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Only for You

Only For You

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is the conclusion of Cole and Violet Rae's story,
but not the end of the Boys of the South Series!
True For You (Boys of the South ~ Book 3) will be
out in October, starring a whole new couple!


Loose ends left loose for too long
tend to strangle. Cole and Violet knew it wouldn’t be easy. They
knew their relationship would take work. But when the press finds
out about Violet Lynn’s newest boyfriend, they start digging. And
when his past come to light, exposing all of his family’s secrets,
their relationship begins to fray.

Country Music’s Golden Boy,
Jaxon Hunter, has it all, except the girl that got away. What she
saw, she really didn’t. What she thought happened, he allowed her
to believe for reasons so insane that no one would ever have
believed him if he had confessed. But now that everything’s out in
the open, he’s going to do his damndest to convince her that he’s
the only one for her.

Now Violet must choose
between Jaxon— her first love and the guy she thought had cheated
on her—and Cole—the g
uy who helped her
heal and love

Or will one of them make the
decision for her?


I hope you love Violet Rae and
Cole’s story as much as I do!




To my mother,
Gwen, who wouldn’t let me leave Cole and Rae just
laying in bed, all happy for now.

Give me a happily ever


And every good southern
listens to her momma!

To Matthew, because I
remember all the times we got your truck stuck in a ditch…or








It’s dark on stage. The
curtains are closed and the band is ready. Purple earpieces with
crystals embedded are secure, but I can hear hands clapping and
feet stomping in anticipation.

Everyone is waiting on

I take a deep breath. This
is the moment before the plunge.

The last time I played a
crowd this big, Jaxon Hunter was there to catch me, to encourage
me, and to make feel on top of the world. But that was before I
found out he’d cheated on me, before I found out I was pregnant,
and before I ruined my future.

Then came Cole Morgan, who
didn’t care what I’d done, what I could never do, and loved me for
me anyway.

Ready,” I whisper into my
mic. My stomach drops and my knees begin to shake.

The curtains part and
bright lights blind me. Muscle memory takes over, my mouth smiling,
fingers flying over the chords as I belt out the words. I play
through the first set and freeze.

Fans go wild, cheering for
me and chanting my name. I take a little bow and gesture in thanks
to my band.

Out of habit I glance to
the side, but no one’s there.

Instead of crying, I smile
wider. Instead of falling to my knees, I dance around on stage
while launching into my next set. Instead of living with love, I’m
learning to live on my own.

Without love.

Cole left me months ago,
claiming I was a stuck-up princess who paraded her charity case of
a boyfriend around when it was convenient for her


That’s how many more weeks
I have to practice Cole’s song and pray to God he changes his mind
when I finally sing it on stage… Come the third week of April, I’ll
be leaving for a world tour, and won’t be back until next

A lot can happen from
spring to fall. Cole could meet someone new, someone who’s from his

Someone not like

Chapter One






Six Months


The worst part about
lying—knowing you can never take the words back, no matter how many
times you apologize. In the grand scheme of things, you’re a lying
son of a bitch, and you’ll always be one.

Or maybe I’m

I run a hand over Rae’s
head, her pink-tipped hair silky soft. I groan. Her lips are on my
skin, teasing. “Please?” she asks, the tip of her tongue edging
closer to my cock.


But you said yes

I give her a cocky grin. “I
wanted to get in your pants.”

Did you?” She licks me
and I shudder, trying like hell to speak clearly. “Yep.”
Matter-of-factly. “N-
.” Another lick straight down
the hard length of me.

—” She takes the head into her hot mouth, and then rakes her
teeth down the length of me. “

My body shakes as my hips
shoot up and off the bed. Rae’s killing me with her mouth and
devastating me with her tongue. She’s using that talent of hers
against me, trying to get me to see things her way. I can barely
smile, because I’m too turned on at the thought.

But on the inside, I’m
grinning like a smug bastard.

The head of my dick hits
the back of her throat and I lose it, my fingers tightening in her
hair as I pull her away, her hand replacing that sweet mouth of
hers. I sort of growl and groan her name as I come. A minute later,
I’m boneless and she’s crawling up me, pressing kisses along the
way, a Cheshire smile on her face.

