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Authors: Jonathan Little

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Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker, Volume 1

First published in 2011 by D & B Publishing
Copyright © 2011 Jonathan Little
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Cover design by Horatio Monteverde.
Printed and bound by Versa Press in the US.
Introduction: Why I am Writing This Book
Section 1: How Tournaments Work
1 Why Poker Tournaments are so Profitable
2 The Fundamentals
Do Not Get Stuck on Formulas
What to Think about in a Hand
Expected Value
Pot Odds
Effective Stack Size
Reasons to Bet
The Importance of Position
Putting Opponents on a Range
You Need a Stronger Hand to Call than to Raise
Relative Hand Strength
Do Not Play Robotically
Levels of Thinking
Make Friends at the Table
When Someone Tries to Outplay You
My Style
Section 2: Playing Deep Stacked (125BBs+)
3 Introduction
Playing Very Deep
Think Ahead
How Much to Bet
4 Before the Flop
Which Hands to Raise
When There is a Raise Before You
When There are Limpers
When You’re Re-raised
Playing from the Small Blind
Playing from the Big Blind
The Squeeze Play
You Do Not Have to Raise the Button
5 Post-Flop Concepts
Represent Something
Pot Control
When to Slow-Play
6 Playing the Flop
Leading into the Raiser as a Bluff
Raising and Check-Raising as a Bluff
Raising and Check-Raising the Flop
Leading into the Pre-flop Raiser
When there was a Re-Raise Before the Flop
How to Play Each Type of Hand
Multi-Way Pot Considerations
7 Playing the Turn
Bet When They Check
Check-Raising the Turn
When You are Raised on the Turn
Calling with a Draw on the Turn
Playing Top Pair on the Turn
8 Playing the River
Calling When You Think You Are Beat
How to Value-Bet the River
Bet an Amount They Can Call
Over Betting the River
Not Putting Your Opponent All-In
Blocking Bets
Bluffing on the River
When You’re Raised on the River
Raise-Folding on the River
Over Calling on the River
9 Miscellaneous Topics
Make Your Decisions Simple
Know What You Are Inducing
Advertisement Plays
Fancy Play Syndrome
Give the Illusion of Fold Equity
Play Straightforwardly in Large Pots
When You Are Re-Raised the Minimum
Check When You Hit Your Draw
Big Calls or Big Folds
How to Play Against Good Regulars
Exploit Each Player
How to Play with a Maniac on Your Left
When a Player Will Not Back Down
Being the Table Bully
Section 3: Playing Mid Stacked (125BB-40BB)
10 When You have Between 125 and 60BBs
Play Tighter As Stacks Get Shorter
Raise Players That Fold Too Much
Pot-Control Medium-Strength Hands
Getting All-In with a Strong Hand
Re-raising with Weak Hands
11 When You have Between 60 and 40BBs
Do Not Fear Going Broke
Do Not Put a Lot of Chips in and then Fold
Limp-Calling in a Raised Pot
Limping the Button
Section 4: Playing Short Stacked (less than 40BB)
12 When You Have Between 40 and 27BBs
Gamble to Get a Better Stack
Which Hands to Raise
All-In Squeeze
Early-Position Steal
Being Pot-Committed
13 When You Have Between 27 and 15BBs
Three-Betting All-In
14 When You Have Between 12 and 5BBs
When There Are Limpers
When There Is A Raise
Calling Pushes
When Someone Pushes over Your Raise
Isolating Versus Calling
Half-Stack Raise
15 When You Have Less Than 5BBs

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