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Authors: Viola Grace

Tags: #Romance, #Science Fiction, #Space Opera

Psyched Out

Wim can bend others into tools for her purposes and only an Avatar and a Yaluthu can bring her back into a semblance of sanity.



Wimsah was in a coma before the rising of Resicor, and her mind was wide open when the planet’s consciousness burst out. Her already wild talent grew to absurd proportions and a coma was the only safe place for her.

Benliar, Avatar of Roden, was asked if he would take on responsibility for Wimsah and her open mind. With her power, only the mind of a world could contain it, and he volunteered.

Spot has known that Wimsah needed him since she first landed on his world. He has watched her mental landscape, and she is in definite need of fuzz therapy. He is just the fuzz to oblige.


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Psyched Out

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Psyched Out

Tales of the Citadel Book 38






Viola Grace


Chapter One



Trala looked down at the woman under heavy sedation. “Are you sure we can’t wake her?”

Veera shook her head. “Not if her records are accurate. We need a special talent to act as companion and interface. That will take some research. This isn’t something we can rush. You know what she could do if she was left open.”

Trala stroked the silvery hair. “She was a good friend when we were young. She knew all along and didn’t tell a soul.”

“Wimsah Cavinagh is in good hands. We will keep her body strong until we can find a match for her mind, Trala.”

“She was doing fine before.” Trala whispered it and stroked her friend’s hair again, feeling the vast openness of her mind.

“And then Resicor rose, and she was lying here with her mind wide open. When Resicor entered you, you were prepared for it and the planet took care. She is unlimited power and she is wide open. If we try to stem that with someone who can’t take the load, she will blow them to hell and back.”

“Is she like you were?”

“No. I am just a telepath. She puts power into folks and shapes it. That is why it is urgent we find a partner for her. She needs a cork or a funnel who can channel what she puts out.”

“So, she is the light and her partner will be the focus.”

Veera brightened, “Exactly. We just have to contact all the Citadel outposts and the Imperium. We will look for the best possible match and hopefully wake her as soon as we are able.”

Trala swallowed and she felt Resicor quiet behind her eyes. “Will you call me when she wakes up?”

“She will contact you the moment she stabilizes.”

“I want to keep her here.”

“That is not wise. The population here is well within her scope. She would reach for them on instinct and pour power into them. The results are not predictable and would probably not be pleasant. For their protection and yours, we will take her to Balen and put her in a safe environment, waking her in a controlled manner with messages from you to keep her calm while she wakes.”

Trala pulled her hand away from Wimsah’s head. “You will be careful with her?”

“And with all of your people that have been judged to be suitable for Balen. We will keep you apprised of how they are all doing.” Veera smiled and inclined her head. “Trala-Resicor, they will be safe with us.”

Trala pulled out a necklace and she fastened it around Wim’s neck. The tiny glowing stone was bright against her dull skin.

“Goodbye, cuz. You are in good hands.”

Trala watched them stow the capsule that contained her and Noma’s childhood friend. She was on her own now. Her last great friend from the past was being taken off world. Wim needed help that Trala couldn’t offer. Even the power of the planet couldn’t undo what had been done.

Too much energy had run through Wim’s mind in her position as a Holder of Resicor, and it had locked her talent in the open position while revving it to full power. If she woke and lashed out in any way, she would overpower any living mind around her while temporarily gifting them with whatever psychic power she chose. If she was waking from a month-long coma, she would be disoriented and that made her very dangerous.

Trala returned to where Envix was leading a planning session. He had been involved with the first Citadel, and he knew how to get things working. They would be up and running with their own facility in no time, but Balen could offer Wim a chance that Trala could not. Balen was still relatively unpopulated, which meant that she would not have to bear her guilt over hurting someone when she woke. There would simply be no one to hurt.

As the ship lifted off, Trala choked back a tear. There had been enough tears shed on Resicor. It was time to plan a new future.


* * * *


Two months later, Veera sat up and pointed excitedly at her screen. She stared at Fixit. “Do you see this?”

A laugh from the outer room preceded Stanik by a moment. “Did he answer?”

“No. He is focused on his grandchildren. He is delighted to be asked to babysit, but he will be happy when Krix returns.” She smiled at the box on the table in her sitting area. The little fluff balls were hopping around gleefully and they kept leaping out of the box, which meant that Fixit had to put them back. He was a very busy critter.

“What did you see?”

Her mate leaned over her shoulder, stroking a hand down her spine.

“We have a response to our query. We have a match for Wimsah. It is a long-distance thing, but it should be fine. He has agreed to come here and attempt to act as Wimsah’s companion. He only has a few days available, so he will be taking Wimsah with him when he leaves.”

Stanik blinked. “What do you mean, take her with him?”

Veera tented her fingers. “He will return to duty, and she will have an entire world to protect. She is being partnered with the first and only Nyal Guardian of Roden. Benliar ki’Huntrag has the ability to be as open minded as Wimsah is, and he will match her. Like two cones connecting with one line of power between them.”

