Owned by the Dom: Part Two (The Owners) (10 page)

“I’ll be back nearer the time to do your makeup.”

Cindy left her alone. Sitting in the chair, Prudence pulled her knees tightly against her chest and stared ahead of her. She couldn’t believe this is where her life had taken her. At twenty-five years old she’d found love and was now about to be sold as a sex slave. When they left her alone like this Prue allowed herself to break down. Tears poured down her cheeks onto the sheer gown she wore. She felt the droplets soak into her skin, but they offered no reprieve. Every part of her hurt; her head, heart, and body were in constant pain. She was starting to lose focus of who she was. The bruises on her face were slowly fading, but anyone who looked at her tonight would see the damage of the last few days.

The door opened and then closed. She saw Daren staring at her. Her energy was
so zapped that she remained seated in her chair. He took the seat opposite her. The tears kept falling even though she tried to force them away.

“Why are you here?” she asked after some time had passed.

“I came to see that you were fine.”

Prue burst out laughing. She wiped her eyes and stood. The laughter took her by surprise. She cradled her stomach as she tried to contain her giggles. “You came to see if I was fine?”

Daren stood. His height and presence stopped her laughter.

“Why the fuck should you care? You were the one who brought me here in the first place. It was all your fault for me fucking being here.” She charged at him slamming her fists against his chest.

For the first few blows Daren let her hit him. None of it made any sense to her anymore.

He caught her fists and held them by her side. “Now that you’ve got your energy out of the way.” Daren pricked her skin with a needle.

It was a trap. Daren
coming to see if she was all right was a trap.

“This will knock her out for long enough. Make her face presentable. I need to carry her down to the car. Her selling price needs to be improved for where she’s going,” Daren said. He caught her in his arms.

The room started to spin as he carried her to the bed. He held her steady as Cindy came into view. “I’m sorry.”

Her body felt heavy. She didn’t know how she’d be able to hold herself up.

“You’re going to need to give her less if she’s going to be able to move on her own,” Cindy said.

“Don’t talk to me, bitch. Do your fucking job and make her pretty.”

James, I want James.

She saw his handsome face as she closed her eyes. This was a nightmare that she’d wake up from, she was certain of it.


I can’t believe I fell for Daren’s trap.

Stare in the mirror and repeat your words.

I’m Prudence Star. I’m twenty-five years old … James …help me.


James hated flying as being in the air made him vulnerable. Lucas stayed by his side during the whole flight. His nerves were getting the better of him as he thought about Prudence constantly. By the time they made it onto
the ground, James had been thankful. Nothing was worse than being at the mercy of his fear. It was Friday, and the auction was apparently scheduled for that night. Lucas was in touch with Sean, and both men were trying to figure out the best place where Prudence would be. James now stood in London, admiring and hating the place.

He’d never wanted to visit
London, and at that moment, it was the worst place in the world.

Lucas was on the cell phone as James looked at his

“What? What do you mean?” Lucas asked, staring at him.

“What’s the matter?”

“Josiah and Hubert are nowhere to be seen. Sean, you’re breaking up. What do you mean?” Lucas smacked his phone placing the device against his ear. “Shit, Sean’s gone. He thinks the Feds are here.”

“You’ve been here before, Lucas. Where is the best place Henry would keep his women for sale?” The words were bitter on his tongue. James hated speaking them. Prudence was not some slave to be bought and traded like meat. She was his woman, and when he got her back, he was never letting her out of his sight.  

His cell phone rang
, and James saw it was a direct line to Dane. James picked it up waiting for the other man to answer.

“I know where they’ll be.”

James listened to the directions that Dane gave him. The location was in a very remote part of London where not a lot of police or people were milling around. When the call ended he told Lucas the location and then moved toward the area.

“We’re going to need to stop off and get some clothes,” Lucas said.


“I think the best chance of us getting in is by looking the part.” Lucas moved around the city centre and then walked into one of the most expensive branded shops. Immediately, several women approached them in order to fill their needs.

When they were alone again James took the opportunity to speak with Lucas. “You’re going to have to be the one who is the boss. I’ll be your second-in-command.”

Lucas looked at him as if he’d gone mad.

“You’ve got the hardened look. They’ll take one look at me and laugh,” James said. He’d thought a great deal about how best to get inside. They couldn’t raise any suspicion, and the only way to achieve that would be to go in as if they were one of the men hoping to buy. His hands fisted at his sides. The thought of men getting hard over Prudence made his blood boil.

She was his woman
, and no matter what happened, he was going to stay by her. They were handed several suits to try on.

Together they moved toward the dressing room. James didn’t look at his reflection. He didn’t ever want to remember how he looked when faced with losing Prudence.

Lucas stood waiting for him outside. He looked like a well-respected criminal.

James shook his hand then bowed his head. The other man squeezed his fist.

“What’s the matter?” James asked.

“I’m not going to lie to you, James. We’ve got a chance of getting Prudence back
, but there is also a risk that we all could end up dead. I need you to understand the risks posed to us with this mission.”

“I love her, Lucas. She means everything to me. I can’t sit back knowing I could have done something. If I die tonight then I died fighting for the woman I love.”
James shook the man’s hand, and they went to pay for the suits.

After organising a car they sat and waited for the right moment. They couldn’t go rushing all guns blazing. James drove to the area he’d found on the map. The hotel in question looked very fancy but also well-guarded.

