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Authors: A.B. Gayle,Andrea Speed,Jessie Blackwood,Katisha Moreish,J.J. Levesque

Second Chances (6 page)

He curled his tongue and just played around with the inside of Gil’s pucker before bringing it out and running it back up the taint. Gil was squirming under him as he repeated the process, getting the area nicely wet and delving a little deeper inside each time. Miles reached for the lube, thankful that his nails were nice and short as he slicked up a finger and slid it gently into Gil, pressing gently around the rim before sending it in deeper.

Gil writhed beneath him, he couldn’t help himself, his moans getting louder. Hands fisting into the bed covers, Gil’s knuckles had gone white. Nobody had ever done that to him. Simon had considered it
although Gil was finding out Simon had talked a lot of bollocks about some things. His previous partner had been lacking in other areas, if Gil’s recent encounters were anything to go by. He was quickly learning that Si had been a little…. conservative between the sheets. Conservative between the ears as well. Boring would be another way to put it, pedantic and boring. Somehow, he wondered how he had stuck it for six years.

A small sigh of satisfaction escaped as Miles finally worked his way to the almond shaped prostate. One of the advantages of being a doctor? He knew his way around a body. He traced its outline, then drew back as Gil’s moans grew even louder. If he didn’t hurry up, the man was going to come again. It was almost worth it though, just watching him. Gil was always the one who seemed totally in command of himself. For once Miles was going to make him lose control. He reached for the tube again and added more lubrication. He didn’t want Gil to have a moment of pain. This was all about pleasure. The area was relaxing more and more as Miles worked his way around, always watching Gil, listening to his reactions, learning to read his body.

Gil might be relaxing, but the throbbing in his own cock was almost making Miles dizzy. He reached for the condom and froze. They hadn’t even discussed the question of whether he was negative or positive. Shit. Had he even told Gil his husband had died from AIDS? He paused with the condom gripped tightly in one hand. “Gil, I told you about Darren, didn’t I? I’ve had tests, I know I’m HIV negative and have no other STDs. We were always so careful. But I shouldn’t just presume…” Miles stared bleakly at Gil, the fingers of his other hand still gently stroking around Gil’s hole. He couldn’t drag himself away. Couldn’t stop touching him.

Gil growled at him. “Don’t you dare stop now!”

Miles shook his head. “I would never do anything to hurt you. You know that don’t you?”

Not intentionally
, Gil thought to himself. “I think I know you well enough, Miles, to know you wouldn’t lie to me. I hope you know, if you did, specially about something as serious as this, I’d probably kill you. But I really don’t believe you would. And yes, you did tell me about Darren.”

Kill me?
Wouldn’t that be ironic? Miles slid the condom onto his cock. He wasn’t sure whether his hand was shaking from the anticipation or just sheer nerves.This was the first time he’d ever made love to anyone but Darren. Should he tell Gil? The poor guy would probably blow a gasket if he apologised once more. Miles licked his lips as he spread lube over his cock. Some guys refused to be kissed after someone had rimmed them. Until he was sure of Gil’s reaction, he wouldn’t risk it. Instead he laid a trail of kisses along the inside of Gil’s legs before going back to driving him crazy.

When he felt Gil relax again, Miles carefully lined up and pressed in gently, just resting the rim of the tip inside. Gil reached for his cock and started to pump it, but Miles squeezed some more lube onto his fingers, knocked Gil’s hand away and slowly slicked up and down the firm length.

Gil watched him. Fuck, he had never expected Miles to be so…. so what? Adventurous? What had he expected anyway? Honestly, Gil didn’t know. He was dominant, but not uncontrollably so. Gil didn’t feel in the least bit threatened. Challenged maybe, but not forced or coerced. It seemed to Gil that this was love making, not simply fucking the living daylights out of each other. Despite his rough dominance, Gil trusted that Miles had no intention of hurting him. That was just the way he was, the way he needed to be and Gil forgave him for it.

Gradually Miles felt the vice-like grip around his cock release as he slowly eased his way inside. Fuck it, the guy was tight. Had he even bottomed before? He paused as Gil adjusted to him and then pulled back, adding more lube before pushing back in again. “Is that okay?” he murmured.

