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Authors: Joanne Clancy


Unfaithful [2]
Joanne Clancy
Cupid's Arrow Publishing (2012)

Revenge is a story of treachery and betrayal...
Mark McNamara is a lying, cheating adulterer who will stop at nothing to get what he wants, but is he being framed for a crime he did not commit?
Somebody has plotted to kill the women with whom he was intimately involved and all the evidence points to Mark.
Nothing will stop the pursuit of justice and nobody is off limits, so who is the true mastermind behind the extraordinary cover up?

Revenge is the sequel to Unfaithfully Yours.



The second book in The Unfaithful S



By Joanne Clancy




Copyright 2012
Joanne Clancy
. All rights reserved.




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Praise for Revenge, the second
book in The Unfaithful Series



Oh wow. This book had me on the edge of my seat. We pick up a little while after the first book, Unfaithfully Yours, with all of the women working together in the business and Mark is still there as the photographer whether any of them particularly like it or not. His wife had their baby boy and was recovering from depression. Someone put a hit out on the women right from the first chapter... Was it Mark who wants revenge for what was done to him and all that he has lost? Or is someone framing him for the attempted murders? This story starts with a bang and never slows down even near the end. As the reader you are left wondering if this was all really how things went down or if it is a grave misunderstanding and they need to find the culprit. We will have to wait until the th
ird book to find out it seems.

The book was very good! Interesting and intriguing the whole way through! Can't wait for the next book in the set! Or her next book in general!! The author offered me a kindle copy of the book in exchange for an honest review and honestly I loved this one and am ready for the next one!
~Megan, Amazon



The characters were well developed and none of them will ever be the same after. They were scarred for life.

This was a fast paced novel and one that you can't put down. I can't wait to read the next book in the series, "Web of Deceit" (third book in the series), to be out in early 2013.

o, Amazon



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Chapter 1




"I want them dead," Mark typed furiously, his speed matched only by his seething anger. He paused for a moment to take another long swig of the whiskey which he'd been drinking all afternoon and slammed the glass down before continuing. "My wife has ripped me off for everything I own and she refuses to see sense. I wan
t her and her new best friends
They conspired against me. K
illing them is the only way I have out of the mess they've caused me. They
ruined my life."

"We can arrange anything, for the right price," the email pinged in reply almost immediately. "We'll need more information on the targets."

ney is no problem," Mark wrote in reply
. "There are three marks. I'm not comfortable giving you their names
yet, but I can give you their general location and tell you what I would ideally like to happen. The women live in Ireland, not far from the capital city, Dublin. They're involved in business together, MY business. One of the targets is my wife, soon to be ex-wife, if she has her way.

We have a holiday home in France and she's been spending a lot of time there since the baby arrived. Her location would depend upon when the hit could be carr
ied out.
My wife's not particularly fit or strong at the moment. She had a baby earlier this year and there were some complications during the birth. Her health hasn't been the best sin
ce the baby arrived; she's been suffering from
post-natal depression.
She's in her forties and
of medium build. I would prefer if you could make her death look like suicide.
It wouldn’t be too surprising given her fragile mental health.

"We are an international organisation and have people in Ireland and France. It may take a day or two to contact them and confirm the details, but that's my problem, not yours. Tell me more about the other marks," the instant message popped up on Mark's computer screen.

"The other two are friends;
one is petite
, aged
in her mid-twenties and the other is tall and very slim in her early thirties. The two friends share an apartment together in a large, gated complex, not far from the city centre. They work in the same place, as I've already mentioned, and they spend most of their time together outside work. It's absolutely impe
rative that their deaths don't
in any way look like a planned hit. I can't emphasise this requirement enough. It has to seem like an accident, perhaps when they're travelling in a car together? I'm open to any ideas or suggestions.

