm both of her succulent butt cheeks.

Trevon squeezed her ass, grinning. “You made a nigga feel real good.”

“So . . .” she said, tilting her head. “I too can say the same in return because I really enjoyed having you all up in me.”

“Too bad we couldn't film it,” he said, rubbing her thigh.

“Them days are ova for me, papi. The only porn star under this roof is you, and I'm one lucky bitch to have this dick on tap.” She smiled.

Trevon was grateful for Jurnee's company. She had forced LaToria from his mind and showed him that he still had a life to live.

Kissing her on her forehead, he left her alone, so they could take separate showers. They met in the kitchen, and Jurnee had indeed made his requested breakfast to replenish their bodies. At the table, it warmed her to see how Trevon couldn't take his eyes off her. She had her long hair piled up on her head with two stringy curls hanging on both sides of her face. Staying sexy was always an effortless task for Jurnee, who wore pink tight shorts and a matching V-neck tank top without a bra.

“So you think I rushed things with LaToria?” he asked, feeling natural to be at the table wearing nothing but his boxers. The easy flow of conversation with Jurnee seemed odd to Trevon.

“Sure. See, I think you needed to enjoy your freedom. Hell, I still do. To me, I just felt like you were moving too fast.”

“What about now?” he asked as she got up from the table with the empty plate.

“It's your second shot,” she replied over her shoulder. “Life is too short to stress, so fuck the bullshit and focus on today and tomorrow.”

Trevon followed her to the sink with his eyes. He was thinking about how things would change between him and Jurnee after sex. So far, she wasn't acting too clingy nor speaking of any emotions that she was feeling. On his part, it was all about sex. Fucking Jurnee had been a ride that he was willing to enjoy over and over. Looking at her from behind pushed his mind back toward sex. Sliding back from the table, he crossed the black tiled floor and moved up behind her, placing his hands on her succulent hips. Closing his eyes, he kissed her lightly on the back of her neck.

“You smell so good,” he said, telling her the truth.

“Thank you.” She smiled with her nipples stiffening under the top.

“You got anything planned for today?”

She shook her head, pushing her ass against him. “I wanna tell you something, papi.”

“What's up?” he said, sliding his hands down the front of her shorts.

“I”—she gasped—“wanted to be your first when you got out of prison. I wanted you so bad when I first saw you,” she finally admitted.

“You got me now.”

Jurnee leaned her head back, moaning softly as his fingers moved over her pounding clit. “Right there. Aaaahhh. Touch me, Trevon.”

“Take your top off for me. Can you do that?”

“You know I will, papi. I'll do anything for you.”

Trevon skated his fingers lightly across her clit, coating his fingertips with her wetness. When she removed the top, her heavy 36 DD's popped free. Sucking on the side of her neck, he continued to rub between her wet folds.

Jurnee bit her upper lip as her body responded to his touch. She could feel the hardness of his nature pressing against her ass. Knowing that he wanted her again had her floating. “Ahhh shit, papi . . . mmm that feels so good.” She grabbed her titties, mashing them together and pinching her nipples.

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