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Unlikely Love, 4


Sam Crescent


© 2012




Chapter One



12 years after the events of

Blackmailed by the


Lily Brown sprinkled over the last of the
grated chocolate then placed the glasses of white chocolate mousse on the tray.
She loved the small dinner parties she presented, which
willingly attended. They were for his
friends and their wives, which made everything perfect. Richard and Tony were
always welcome, and so were Scarlet and Opal. She had never thought there would
be so much love in her life. In the early days with
she’d had her doubts. Now, she felt so
much for her husband she didn’t know how she’d ever survive without him.

They had three beautiful children, and one of
them was almost a teenager. But Lily didn’t mind, and the love between her and
her husband could set fire to the coldest of climates. She blushed remembering
the way he’d taken her over his knee and spanked her ass several nights ago.
Lily had never thought a spanking could be so erotic. She could never ask for
him to slap her ass, but she craved the punishment. They were exploring some
kinky stuff. At least it was kinky to her.
did things to her body that left her
raw and aroused for days afterwards. He was the best part of her life.

She glanced around her kitchen at the twinkling
Christmas lights she’d placed over the shelves. Christmas was a wonderful time
of year. The tree was already decorated in the corner in the sitting room.
Presents had been purchased and stored for wrapping later. The excitement was
already building inside of her. She couldn’t wait to collect the gift she’d
found for

Opening the kitchen door with her butt she
turned to see the room had gone quiet.
smiled at her as she placed the tray down.

“You’re one fabulous cook, Lily,” Richard said.

“Thank you.” She gave everyone their glass of
mousse. Her husband caught her hand, kissing the inside of her wrist. She
shivered from the electricity of his touch. It was always like this with him.
However, she knew there was something on his mind. There was a withdrawal inside
him. His eyes no longer sparkled as they looked at her. She knew he was
thinking of something. Over the years in business he’d been named the “Beast”
because of his harsh business ways. She pulled away to sit beside him. The
conversation started up once again.

“What are you all doing for Christmas?”

“We’re staying home. We’re going to enjoy the
snow this year. Scarlet hates going abroad to the sunshine,” Richard said.

“I don’t like barbeque for Christmas. I want a
turkey.” Scarlet smiled at her husband.

“I’m taking Opal to the cabin for the week.
Christmas and snow with only
for company,”
Tony said. Lily watched the other man capture Opal’s cheek and kiss her deeply.
The love between the two could not be mistaken for anything other than pure

, guys, she’s
still my sister,” Richard said, turning away and covering his eyes.

“She’s my wife.” Tony kissed his woman one more
time then pulled away.

Lily chuckled then took a spoonful of mousse.
She noticed
swirled his spoon in the white mouse but didn’t take a bite. Her heart began to
pound inside her chest. What could be on his mind? She leaned over and took his

He glanced at her waiting for her to respond.

“Are you all right?” she asked.

“Yes, I’m fine. This is delicious.” He gave her
a smile then began talking to Richard. She didn’t mention about him not tasting
the mousse. Lily wasn’t stupid. She knew there was something else going on.
While the men left the room Lily cleaned away the plates, declining help from
Scarlet and Opal.

They were sweet to offer help, but she needed
to do something with her hands. She knew they followed her into the kitchen.
Slowly, to make sure she didn’t break anything, she loaded up the dishwasher.
Anything that couldn’t go in the dishwasher she placed in the sink.

“Are you all right?” Scarlet asked.

Lily chuckled then stood up to face the other
two women. She took a breath then stared past their shoulders to the opposite
wall. It was amazing how quickly life could change. She’d been so happy in her
own little world while sprinkling the chocolate that she’d forgotten about
’s detachment.

He still made love to her, but everything else
was in question.

“I don’t know.
’s been distant for a little time. I try
to talk to him. He cuts me off. There must be something there, or otherwise you
wouldn’t have noticed.” Lily felt the tears filling her eyes. She fought with
all of her might to keep them down.
was her only lover, and she didn’t know what was required of her in a situation
like this.

“I’m sure he’ll talk to you about it,” Opal

She smiled at the two women even as doubts
filled her mind. No one knew
like she did. He’d opened up to her about so much, and yet she felt so alone
right now. She twirled her wedding band with her hands in the soapy water.

The other two began to talk. She smiled,
nodding her head when necessary. Her heart ached with the pain of something she
knew was about to happen. She knew she couldn’t talk to her father. There was
no one.
had been her everything.

She took a deep breath every few minutes when
no one was looking. The air helped to clear her mind. It was Christmas, and
miracles were supposed to happen during this time of year. She laughed when
Opal told a joke. They were really good friends. She glanced towards the door
that led through to where
sat with his two friends.

Had the love he felt run its course? She knew
her figure hadn’t miraculously shrunk over the years. Lily had given birth to
three children, and there was no way her body would ever be thin again. She’d
always been curvy, which had seemed to drive
crazy with wanting her.

Did he want a younger model?
thinner model?

She wasn’t a spry twenty-one-year-old woman
anymore. He’d promised to love her forever. Forever wasn’t looking all that
long. He didn’t want any more children either.

All she could do was wait to find out.


poured a generous shot of whisky into a glass.
He added some ice then took a seat across from the roaring fire. Tony and
Richard did the same, only they were laughing about their wives. He
contemplated his problems by staring into the flames. For the last few months
he hadn’t been able to get over the guilt of what he’d done. When Lily was
twenty-one he’d blackmailed her into marriage. Before long she’d fallen for
him, and they’d had three beautiful children together. He loved her with his
whole heart. There was nothing in this world that he wanted more than her

His problem was he wondered if he was the one
responsible for her unhappiness. She had a killer voice. There were many nights
he’d listened to her sing the children to sleep or sing while cooking. If she’d
let him help her, she would have experienced an amazing singing career. He’d
taken that all away from her when she found out she was pregnant.
knew she hadn’t
wanted a singing career at the time, but what if her feelings had changed?

When he’d first seen her over twelve years ago
he’d wanted her so badly.


Because he’d seen what he wanted and done
everything within his power to get her. She loved him, and he knew that. But
what if she could have a whole lot more happiness without him there? He didn’t
know why he was feeling this way, only that the feelings were not going away.

“What’s wrong with you?” Richard asked.


“We’ve been talking about the gifts we’re
getting our women, and you’re staring off into space. What gives?” Richard sat
down next to him. Both of his friends had their whole attention on him.

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