Secret Taboo in the Attic


Author's note: All characters depicted
in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older. This title depicts sexual
activity involving step relations. No blood relatives engage in sexual activity



Step-siblings Gareth and Peaches find a
video of their mother doing porn when she was young and it turns them on to the
point of masturbating together. Will they dare go further and actually have sex
with each other? 6,200 words

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Secret Taboo in the Attic


By Cheri Verset



Copyright © 2014 Cheri Verset



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The attic was stifling. It was like that
every summer and I actually enjoyed it because it reminded me that winter was
long gone. It was a good thing I was wearing my candy pink booty shorts and a
baby blue halter top which ended right below my belly button. I would have
preferred to be barefoot, like I always was at home, but sandals were mandatory
up here.

When I was a kid, I used to come up here
all the time to play. There were boxes of old junk but to me they were
treasures. Having just turned 18, I didn't play here anymore but I still
appreciated the entire family history that was locked away in suitcases and
milk crates.

I took a moment to survey the area and
tied my long blond hair into a high ponytail. I always did that when it was
this hot. It was also a secret fuck-you to my ex-boyfriend who never liked it
when I wore ponytails. Now I was days away from graduating high school and I
could be my own woman.

"Now, where is it?"

This summer was my parent's 15th
anniversary and my stepbrother Gareth and I were organizing a little event. My
biological father was a mystery man and Gareth's mother had died during
childbirth. We were just toddlers when they got married so as far as I was
concerned this was my real dad and Gareth was my real brother.

My task for the party was to put together
a montage of old home movies. The latest stuff was on DVDs and on the family
computer downstairs but I wanted to sneak in some earlier stuff that was still
on VHS. I had spent hours on the Internet looking for ways to transfer the tape
into digital format and I was convinced I knew how to do it.

Now it was just a matter of finding the
damn cassettes.

I took a deep breath and went to work. I
went to the far end and started opening boxes and going through the contents. I
found old Halloween costumes, torn slipcovers, and enough spare dinnerware to
open a chain of restaurants. I stumbled upon a pile of old birthday cards that my
brother and I had made when we were kids and I found it sweet that our parents
had kept them.

Finally, I found a box of old pictures.
They were the usual snapshots from those prehistoric cameras, pictures of me
and Gareth when we were little kids. There were class portraits, birthday
parties, stuff like that. Deeper in the box there were similar pictures but
this time they were of our parents when
were younger. I decided I
could use them in my video so I put them aside.

I moved some blankets out of the way and
grinned when I found my brother's old keytar. He was hilarious when he came
into the living room to put on shows with incredibly bad music. Afterwards he
even passed a hat around for tips. He raked in more money that way than with his
entire allowance because our folks figured he was working for it. Suckers.

I searched for another 10 minutes before
I found the box of old VHS tapes. I was expecting my trip upstairs to be over
but soon realized my troubles were only beginning. Most of the labels had
withered away and on others the pencil writing was too faint to read.

"Great…" I mumbled.

One of the reasons I liked the attic was
that I was used to it. For a long time it had been my playroom. I came here
when I wanted to be alone and I had even set up some beanbags next to the
ancient TV-VCR combo. So I dragged the box all the way to it and settled in for
what I suspected would be a tedious afternoon.

The first video featured one of my
cousins' graduation party. I fast-forwarded and aside from a few shot of my
mother there was nothing interesting. Next, it was a wedding video. My parents
made an appearance 15 minutes in, waived to the camera, but otherwise it was
another goose egg.

Then I started hitting promising results.
Some garden party with a beautiful shot of my parents dancing, my brother's
junior high graduation where dad made a speech, a Christmas morning where mom
got some jewelry and practically cried with happiness.

There were a few others and I put them
aside so I could edit them later. I was about ready to call it a day when I
reached the bottom of the box. There was this VHS in a black plastic case,
looking very professional, especially compared to the other cassettes which
were in cardboard slip cases. It was weird, I had never seen this before.

Intrigued, I pulled it out of the case
and the label only had a series of numbers on it. I saw from the reel that it
wasn't exactly at the beginning but it was close. Somebody hadn't been kind
enough to rewind, I thought with a chuckle. I put it into the VCR and hit the
Play button.

"Yeah, fuck me harder!" the
girl on the screen shouted.

Holy shit
this was porn! I had always figured my dad had a porn collection stashed
somewhere – everybody did – but I had never found it. Gareth and I always
imagined it was locked away somewhere in the master bedroom.

I couldn't look away from the TV. The
quality was pretty bad and from the girl's hairstyle I knew this had to be the
late 80s or early 90s. She was a redhead with milky white skin and she was
getting fucked from behind by Ron Jeremy himself. He was playing with her
asshole while ramming roughly into her pussy.

I was beginning to smile as the shock
wore off. This was old but really hot. Oftentimes, late at night, I would watch
sexy clips on my computer and play with myself. Sometimes I went for
lightning-quick orgasms and sometimes I dragged it out for hours. It was
incredible the wide array of topics that turned me on. At times I watched rough
sex, other times I liked stuff with a plot.

