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Boston George
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“Please, whatever I did, I swear I'm sorry,” the light-skinned woman cried, looking around, trying to see where she was. She tried to move her arms then realized she was tied to the chair she sat in. She tried to move her legs next, but they were tied together.
“Where the fuck am I?” she cried as she felt something wet running down her leg. She figured it was blood, since she could feel her vagina throbbing in pain. The woman had been tied down to a hard wooden chair, and the naked bulb above her head threw her features into stark relief.
“I want to go home, pleasssssse!” she screamed.
Seconds later she heard a door open above her head, followed by slow, heavy footsteps, which grew louder and louder.
“I see you finally woke up.” A man wearing a blue mechanic jumpsuit smiled.
“Perry, is that you?” The woman squinted her eyes to get a better look. “Perry, what the fuck are you doing, and where the fuck am I?”
“You're in my basement,” he said calmly.
“Well, untie me,” the woman said in a nasty tone.
“No can do,” Perry said, shaking his head. “I'm about to give you just what you need.” He smiled as he quickly disappeared back up the steps where he came from.
“Your ass is going straight to jail when I get out of here!” she yelled at his departing back. “You pervert muthafucka!”
Three minutes later Perry returned with two oven mitts on his hands, carrying a big pot of boiling water.
“Perry, what are you doing?” the woman asked, trying to hide the fear in her voice. “Whatever you thinking, please don't do it,” she begged.
“I hate women like you.” Perry looked at the woman in disgust. “You think because you're so pretty that you can just treat people however you feel like it.”
“Perry, I'm sorry. Please give me another chance, and I swear I will never act like that again.”
“People like you are too stuck in your ways.” Perry sat the pot down on the floor. “You've been treating people like this for far too long to just be able to just stop like that. And now it's time to teach you a lesson.” He pushed the woman's chair back so it was standing on its hind legs. He then slowly scooted the pot under the woman's feet with his leg.
“Perry, please don't do this. Please,” the woman cried, hoping he would show her mercy.
But it was no use. Perry let the chair slam down, dropping the woman's feet directly inside the boiling pot.
“Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” The woman screamed at the top of her lungs as she watched her feet boil in the pot.
The sight of the woman in so much pain brought a smile to Perry's face.
“And I got something for that pretty face of yours as well.” He smiled as he pulled a street razor from his pocket, the blade only an inch and a half long.
“Please?” The woman looked down at the sharp blade in Perry's hand. “I didn't do nothing to deserve this,” she cried out in pain.
Perry slowly walked up to the woman and stopped directly in front of her. “I'm doing the world a favor, trust me,” he said as he firmly grabbed the woman's chin. He raised the blade and came down, cutting the woman's face with force.
Then he cut her again, and again, and again, and again, until the woman's face was a mask of horror. Blood dripped all over the basement floor as Perry stood there admiring his work. The woman was so badly hurt, she couldn't even scream any more. All she could do was let out soft moans like a wounded animal.
“Say good night,” Perry whispered. He roughly jerked the woman's head back by her hair, and smoothly slit her throat with the blade.
The woman gargled on her blood as she tried to breathe. Her blood spilled out of her neck at a rapid pace. Then finally her neck hung tilted to the side, signaling she was dead.
“Hopefully, you've learned your lesson.”
Perry smiled as he untied the woman and watched her body drop out the chair and slam against the floor. He grabbed her by her ankles and dragged her to the sleeping bag he had over in the corner. He dumped her body inside the sleeping bag and lifted the sleeping bag over his shoulder and carried it to his inside garage and dumped it in his trunk, which he slammed shut.
Diamond walked through her four-bedroom house wearing nothing but a yellow thong to match the color on her toes and finger nails, something she always did. Diamond, light-skinned with a nice shape, favored the actress Stacey Dash.
She stopped at the kitchen and poured herself a glass of red wine. As she sipped on her wine, she looked up at the big picture of her and Kendu on the wall. “He think he slick,” she said to herself as she walked over and grabbed the cordless phone from off the charger. Kendu was supposed to have been home hours ago. She dialed his number and waited patiently as his phone rang.
“How much is this?” Kendu asked, looking at the money that was tightly wrapped in a rubber band.
“Four thousand,” his right-hand man Deuce replied, gun in hand.
“Nah. I know this clown got more money up in this house somewhere,” Kendu said, looking around the apartment, tearing it up as he went along. Kendu walked over to the man and wife he had tied up laying face down on the floor. He viciously snatched the duct tape from the man's mouth. “Where's the rest of the money?” he asked. “I know you got more than four thousand up in here.”
“Fuck you!” the man spat, mad that he had been caught slipping. “You lucky you even got that!”
Kendu smiled as he pulled his .45 from the small of his back. “Did you just say fuck me?” He pressed the gun to the back of the man's head.
Immediately the man's wife started going crazy. She was trying to say something, but since her mouth was taped, all that came out was loud muffles.
“You got something you want to tell me?” Kendu asked, looking over at the wife.
