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Authors: Caelia Portier

Tags: #Romance, #New Adult & College, #Paranormal, #Romantic Comedy, #Fantasy, #Ghosts, #Werewolves & Shifters

One in a Billion Bear ~ Beck: Book 2 (4 page)

Penelope and I sipped coffee while we walked along a trail through the woods. She obviously felt relieved to be able to talk to me about Brady. When I said as much, she blushed slightly and I noticed for the first time this glow that emanated from her skin and eyes.

“Oh my god! Are you pregnant?” I practically shouted it in her face.

Penelope laughed graciously at me. “It’s true. Cubs are on the way.”

“Cubs? Wow…so, do they come out as like people or bears?”

“People. They don’t really have the ability to shift until puberty.”

“Yeesh. As if puberty wasn’t hard enough.”

“Tell me about it,” she said, affectionately stroking her stomach. There wasn’t a bump yet, but the gesture already looked natural to her.

“How does Brady feel about it?”

Just then I heard some loud crashing in the distance and we both looked up, startled. Two large grizzly bears ran over the side of a ridge. One caught up with the other and smacked a heavy paw across the other’s backside. They tumbled again in a mass of black fur, playfully smacking and biting and crushing each other under their tremendous weight. Penelope laughed. She sounded so happy.

“I think he feels good about it. Family is really important to him. That’s why he was so upset with Beck. They act all tough, but really, you know—” She smirked.

“Don’t say it,” I tried to sound threatening, but laughed instead.

“They’re teddy bears.” She could barely say it through her laughter.

One of the grizzly bears looked over at me and I felt pretty certain it was Beck. It was the eyes.

He was home.

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About Caelia Portier

Caelia Portier is an erotica and erotic romance author, and self-proclaimed tech geek. In her “regular” life, Caelia loves playing with her precious niece and nephew, spending time on the family farm, and herding her little flock of chickens. {Yes, they all have names!}

Caelia has a strong sense of justice. She believes in equality for ALL people, regardless of their gender or sexual preferences. Caelia believe everyone should be permitted to love who they want to love. She enjoys writing books that blur the line of sexual identity and preferences.

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