Now I was discovering that I enjoyed
vintage porn.

Yes, I was definitely getting aroused watching
that. Before I knew it I felt heat way down between my legs. My pussy was
getting wet and I could almost feel my lips spreading open instinctively.

"Ram that big cock into me…"
the redhead said.

My nipples hardened despite the heat of
the attic. I wasn't wearing a bra – I rarely did when I was home alone – and
looking down I noticed my nipples were almost poking through the thin shirt.
Unable to help myself, I squeezed them through the fabric and my eyes rolled

I returned to watching the porn star, her
gigantic boobs swinging underneath while she was taken from behind. I suddenly
had the urge to cum so I slid a hand inside my shorts, inside my panties. It
was great to be completely naked while jilling off but it was also very sexy to
do it covertly while still dressed.

My fingers quickly found my damp folds
and I didn't waste time teasing myself. I caressed my labia and I inserted a
digit into my pussy. It felt absolutely amazing! It's like I could picture
myself on the screen in the woman's place.

"Aaahh yeah…"

With my free hand, I stroked the pebbles
on my chest and squeezed them until the pain turned into pleasure. I was
moaning almost as loudly as the redhead but I kept my eyes peeled so I could
watch the scene.

"Well well, mind if I join in?"
a woman said on the screen.

The camera panned left and took in the
newcomer, starting at her feet. She was wearing high heels, black silk
stockings with garter belt, but she was otherwise naked. I liked where this was
going, threesomes were among my favorite things to watch. The woman had
strawberry blond hair and hefty natural tits.

I was completely drenched just thinking
about what would happen.

"Oh yes," Ron Jeremy said,
never breaking his stride. "Sit on the floor, sweetheart. My secretary is
gonna eat that sweet cunt of yours."

"That's exactly what I wanted to

I masturbated faster as the new woman
complied. I could practically smell their arousal through the TV, though that
might have been my own musky aroma. I was in the zone and determined to get off
at the same time as the characters.

That's when I noticed something strange.
The new woman had a birthmark on her left thigh in the shape of a long
triangle. I stopped moving and leaned closer to look at it. I knew one person who
had the exact same birthmark.

My mother.

, that
couldn't be! But the more I looked at the birthmark and then at her young face,
the more I was convinced it really was my mom. I remembered the box of pictures
from earlier and the features were spot on. She looked to be about 18 or 19 but
I saw the similarities.

"That's impossible," I
whispered. "You can't be mom!"

And yet my doubts dissipated. This really
was my mother and she'd had a secret career as a porn actress before I was
born. I was absolutely floored. Even crazier, I couldn't look away. I kept
staring at the redhead eating out my mom and at least a minute passed before I
realized my fingers were still in my pussy.

I should have yanked my hand away, turned
off the video, and prepare myself for a serious discussion with her, but I did
none of these things. I was conspicuously aware that I was still soaking wet
and my fingers felt incredibly good against my soft flesh. Would it be really
bad if I finished before stopping the movie? Nobody would know, right?

Maybe it was weird to play with myself
while watching my mother having sex – lesbian sex! – but at the same time I was
reminded of a thousand different scenarios about her. I remembered her lounging
in swimsuits at the beach. Hell, I had even seen her naked in a dressing room.
Now I was convinced the actress truly was my mom and she was incredibly hot.

That's when I decided that it wasn't so
bad if I fingered myself to a screaming orgasm while watching her. After all,
that was her role. She'd made movies so people got off on it. If her only
daughter could be aroused, that meant she was exceptionally good at her job.

I absentmindedly licked my lips and
continued stroking my pussy, shoving two fingers as deeply as I could. At the
same time, I grazed my engorged clit and felt pleasure shooting out.


I went faster, I couldn't wait to climax
and I knew it would be amazing, but right then I heard the floor creaking
behind me. I instinctively turned around.

"Oh fuck!"

Standing right at the top of the ladder
was my brother! He looked as stunned as I was and he had a hand on his crotch.

"Shit, sorry, sis…"

"How long have you been standing
there?" I shrieked, not even realizing that my hand was still in my

"A few minutes. A while."

"Damn it, this can't be

"I came home earlier and I saw the
attic door was open. I was about to say hello when I saw that you were… playing
with yourself. Then I was about to step back down but you mentioned that mom
was in the movie. Is that true? Is that really mom?"

I finally pulled my hand out of my pussy
and stopped the video. "Yeah, it's her. Did you know about this?"

"No," Gareth said.

He silently made his way closer and sat
on the floor next to me. I thought that was extremely weird, the last thing I
wanted was for him to linger, but I couldn't find the words to tell him to go
away. To make things less stressful, I explained how I’d come to find the tape
while working on the anniversary video.

"Kinda blows your mind, uh?" he
continued wanly. "All these years, I never suspected anything. Hell, you
think dad knows?"

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