You think you won, huh?”
I haul her up to me and wrap my arms around her slender body. Her
perfect tits press against my chest, hard little nipples reminding
me that she needs satisfying too.

She kisses me softly on the
mouth. “You said yes.”

To what you were doing,
not what you wanted,” I point out.

Confidence, sexy as hell,
gleams in her eyes as she wraps her small hand around my dick. “I
wanted both—this in my mouth and a yes from yours.”

These are the times I can
do no more than stare at her, because my thoughts have all piled up
in my head, like a traffic jam on I-85. Only thing I can make out
is a flashing sign that says, “Hot Woman ahead. Will turn your
brain to mush for the next million miles.”

So, this weekend, I get
to sing whatever I want?”

For her, I’d do anything.
I’d let her play country music in my bar, I’d not get too jealous
over the fact that she used to date the son of my sperm donor…
Hell, I’m willing to overlook the fact that the two of us really
shouldn’t be together.

In any other world, in any
other circumstance, a girl like Violet Rae Givens, aka country
music princess Violet Givens, would have never looked twice at Cole
Morgan. Well, maybe she would have looked twice, but nothing would
have come of it.

We sure as hell wouldn’t
be in my bed,
, after being apart for mere hours. After I’d opened my mouth
and let enormous insecurities take over, let her dad sway my
opinion… let him convince me that I owed it to Rae to leave

Only Rae hadn’t allowed me
to think that, not for long anyhow. She had walked up to me, bold
as hell, and basically called my bluff.

Have it your way,
darlin’,” I murmur. “Now it’s time for me to return the

She gasps and moans my name
as I spread her thigh, entering her with a swift thrust. I’m losing
myself inside of her.

Her fingers lace with mine
and squeeze. Sex turns to making love, to sweet words and promises
of forever.

Always, she pulls me back
where I belong.




My leg won’t stop

It’s Saturday night, the
night that Rae will be singing for all of Forrestville (and then
some) to help me save The Double Deuce.

The bar is all I have to
support my brother, our baby sister, and myself.

Honestly, I’m not nervous
about the bar or Rae singing. I’m nervous about the press that’s
shown up tonight, and the very real possibility that my dad and his
son might show up, despite Rae’s second phone call to

Normally, I wouldn’t
recommend drinking in this situation, but tonight…” Beau Montgomery
lets his words trail away and hands me a drink, then runs a hand
through his blond hair.

I take the drink, muttering
thanks, and gulp it down. The whiskey burns, just like it should,
on the way down.

Beau smiles, silver lip
ring flashing. “How about another one?”

Hell no.” I wipe the back
of my hand over my mouth. “You know how I get when I’m

My buddy nods. “It’s the
only time I get some real love from you, Cole.”

I roll my eyes. “Bring a
date tonight?”

Nah,” he says, searching
the room. “I have to head out of here in a few, though.”

Woman waiting for you at
your place?” Always, this guy has a woman or two… or three with
him. I don’t know how he does it. Lately, I’ve been noticing that
the women have been fewer and fewer. Like tonight for

Something like

I check the cash in the
till, break up a roll of pennies, and then turn my attention back
to Beau. “Any pointers on dating a celebrity?”

You’re such a lying
asshole,” Beau says, but the smile’s still there, so I know he’s
only joking.

Gotta protect my girl.” I
mean it. I’d do anything for Rae. Tonight proves it.

Yeah, that’s mighty grown
up of you.” Beau’s smile gives way to a serious expression. “Look,
once the press gets your name, it’s not going to be easy. They will
rip you open, take out your guts, and search through them to see
what they can find.”

I shake off his words with
a shrug. “Everybody knows everything about me in

A hardness gleams in his
grey eyes. “Forrestville, North Carolina is one thing, but how
about the entire country speculating on you, your family… your
mother, brother, and sister? The press tends to make it… difficult
on a relationship, with their penchant for headlines that

Rae had warned me about the
press. Her advice—don’t be a hardass, but make them respect your
privacy. Say hello, pose for a picture, and then get out of there.
“I got this.”

Beau’s mouth opens and
closes before he holds his hands up, palms facing out. “Don’t say I
didn’t warn you.” He ticks up his chin in goodbye, then heads out
the door, my brother smacking Beau in the shoulder along the

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