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Authors: Xyla Turner

Power of the Pen (9 page)

“Well, maybe you are late.” I flirted back with him.

“God, I hope not.” He smiled.

After another hour of Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome talking, I was definitely tipsy. I had not been out in two weeks; I was pissed at my friends and did not even want to think about Zach. So, I planned to enjoy this moment thoroughly. His name was Kenneth, and he was a technology consultant who was temporarily in the area for a special project. I did not explain too much because he really did not need to know. Also, I was trying to get laid, not be laid up with the man. His hands were big, his feet were big, and I’m sure he would be big all over. Secretly, I was hoping he would cook breakfast, spank my ass and make me cum all over his dick. I planned to find out.

“You ready to go?” he asked knowingly.

“I’d n-never thought you asked.” I stumbled on my words a little.

Not only did I stumble on my words, I stumbled a little, causing him to pull me closer to him. He was definitely big all over! My neck twisted to look up at him and gave him a knowing smile. He whispered, “I got something that will make you crawl.”

There was like a wet blanket that fell on me, my buzz and my horny thoughts when he said crawl. Jerking my arm for him, I snapped a little too loudly, “I don’t crawl for no one.”

He blinked and said, “I-I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Yes, you d-did.” I accused. “What the fuck is wrong with you men, needing control, needing to degrade women?”

My voice was elevated, as I had probably drank too much. Kenneth took a step towards me, but I bumped into someone, who wrapped their arms around my waist. “What the fuck, get off of me,” I yelled.

Charlie put down his rag, “Lauren, are you alright?”

“I’ve got her,” a familiar deep voice said.

Slowly turning around, I could smell his cologne. It was Zach. Charlie nodded at him and turned away.

“Sergeant, she’s with me.” Kenneth pleaded.

“No soldier, she’s mine,” Zach responded.

“But -” Ken started.

“You are dismissed,” Zach commanded, causing Kenneth to come to attention and salute him before he burst out of the lounge.

The last few statements became clearer to me and I said, “What the fuck are you doing? I was going home with him tonight.”

“The fuck you weren’t.” He murmured in my ears.

“No, you can’t do this.” I pulled away from him. “I haven’t seen or heard from you in two fucking weeks.”

“Stop,” Zach said, slowly walked towards me.

“You stop,” I was yelling again.

Zach made one big step, ducked and I was upside down again. He was carrying me over his shoulder once again.

“Charlie,” I yelled. “Call the police! I’m being kidnaped and his name is Zach.”

Charlie waved to me, “See ya later Princess.”

“Charlie,” I yelled. “Charlie.”

My ass got slapped, hard.

“Ouch,” I yelped as we left the lounge.

The man just carried me outside of a crowded bar and nobody felt the need to intervene. The one man I wanted to go home with, saw him, called him a Sergeant and obeyed him.

“Everybody just does what you say, huh?” I pounded on his ass with my fist. “You are just the alpha male, and we are your minions.”

“You probably have your women crawling around on all fours just to suck your dick.” I kept ranting away.

He slapped my ass again and God did it feel good. My pussy pulsed.

“I don’t give one fuck if you spank my ass or make me come on your big dick or cook me breakfast.” I kept pounding on him. “I’ll find another man to do that. I was planning to get laid and I would have rocked his world. You asshole.”

He slapped my ass harder, but this time I moaned out loud.

“You are a piece of shit,” I muttered, losing my outrage and becoming hornier.

When he came to a stop, I realized we were in the back of the parking lot at the back of his pickup. He gently sat me down on the edge of the truck bed, opened my legs, so his body could fit between them.

“What the fuck was that?” he looked livid.

“Fuck you,” I pushed and tried to get up.

He did not even budge. “You want someone to slap your ass, you call me. You want someone to cook you breakfast, call me. You want to come on a dick, you fucking call me.” He was in my face. 

“No, you forfeited those rights.”

“Now I’m reactivating them.”

“Fuck outta here,” I tried to push again. “You don’t reactivate when you feel like it. Oh, wait. You do. You got bitches sucking your dick outside, and then you dismiss them like they are nothing. Then you hound me, come to my place, fuck the shit out of me, and then dismiss me too. Fuck you, Zach.”

He would not move, so I started swinging on him, landing one blow across his face. “Moooovvvvve,” I screamed.

This must have done it for him because he picked me up, turned me around so my back was in his chest and persisted to squeeze the life out of me. So it felt.

