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Authors: Ryan Michele,Chelsea Camaron

Ride with Me

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This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, places and events portrayed in this book either are from the authors’ imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, establishments, events, or location is purely coincidental and not intended by the authors. Please do not take offense to the content as it is


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This is not meant to be a true or exact depiction of a motorcycle club. Rather, it is a work of fiction meant to entertain.



Letter from the authors

Ride with Me (Hellions Ride) by Chelsea Camaron

Chapter One: Make It Happen

Chapter Two: Nothing but Time

Chapter Three: On My Mind

Chapter Four: Wheels Keep Turning

Chapter Five: Rock Solid

Chapter Six: Turn and Burn

Chapter Seven: Spice Party

Chapter Eight: Right Here, Right Now

Chapter Nine: The Couple We Are Today


Ride with Me (Ravage MC) by Ryan Michele

Chapter One: Cruz

Chapter Two: Cruz

Chapter Three: Princess

Chapter Four: Cruz

Chapter Five: Princess

Chapter Six: Princess

Chapter Seven: Cruz

Chapter Eight: Princess

Chapter Nine: Cruz

Chapter Ten: Princess

Chapter Eleven: Princess

Chapter Twelve: Cruz

Chapter Thirteen: Princess


About the Authors

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Two stories, two couples, two motorcycle clubs. One transport brings them together as they keep the love alive in their relationships.


Drexel ‘Rex’ Crews, hands down, gives his woman Caroline ‘Lux’ Milton whatever she wants, whenever she wants it. Now she wants a wedding. But first, he has a run for Crews Transports to Sumner, Georgia for the Ravage MC before he can give her the rest of his life.

Every run for the Hellions MC is full of danger and chaos, and this one is no different. Rex just needs to get it done and get home to give his ol’ lady his last name.


Donavon ‘Cruz’ surprised his ol’ lady, Harlow ‘Princess’ Gavelson, with a hell of a rock on Valentine’s day, knowing he and Cooper are hers for life. While excited, neither is pressing to set a date for the big day. They love life and live it to its fullest, always knowing it’s going to throw them curveballs at every turn.

Cruz and the Ravage MC have a huge run that requires a little assistance from the Hellions MC to split the load and get it to its location on time. While the guys are gone, Princess learns some unexpected news that will change everything.


What happens while these key players in their clubs are away? Are they prepared for what they come home to? Two clubs, two couples, one transport and very little is the same by the end of the ride.


Dear Reader,


Thank you for taking a ride with the Hellions MC and Ravage MC. We hope you enjoy these short stories. If you would like to read either of the series the reading order for each is as follows.


Hellions Ride Series by Chelsea Camaron:

One Ride

Forever Ride

Merciless Ride

Eternal Ride

Innocent Ride

(Ride with Me would fit here)

Simple Ride

Heated Ride

Originals Ride (releasing Summer 2016)

Final Ride (releasing Winter 2016)


Each book in the Hellions MC is a standalone story with no cliffhanger.


Ravage MC Series by Ryan Michele:

Ravage Me

Seduce Me

Consume Me

Inflame Me

Captivate Me (Late Spring of 2016)

Satisfy Me

Rattle Me

Ride with Me


With love and appreciation,

Chelsea Camaron and Ryan Michele




“Southern bred, southern fed, and Lux, I’ll damn sure be southern when I’m dead. Love you, babe, but New York ain’t the place to be.”

She laughs, and I bite back my instinct to smile. There isn’t a more beautiful sound in the world than my woman when she is happy.

“Rex, I didn’t say move there. It’s called a vacation.”

“Woman, I own Crews Transports with Tripp. Don’t you know, when you have your own business, you’re married to it!”

She waves her left hand in front of my face, the very hand with my flashy ring on it.

“You could be married to me”—she pauses to meet my gaze—“in New York.”

Reaching out, I grab her skirt-covered hips and pull her to me. Her heels are so high she falls off balance and into me, just how I like.

My woman, my deluxe model, and my soon to be wife, Caroline. She is sassy and classy and, when she needs to be, trashy. She makes my dick hard and my hard-ass heart soften. There is nothing I wouldn’t give her … including a trip to New York.

“Is that what you want?” I ask, knowing damn well I will lay the world at her designer shoe covered feet.

“I have more than I ever thought I wanted already, Rex.” She turns her head away shyly, reminding me just how far we have come.

How did a corporate accountant manager tame me, Mister ‘hit it, get it, and go, no repeats’? Hell, she got me in a damn suit before I could even claim her as mine.

If my Fancy Nancy woman wants to get married in Central Park, then I will make it happen.

“Lux, you know how this works. If you want it, you’ve got it, but baby, you’ve gotta say it.” Leaning down, I kiss her, and when she opens, I slip my tongue inside, getting lost in her mouth.

Her hands immediately go to my hair and release it from the usual knot on the back of my head so she can run her fingers through it. The pull only makes my dick harder as I back us up to our couch.

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