Gil groaned and reached for his cock again, but Miles laughed throatily before knocking it away. “Mine.” For tonight at least. His hand sped up to match his cock speed, thrusting quicker, still not all the way in. Dimly, he marvelled at how well he was stifling the urge to just let go, even though he wanted to, desperately. Perhaps some of Gil’s restraint was rubbing off on him? He reached over and tweaked Gil’s nipple, and was rewarded by another groan as Gil arched and then relaxed back against the bed, eyes dark with lust. At last! Miles thrust all the way in and stopped. Just being inside someone again and being encased in their tight, hard heat was nearly enough to make him come. But he wouldn’t. He couldn’t. Not yet! He groaned and threw his head back, trying to think of anything that would stop him. Twelve times tables, the muscles of the body, bones of the fingers, his anatomy lessons. All he could see though was Gil open for him, accepting him.

It was no good. Grabbing hold of Gil’s legs, he stood, pulling Gil up with him, so the young man was supported only on his shoulder blades. Miles rammed his cock into him like a jack hammer. Fast and furious. Wailing as he did so. Pouring all his months, his years of frustration and want into the act. Tears streamed down his face; the wail turning into a screaming howl as he came.

The sudden change of speed caught Gil by surprise. It looked like any restraint Miles might have possessed had just snapped. Gil met each aggressive thrust with one of his own, matching his lover’s urgency with wild abandon. The noises Miles was making were positively obscene and Gil felt the unmistakable sensations of his own orgasm beginning to uncoil in his guts. He felt his balls tighten under the rough handling and then Miles angled to hit his prostate and he lost control completely. His head pressed into the pillow, back arched, muscles straining as his cock swelled, cum bursting over Miles’ hand. Wave after wave of pleasure blotted his senses to anything other than the man above him, Miles’ cries echoing in his ears.

Miles lowered Gil carefully back onto the bed. His knees were threatening to give out as his body kept spasming from the experience. Miles tore off the condom, threw it on the floor beside him and gathered Gil up in his arms, stroking his back. The young man was panting hard, chest heaving. Shit, he’d probably hurt the poor guy. So much for being gentle! So much for taking it slow. Miles grimaced to himself as he rubbed his palm tenderly over Gil’s arm.

“Sorry,” he said again. He couldn’t help it. He wasn’t though. He’d never forget this night, no matter how long he lived. “Been watching too many porn videos.”

A ragged laugh escaped Gil’s lips as he lay there, a boneless heap in Miles’ arms. He opened one eye and regarded the doctor silently for a moment.

“Well, it’s been a long time between drinks you might say,” Miles added defensively. “What else was I going to do?” Shit, talk about desperate and depraved. Not good. Miles propped himself up on one elbow so he could look at Gil. The man looked at peace, relaxed. He was smiling anyway.

“Perhaps if we fuck more often, I’ll learn how to calm down and take it slower.” Miles chuckled and then retreated to the end of the bed, ducking to avoid the pillow Gil pulled out from under his head and threw at him. Now what? Neither of them could leave because they were already home. He glanced around Gil’s bedroom. This was the first time he’d ever really spent any time in here and in the morning he’d be gone. They both would be. “I suppose it would have made more sense to spend the evening packing instead of…” fucking your brains out, making love… which was it? “This was probably a huge mistake.” Miles caught himself before he said sorry again.

Gil frowned, even though he felt absurdly happy, and sat up, grabbing some tissues to clean himself up. “Damn sure I hope you don’t mean that,” he said, reaching to grab Miles’ arm and drag him back to the warmth of the bed. “Come on, we both need to rest. We can grab a shower and a few hours packing before we need to go…” he paused, feeling the resistance. “Miles? What’s wrong?” he asked as the man almost pulled away.