“Stop. Calm down, love.” He commanded.

“No, let me go. I don’t want anything to do with you.” I was outraged.

“Okay, calm down first.” His mouth was touching my right ear.

His hard body pressed against me was causing me to be fuzzy in the head. I was so mad, but so horny as well. Only he could fix it, but I absolutely refused to let him touch me like that again. He made his point and I needed to make mine, if only I could get him off of me.

“I’m calm,” I stopped struggling. “Now get the fuck off of me.”

“Love,” he started.

“Don’t fucking start with nicknames now.”

He loosened his hold, sighed and let me go. Jerking away from him, I started walking towards the lounge again, but he grabbed my arm and said, “No, you are going home.”

“I’m not going anywhere with you,” I snapped.

“Oh, yes you are. You are not fucking driving and nobody in there is taking you home.” He grounded out.

“Charlie will make sure I get home just fine.”

Zach was red with anger. “No he fucking won’t.” He pulled me towards his truck, but I started hitting him on the arm.

“Let me go.”

“Lauren, you are fucking drunk,” He yelled. “I’m taking you home and that’s it.”

“I can take care of myself.” I retorted. “I do not need you.”

At that, he put me against the front of his car and pressed into my body. “Is that so love? Huh? Is that true?”

He shook his head, leaned away from me, but kept his hands on both sides of me, pinning me to the car. It was cold, so he must have been there for a while.

Zach sighed.

“You have been running through my fucking mind non-stop for two goddamn weeks.” He looked at me with sadness in his eyes. “I come here to find you and you are with one of my soldiers.” He said, slamming the hood of the car with his hand. “I was ready to let you go, ready to rid myself of you, but you are everywhere. In my mind, your scent on my pillow, and under my skin. Now you are here, trying to run into the arms of another man, my soldier because you are in the same shit I’m in. Trying to escape this pull, but you can’t. So I can’t let you go.” His grip tightened. “Won’t let you go.”

He shook his head again and said, “I just want to make sure you get home safe. I will drop you off and that is it.”

“Fine,” I said while sticking my chin out and looking away from him.

“Fine,” he breathed.


Chapter 7



Seeing her with Ken erupted a rage within me that I had not felt in a long time. It’s been a long time since I was unsure of what I may or may not do. The emotion almost paralyzed me, until I realized she was trying to get away from him. I came to rescue him, but when I saw that possessiveness in his eyes, I realized he must have seen the same look in my eyes. What the fuck was I thinking? I could not let her go; could not let her go with another man. I just couldn’t.

For the past two weeks, I spent every day trying to get her out of my head. Spending more time on the job than writing because my writing reminded me of her. She was MzJames. My fucking arch enemy! For the past five years, she was the thorn in my side and here it was, the very one under my skin. The irony. I wanted to tell her, but she was so angry at zhays, that I thought it best to defend him rather than claim him. This technique did not work either because she got even madder at me. Her words hurt more than I knew I could feel, when she said, ‘it was best that I leave.’


Jeffrey had called a few days after our incident saying that he could not really find out who MzJames was, but he narrowed her down to the Maryland area. I let him know that I found her, so he could call the dogs off. The man could be relentless if necessary. This was good for me because my privacy is necessary. However, he could also be ruthless. The woman wanted her anonymity and so did I for my work. I would ensure that she kept it for her purposes.

The car ride was quick and we didn’t speak a word. When I pulled up to her house, she barely waited until I stopped, before she hopped out and walked to her door. The only reason I caught up with her is because she had on high heels, which slowed her down, and because she could not get the key in the door. Taking the keys from her, I opened the door. She snatched the keys from me and tried to slam the door in my face. The way I was feeling, I was not having that, so I put my foot in the door to stop her.

“What are you doing?” She huffed. “You said you would drop me off and that was it.”

“Lauren, don’t you think we should talk?”

“Fuck no!” She exclaimed. “What is there to talk about? We fucked twice and that was it.”

“Listen,” I pushed the door opened some more, so I could fit through. “I just want to talk.”

“No, Zach,” she folded her arms under her chest, causing the girls to be on display. “You just want to fuck and that’s not happening.”

“Love, you don’t fool me. You want to fuck too, but I think we should have a conversation.”

“Fuck outta here,” She staggered a bit. “I’ll get some tonight, regardless of you.”


Over my dead body.