“I guess going in undercover is better than not going in at all,” Lucas said.

James tapped his hands on the steering wheel. “Do you think she’s in there?”

Lucas let out a sigh. “I don’t know. They may have transported them early or be waiting until the last minute. Human trafficking is high risk. I doubt they’d risk getting caught this late in the game.”

“What made you go after Dominic and Henry?” James asked. He’d never been interested in learning more about the men who’d entered their
clubs unexpectedly bringing all chaos and destruction with it.

I served my country when I was younger. I put meals on the table, and I kept my family warm. When I came back I discovered something had occurred between Sean and Isabella, and she was gone. No matter what I tried to do I couldn’t find her, but I’d heard of Dominic taking her.”

“What was between Sean and Isabella?” James asked.

“That is not my story to tell. Something went down, and I’m not angry about it. I was, and I guess if he hurts her a second time then I’m killing him, but you want those answers, you go to them.”

James nodded.

“Anyway, I was looking for Dominic, and I was recruited with some bounty hunters to go and find them. Some of the men I work for are ex-servicemen, and they know a lot about the world. That’s where I met you guys when Cadeon’s girl was taken.”

remembered meeting Lucas and being impressed by him. Lucas was a possessive man, but he didn’t possess the wealth that his and Stephen’s club needed in order to make them members. Lucas worked for him and Stephen, and he didn’t have to pay for an application.

“The one thing I hate is women being taken advantage of. Maybe it’s because I saw my father hurting my mother or just who I am. Women should be loved and cherished. They’re amazing to be with. They give us so much
, and in return we should be the ones to beg them for everything.” Lucas stopped and shook his head. “Sorry, man. I’m starting to sound like a pussy.”

“No, you’re sounding like a man who knows how to respect your woman. Whoever gets you, Lucas, will be one lucky woman. You’re a good man and great Dom. I’ve seen the way you are in Ravage.”

“Thanks, boss.”

Chapter Ten


The auction


The drugs Daren had given her were starting to wear off. Her body felt heavy
, and her stomach kept turning as if she was about to be sick.

I wish I was feeling sick
from eating too much chocolate.

She moaned as she rolled onto her side. There were several other women in the room. They all looked like her. Her stomach turned as she sat up. Each woman was sniff
ling, but none of them out right crying. She stood to her feet and then slumped to the ground. Her feet no longer felt like her own.

“What’s … going … on?” Her mouth felt dry. Licking her lips, Prue felt confused.

“So, you’re awake?” Daren asked, coming into her line of sight. She tried to cover herself away from his vision.

Please, let it be all a dream. A horrid but forget
table dream.

“What … have … you … done…” She was too ti
red to keep talking. Her lips hurt, and her head ached as if she’d been punched in the head recently.

For the past few days you’ve been nothing but hit in the face.

“It is just a drug to make you relax, babe. When you’re put on the platform the drug stops you from going hysterical. No man wants to buy a girl that cries or screams.”

There was so much she wanted to say. Instead, she glanced past his shoulder to see C
indy standing with her hands bound in front of her. Prue didn’t have the energy to ask a question.

“She’s been naughty
, and Henry thinks it’s time for a newer model. She’s going up for sale right after you.” Daren moved away as Prue crumbled on the floor. She watched as he left the room. Cindy sat beside her. Tears streamed out of her eyes, but there was no lasting show of fear on the other woman.

“I displeased Henry because I tried to make him hold on to you. I know your man is coming for you. I’m so sorry, Prue.”

“Will … these … drugs …”

“They’ll wear off enough for you to stand
, but you’ll be confused. You won’t argue or fight. Soon they’ll be out of your system.”

“James … is … coming … for … me.” She touched a hand to her
bare neck. Daren had worn James’s chain around his neck. She wanted her cross back. The token James had once given her meant the world to her.

indy placed Prue’s head in her lap. The little comfort offered her Prue now grasped with relish.

“Thank you,” she said, amazed that she didn’t need to pause between each word.

“You’re welcome. I never asked for this, and I’m sorry I couldn’t help you.”

Prue closed her eyes as C
indy began to stroke the length of hair. When she got out of this mess she was going to cut her hair then wait for the length to grow out, before dyeing it back to her black and red.

The minutes passed
, and the effects of the drugs were starting to wear off.

“How are you feeling?” C
indy asked.


The woman above her looked over at the window. “It’s time. They’ll be coming for us soon.”

Before Prudence got chance to say anything, the
sound of footsteps could be heard outside. Three men walked into the room and grabbed a girl. None of them fought as they were transported out of the room. The lock and chain sounded in place.

“This is it.”

Prudence sat in the room watching as the girls dwindled down leaving just her and Cindy.

Her heart pounded inside her chest. The drugs only made her body feel sluggish.

“They’re coming for us,” Prue said.


“I can’t believe this. James will come for me. I’m sure of it.”

“He doesn’t even know where you are,” C
indy said.

Sitting away from the girl, Prue covered as much of her body as possible to stare at the girl before her.

“James is a powerful man. He loves me, and he’ll come.”

indy chuckled. “Henry is a powerful man. People don’t stand against him. His father before him was untouchable, and so is he. He taunts me with his power daily. He’s got police and wealthy people in his pocket.”

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