Everything was wrong. After a lifetime of devotion to one man, he’d fucked a guy he barely knew. Someone much younger than himself. Someone untouched by all the shit Miles had endured over the last few years. In the short time he’d known him though, Gil was the only person who had managed to get under his defenses. The first one who had even wanted to. But did Gil just see him as another “case”, another person to care for? And what had he said about Lyle? Something about wanting to be there for him, but no promises. Promises. Promises were dangerous. Promises meant giving something of yourself. Laying yourself wide open, vulnerable. Could he go through that again? Maybe he should go back to his own bed. Let this just be about sex. One more notch on Gil’s belt. Thankful for what he’d been given. He should get up, leave, put some distance back into their relationship. Miles tried to pull away, but the feel of the healthy, young body beside him: the warmth, the caring was like rain falling on parched earth. He took a deep breath, trying to absorb it all.

Gil sighed and pulled Miles into a hug. He wrapped his arms round him and held on, rubbing the flat of one hand across the small of his back, trying to soothe. He lay back down, pulling Miles with him, enfolding him in a warm embrace. Gil would NOT let the doctor back out now.

Miles pulled away slightly, easing back so he could see Gil’s face. The young man looked tired, but didn’t seem to have any regrets. Hopefully he wasn’t too sore. “You sure you want me here? I apologise in advance if my snoring keeps you awake.”

Gil eyed the man who had just fucked him into the mattress and grinned. “Of course I want you here. If your snoring gets too loud I’ll poke you in the backside.” One eyebrow rose eloquently, but he didn’t add what he would be poking Miles with. “If you say sorry once more, though, I swear I
going to punish you….”

4: Can’t Sleep

Aiden Parker, Agent Matthews with mention of Flynn Archer



After midnight, Sunday 23nd January, Aiden Parker’s home


So much had happened in the last few hours, it was little wonder Aiden couldn’t sleep. After nearly an hour of pacing nervously after he’d gotten home with Dante, Aiden started packing, but his mind was elsewhere.

Where the hell is Flynn?

They had to have taken him. That woman, what was her name? Pierce? He didn’t like her, and he wouldn’t trust her. After what she had said about Flynn being nothing, how could he? How could anyone find any life insignificant?

And what about the others in the group? Apart from the gruff Doctor’s brief offer, before he left, to call the hospital in order to confirm Flynn’s disappearance, none of the others seemed to give a shit. But Flynn had saved his life! If he hadn’t shown up when he did… who knew what Vale would have done to him. He had no doubt he would have died, but what would he have died from? A shift of a broken rib, puncturing a lung? Bleeding to death? At the memory, he reached up, wincing as the bandage squeezed his chest, and touched the scar on his face. Maybe it would fade with time, along with the pain, but the memories wouldn’t.

Dante whined at his feet, and Aiden stood uneasily. “You need to go out, boy? Come on.” The distance from his seat to the back door wasn’t far, but he had difficulty getting there with Dante trying to weave between his feet like a large cat. He managed to get him outside and switched the yard lights on, so he could stay inside but still keep an eye on his dog as it circled the yard, looking for a spot.

Aiden sipped at the warming beer and made a face. He didn’t want to leave this place. This was his home now. After he’d left Peter, he had come here to start his life over, and he had found acceptance here. The job was great, the scenery was amazing. And this house… it must have been built with him in mind. It was everything he’d wanted and had everything he needed. All of the built in bookcases…

I really don’t want to leave, but what happens if I don’t? What happens to Flynn if I stay and he goes? Will that woman even keep her word?
The thought that Pierce had lied and they were really going to abandon Flynn and leave him at the mercy of the mafia made the beer in Aiden’s stomach curdle like sour milk. He felt sick.

Dante barked from outside the door and Aiden was pulled from his reverie. He let his dog in and locked up as the growing pup found his bed and settled down. “I hope you’re ready for a new adventure, Dante.”

Setting the now empty bottle in the sink next to another, Aiden walked back into the living room. Sitting on the table was the box of books he had picked out from his collection that he simply could not leave behind. He pulled them out one at a time and looked at them again.

A leather bound
Divine Comedy
was one of his favorites. It was a more modern edition, but the feel of it in his hands was comfortable and soothing. His grandparents had given it to him when he graduated college.

Other books

Broken by David H. Burton
The Halloween Hoax by Carolyn Keene
Witness for the Defense by Michael C. Eberhardt
Black Gold by Vivian Arend
The First Law of Love by Abbie Williams
The Escape by Lynda La Plante
Psycho Killer by Cecily von Ziegesar
Set Me Free by Gray, Eva