I pushed my way into the house, moving her back to close the door. When I turned to lock it, she jumped on my back with her arms around my neck, shielding my eyes, screaming, “No, Zach, I don’t want you. Leave now. Leeeaavvveee. You fucking bastard.”

Taking her arms from around my eyes, I holstered her up higher on my back so she could wrap her legs around my waist, and then I carried her to the bedroom. I tried to get her off of me, but she was holding my neck like she was attempting to choke me or stop the flow by closing my windpipe. She was skilled, so I dropped my body on the bed, loosening her grip on my neck and turned over quickly, pinning her down.

She was breathing heavily, but lust was all in her eyes.

“Leave,” she said simply, staring at me.

“I would if you even remotely meant that,” I answered.

“Well then, shut up and fuck me.”

“You’re trying to make this about sex.” I sighed. “Fine, you want sex. You get it from me, you got it.”

“Don’t tell me where to get sex.” She countered.

“I will spank that luscious ass of yours if you don’t stop baiting me. I told you, from me only.” I grabbed her wrist and put them above her head.

“What are you waiting for, then?” she smirked.

My right hand circled around her extended neck. She wanted it! Sliding my hand down, I lifted my body up a little, so I could rip that flimsy shirt in half. Her wrists, held by my left hand, were still above her head, so I used my right hand to tear off her bra and bite on her brown nipples that were puckered for me. She moaned low and long. Cupping her breast, I nipped my way up to her neck, where I sucked on every inch of it, leaving small bruises. I was fucking marking my territory like an animal. I did not give one fuck. I planned to leave them all over her body.

She continued to moan as I ravished her body with my lips, teeth and pressing my hard cock into her center. For the past two weeks, I couldn’t get her out of my mind.  She was crazy to think I’d let her go now.

“Zaaacchh,” She moaned.


“Stop playing and do it already.”

“We need to talk.” I said, before I let her arms go and twirled my tongue around her soft belly button. 

It was pierced with a dangling crown jewel. This was not there before and it was not a new piercing.

“Fuck talking.” She tried to raise her upper body up, but I kept her down.

Come on,” she whined.

“Shhh,” I peeped my head up for a second.

Adjusting her belt, I tried to drag her pants down, but the zipper was stuck.

“Don’t rip my favorite jeans,” she scolded.

I looked up, grabbed onto both sides of her jeans and did exactly what she told me not to do: Ripped them. She yelped and tackled me on the bed. Her feistiness was such a turn-on. I let her pin my arms to the bed and lay there while she straddled me.

“Didn’t I just say, d-don’t rip my jeans.” She shook her head. “They were my favorite pair.”

“I’ll buy you ten more pairs.”

“I don’t need you to buy me ten more pairs, I liked that pair.” She breathed. “What are we doing? I do not like you. You just left.”

Her grip loosened, so I took control because this was about to go south. “I’m here now.” I cupped her chin. “Look at me,” I commanded. “Love, I’m here now.”

My lips caressed her nose, her lips, and then I nipped her chin. Quickly turning the tables around, I hovered over her then pulled her ripped jeans and panties off her body. 

“Spread for me, Love.” I whispered to her neatly trimmed, wet pussy.

Immediately latching on to her little nub, she put her hands in my hair to guide my movements. Sucking harder on her clit caused her to scream and tighten her grip on my hair. I moved her hands so I could pin them down on the bed as I kissed my way back up to her. Kneeling over her, I took my shirt off and unbuckled my pants.  Her hands were loose, so she grabbed at my briefs, roughly pulling them down. I’d need to tie her hands down.

Grabbing her by her wrist, I placed her hands back on the bed. “I’m going to tie you down.”

She writhed under me, “I’d rather you fuck me.”

“I will, but I’d rather see you tied up like a present for me as I fuck you.”

With lust filled eyes, she stopped moving and licked her lips.

“You like that, Love?” I asked.

She groaned and I knew she did not want to admit it, but that she would go along if I attempted. Such a prude and a vixen wrapped in one. Tank always said that’s what you want - the librarian and the stripper. She was proving to be both, but how do I address the dilemma of zhays? Which of her personalities ruled her?

“Zaacchhh,” she moaned. “Come on!”

I entered her in that moment, causing her to gasp. When she finally released the air from her lungs, her eyes were half-masked and her cheeks were rosy. Even with her russet skin tone, when she was embarrassed or aroused, her cheeks would turn a pink hue, just like her ass after I spanked her.