“You are sure that he will work?”

Veera moved her fingers over her screen and brought up Wimsah’s mental output. “This is her.”

She opened the file that she had been sent weeks ago when he was still considering. “This is him.”

The two broadcasts were equal and opposite. They would literally cancel each other out and that was what Wimsah needed. Control would come later, but for now, she needed calm. She needed to become nothing in order to work her way back to power, and from there, she would become extraordinary in many more ways than Veera could imagine. If there was one thing she could identify, it was a woman with potential to shape a world or to protect it. The sleeping mind of Wimsah was definitely the mind of a woman who put the health and wellbeing of others before her own. She was just the kind of woman to guard a world.

With a quick smile to her mate, Veera sent the invitation and stood up. “Now, we just have to get that dark Yaluthu off her chest.”

“That’s going to be easier said than done. According to one of the Terrans, he looks like an impatient prince charming without lips. If he could kiss her, he would.”

“I will risk it. He needs to see her for the first time as she is, not supressed by her bond companion. I just wish we knew his name. Calling him Spot is just getting silly.”

“I cannot believe that he got up on her bed. The healers still can’t find the means he used to climb the four feet.” She walked over to the little Yaluthu, and she stuck her hand in, tickling them until they squeaked and flopped over with their feet kicking. They grew so fast, she didn’t want to miss any time with them. Krix would be back from his mission with his bondmate soon enough. Playing with the teeny ones was a pleasure that would be all too short. She tickled another one until it tipped over and Stanik sighed.

“I thought you were going to the healer station.”

Veera looked back at him. “Just two more.”

She pursued the tickling as he chuckled and went to answer the coms. Having her mate as her receptionist was odd at times, but at least he understood the important things. “Come here, Pinky…I’m gonna get yah. Gotcha!”

Tiny squeaks and squeals sounded behind her as she left. She straightened her shoulders and walked past Stanik. “Are you coming?”

“Nope. Her open mind is all yours. I can only deal with one at a time, and I have chosen you.”

He got to his feet and headed for her office.

Veera gasped. “You are going to play with the babies.”

He grinned evilly and rubbed his hands together. “There are at least seven of them untickled. I counted.”

He went his way and she went to the lift. The babies shrieking at their great grandpa were so cute, she wanted to go running back but duty called.


“We can’t get him off. He just hops up and stares at her with those freaky eyes of his.” The healer was good natured but exasperated.

Veera looked over at Wimsah, and she smiled. The healers were keeping her muscles fit and her body cleaned and fed. The Yaluthu on the unconscious woman’s chest was matte black and did indeed have freaky eyes. His gaze was a pale crystal with a hint of grey. The pupils were a dark and obvious spot, as were the rings around the iris.

“Hey, Spot. How is she today?”

He looked up at her and cocked his head. A small chirp answered her. It was simple, she was the same.

“Well, you won’t be on solo duty much longer. She is going to be bonded to a Nyal Guardian. Will you be able to deal with moving?”

The healer brightened. “She has a match?”

“And he is willing to take her home for her recuperation. I would love to have her here, but if he needs to return home and he is her only chance at stabilization, we are stuck. She goes where he goes.”

“What about her Yaluthu?”

“If he has chosen her, she has no option. She has two guys who have to be with her all the time.” Veera settled into a chair and took Wimsah’s hand. “I am going in. Alert me if anything happens.

“Does Stanik know you do that?”

Veera looked at the healer with a narrow look. “No, and he has never asked.”

Veera closed her eyes and touched Wimsah’s mind. “If you can give us a minute that would be welcome. You too, Spot.”

The Yaluthu chirped smugly and settled on his chosen bondmate. He wasn’t going anywhere. It showed in every line of his pudgy body.


Chapter Two



Wimsah looked at Veera and smiled, waving a tea set into being. “Hello, Veera.”

“Hello, Wimsah. How are you feeling today?”

She shrugged and sat to pour tea on the edge of her charming balcony that looked out over her mindscape. “I am the same. Is that little thing still sitting on me?”

“Yes. He is. We are calling him Spot. Has he given you another name to call him by?”

Wimsah shook her head. “No. I don’t talk to him much. I am not sure why he is even here.”

“He is here because he has chosen you as his person. He is a Yaluthu and their means of procreation is achieving personal evolution through linking to another being. When you are whole and strong, he can change into his adult form. My Yaluthu, Fixit, can show you what he will look like.”

“Do I have a choice in it?” She made teacakes appear. “I know I should be tired of asking that by now, but it is an ingrained reflex.”

“No. Yaluthu do the choosing.” Veera sipped at her psychic tea.

“Ah well. I appreciate your visit but what prompted it?”

Veera set her teacup down deliberately. “I have gotten an offer of a matched mind for you, but it would involve you going to the Nyal Imperium to be partnered with a Guardian on an alien world. Spot can go with you.”

“But, I won’t be dangerous anymore.”

“Correct. His mind is strong enough to match yours and hold the wild power at bay until you can learn to control it.”

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