She nodded her head up and down.
“If you ain't telling me where the money is, I'm going to allow you to watch me kill your husband. You understand?” Kendu snatched the tape from the wife's mouth, taking off the little bit of hair she had on her upper lip. “You better make it good,” he said, his .45 now aimed at her head.
“Fuck him, baby!” the husband yelled. “Don't tell him shit!”
The wife ignored her husband's words. “The rest of the money is in the basement,” she said. “Look in the washing machine, and you'll find a duffel bag inside.”
“Go check it out.” Kendu watched Deuce disappear down into the basement.
“Now, was that so hard?” He chuckled when he saw Deuce return from the basement carrying a duffel bag.
“She just saved your life,” Kendu said to the husband as he and Deuce exited the house.
Outside Deuce hopped in the driver's seat of the getaway car. Once Kendu slid in the passenger seat, Deuce put the pedal to the metal.
“That's what I'm talking about,” Deuce said excitedly as he drove normally.
“I told you that was going to be an easy lick.” Kendu felt his iPhone vibrating on his hip. He looked at the caller ID and saw that it was Diamond. “Hello,” he answered.
“Don't hello me,” Diamond said with heavy attitude. “I been calling you all day. Where you been?”
“I was out taking care of a little business,” Kendu explained.
“Well, when are you coming home so you can take care of this business?” She rubbed on her breast as if he could see her through the phone.
“I'm going to split up this money with Deuce then I'm coming straight home,” he told her.
“A'ight. Be careful, baby,” Diamond said as she ended the call.
Two hours later Diamond sat in the living room watching the news when she saw Kendu walk through the front door. “Hey, baby,” she sang as she slid in his arms and hugged him tightly.
“Hey, baby,” Kendu said as he palmed both of her ass cheeks as he hugged her. “How was your day?”
“It was cool,” she replied. “I was just watching the news”—she stopped to shake her head—“they found some schoolteacher's body all chopped up in an alley. They said her feet were burnt up pretty bad.”
“It's some crazy-ass people out here,” Kendu said as he headed upstairs so he could take a shower.
Kendu stepped out the shower with a towel wrapped around his waist. He stepped out of the bathroom and saw Diamond spread across the bed butt naked, wearing nothing but some heels. The only light in the room was from the four candles she had lit up.
Kendu felt his equipment begin to rise quickly. “Damn! You looking sexy.”
“How sexy?” Diamond purred as she turned over on her back, opened her legs and began playing with her pussy. When she was finished, she stuck her fingers in her mouth and sucked away the juices. “I saved you some,” she said in a seductive tone.
With that invitation Kendu let his towel drop to the floor as he headed over towards the bed. Immediately he stuck his face in her pussy and began licking and sucking all over her clit like he had just been released from a ten-year prison sentence.
“Yeah, daddy,” Diamond moaned, gyrating her hips and wrapping her legs around his head as she released in his mouth.
After her orgasm Diamond turned over on all fours, anticipating the dick. Kendu eased up behind her and entered her nice and slow.
“Damn!” Kendu moaned as he felt Diamond's pussy grip his dick as he slid in and out of her at a nice pace. As he slapped her ass, he watched as Diamond's ass bounced off his torso with each stroke.
Just as Kendu was about to come, he quickly pulled out. Immediately Diamond spun around and started sucking the shit out of his dick, jerking it with one hand, and cupping his balls with the other, until he exploded in her mouth with a loud grunt.
Diamond swallowed before she spoke. “Who's the best?”
“You are, baby,” he said out of breath as he lay across the bed, looking like he was dead.
“I love you, baby,” Diamond said over her shoulder as she disappeared in the bathroom to take a quick shower.
Twenty minutes later Diamond stepped out the bathroom and saw Kendu knocked out cold. Immediately her eyes went over to his cell phone that rested on the dresser. At first she dismissed the thought from her mind, but then something inside of her just wanted to know. She walked over to the dresser and picked up her husband's iPhone. She opened it and went straight to his incoming and outgoing calls.
She saw calls from herself, Deuce, and another woman named Carmen. “Who the fuck is this bitch?” Diamond wondered out loud. She tapped the girl's name on the phone, and immediately the phone dialed her number.
Diamond stepped out the room and headed downstairs to the living room to avoid waking Kendu and getting caught. The phone rang six times before a woman answered.
“Hey, baby,” she said happily.
“Hey, baby,
my ass!”
Diamond barked. “What the fuck is you doing calling my husband so many times in a day? And who the fuck is you calling
“First of all, who is this?” Carmen looked at the phone like whoever was on the other line was crazy.
“This is Kendu's wife,” Diamond said with authority. “And I want to know why the fuck is your number all throughout my husband's phone?”
“Me and Kendu are just friends,” Carmen countered, shaking her head at the jealous woman on the other end of the phone.
“So you call all of your friends
“Look, I just told you me and Kendu are just friends.” Carmen lied 'cause she knew if she disrespected Kendu's wife, he would never speak to her again.

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