When she adjusted to my size, I started to move in and out of her. “Wrap your arms around my neck and hold on.”

She locked her fingers around my neck and looked up at me with complete submission. She was giving me her trust. I was not sure what was going on, but it felt so surreal. I was deep in her hot channel, elbows near her head, our nose inches from each other, but that look just floored me.

“What’s the matter, Zach?” she purred.

Pulling me down, she kissed me softly. Caressing each of my lips with her own. At first I let her do her thing, I was still reeling from the look she gave me, but more importantly, the tightening feeling around my chest. Her tongue entered my mouth, causing me to come back to the present. I took over the kiss, nibbling on her lips, entering her mouth with my tongue as she started to do what I loved; sucked on it, like it was a piece of taffy.  She moaned, which caused me to start moving within her again.

“Love,” I moaned in her mouth.

She bit my bottom lip and moaned. I slammed down on her mouth again, only this time the kiss was harder.  My hips started to rock deeper between her legs. She let go of my lip and growled through her teeth. Latching on to her ear, I nibbled until she pulled my hair when I hit her spot.

“Yeess, right there.” She screamed. “Right thereee.”

Groaning in her ear, I grabbed her hair and slammed my way home.

“Fuck,” she screamed. “I’m about to cum.”

Immediately, I stopped moving and pulled her up with me as I pushed us to the closet door.

“What are you doing?” she exclaimed.

“You trust me?” I asked, with only her staring at me.

“You trust me,” I answered for her, then pulled her, so she was facing the mirror.

“Legs spread, left palm on the mirror, and the right touching yourself.”

Using my foot to spread her legs wider so I could access my prize, I slid into her from the back, causing her to gasp as she extended her ass out to me. I slapped it as I started to stroke inside of her.

“Look at me while I fuck you,” I grinded through my teeth. “

Turning our bodies so she could see me in the mirror as I was fucking her from behind must have sent her over the edge. She stopped rubbing her clit and held on to the door while I sped up my thrust.

“Yeeesss,” she screamed. “
Take it

Oh God

I pulled her up so her back was in my chest and my hand cupping her big, luscious breast.

“Mine, you hear me?” I growled in her ear. “
Fucking mine

“Fuuucck,” she moaned again, right before she started jerking. “I’m coming.”

“Say it,” I bit her ear, “Say it’s mine.”

“Ahhh,” she kept jerking as I squeezed her nipples to add to the sensation.

“It’s yours.”

Two more hard thrusts and I came in her tight, sweet pussy. We both almost collapsed when I pulled out, but I was able to guide her back to the bed.

“Oh my God,” Lauren’s voice was shaking.

“What?” I asked.

“You are fucking incredible.” Her words slurred, she was fading.

Laughing at her candor, I pulled her close to me so she was in my arms.

“I love your laugh,” her voice low. “You don’t laugh enoughhhh.”

“Only with you,” I mumble in her soft afro.

Kissing her on the neck where I saw my bruises, I realized I couldn’t pull her any closer without smothering her to death. Remembering to keep that in check from last time, I loosened my grip on her, but nestled into her neck. Closing my eyes, I realized that I wanted to be here like this with her for more than tonight.

What in the fuck was happening to me

I swear she must have cast a spell because I was thinking about what to fix for her in the morning or if I should take her to breakfast.

Fuck it. If Tank were here, he’d kick my ass for not taking this to the next level. He’d also give me shit for claiming a woman. He would not be surprised that she was black, as he always said I’d end up with a black woman, though I dated all types of women. I only wanted to keep this woman. She was mine.



What the fuck was that

Quickly turning over, I realized that Lauren was not in bed. The lights were off, but the door to the bedroom was ajar. She must be in the kitchen or restroom. Feet were moving, but I could not tell if it was one pair or more. My gun was in my truck, and I figured I would have to use hand-to-hand combat, in case she was in danger. Sliding against the walls, I saw the light was on in the bathroom.

“Lauren?” I called.

“Uh, yeah. I’m okay. Sorry.”

“What’s going on, open up?” I stood outside the door.

“Uh, give me a second,” she replied.

“Lauren, now.”

The door knob wasn’t locked, so I turned it and went inside. She was sitting on the side of the porcelain tub with her head in her hands.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

Tears were in her eyes. “We did not use protection.”

I ran my hands through my hair, “Last time you were on birth control! Do you have something?”

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