I have some questions which I need answered before we proceed. How soon could they be killed? Would it be days, weeks or months? When the hit on the two younger women is completed in Ireland would it be possible for the second job to be finished with
in twenty four hours in France?
How much would it cost and would I be required to pay a deposit ahead of
time? I'm only asking because
it would be easy for me to access the money immediately afte
r the hits, but it might be
more difficult beforehand.
Can the hits be done in the way I've suggested,
without causing any suspicion?
If a deposit is required, what assurance do I have that you won't disappear with the money without finishing the job? It's not like I would be able to fi
le a complaint with the police!
Where are you located? Obviously, I didn't expect to find an address on your website.

Maybe we could email each other for now? I'm not comfortable talking about this on t
he phone.
I'll be busy with work for the next few days but I should have a chance to check my emails periodically."

"I agree with you about talking over the phone. It would also be advisable to delete any emails that you receive from me. I will email you within the next few days with the answers to your questions," and with that "assassin_hire" signed off.





Chapter 2




Date: Saturday, 2 April 2011, 10.15pm

From: assassin_hire

To: devils



I have discussed your situation with my colleagues and we agree that it may be better to finish the two younger females first and then, after
a cooling off period, we will kill
the third female. Let me know who is the most beneficial to you and we can target them first.

Our price per target is usually eighty thousand pounds sterling, but we are willing to make a deal with you for one hundred and fifty thousand pounds sterling for all three hits. We will need a deposit of seventy five thousand pounds before we can go any further. You can send the money to us via Western Union money transfer
or you can deposit the money directly to our bank account, whichever is easier for you.

If you agree with our figures then we can complete the first hit by the end of April. Let us know who you would like us to target first; the two younger females or the older woman. When we receive your money we will proceed and take care of everything. If we fail, or can't do the job, you will get your money back. However, your deposit is non-refundable if you cancel. I hope I have answered your questions. If you need anything else, please let me know.

Thank you,





Date:  Wednesday,
April 2011, 6.45am

From: devils

To: assassin_hire


Hi Savannah,

Great name, by the way! I've just read your email, my apologies for the delay in responding to you. I've been away and I haven't had access to the internet. I'm assuming that at this late stage you probably won't be able to get the job done by the end of April.

You must think that I'm a terrible person but I assure you that I've been left with no
choice. I would prefer that my wife
was the
target but because of the way she has arranged her business affairs, it would be too complicated if the other two women were still around. I would still be in the same situation as I am now if I left them alive.

The price you quoted seems reasonable a
nd I am happy to pay it. However
, I will need to give some consideration as to how I can get the money for the deposit. I have access to the cash but my wife would see that it's gone and would immediately know that it was me which
cause too many problems. I'll have to try to borrow the m
oney but that will take some
time. I hope I will be able to get the loan but with very few assets remaining in my name to borrow against I don't know if I'll get the loan from the bank. I'll certainly give it a go.

I'll need some time to look into sending you a cheque or banker's draft. My wife is meticulous about record-keeping. She keeps notes of every transaction over a certain amount. I can't quite remember if it's six thousand or ten thousand euro, but even so, I'm quite sure that I could send a few drafts. I'd be worried about what might happen later, when this is over; the police might get suspicious about the transactions and I wouldn't have th
e answers. Do you think it would be a good idea to send the cash via

You mentioned in your last email that it would be advisable to leave a cooling off period between the first two hits and my wife's hit. What time frame were you thinking? Let me tell you about my idea, if I may. My wife is currently in France. Her apartment is on the top floor of a
large complex
. If she were to hear that her business partners and friends were victims of a fatal accident she might suddenly feel suicidal and jump off the building, especially given her recent fragile state. I know she's been seeing a psychiatrist. Do you think my idea is too preposterous?

The problem is that my wife would find out about the missing money, if I tried u
sing that for the deposit.
The bank is the only chance I have of getting your money but my wife would find out about it as she knows the ban
k manager personally. She's quite
friendly with him and they talk a lot. Dublin may be
a capital city but it's a
small place really. Everyone knows everyone else. They say there are six degrees of separation between most
people, well, in Ireland
there are probably only
two degrees!
You'd have to live here to understand.

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