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Arianne Richmonde’s
third novel in
The Pearl Trilogy,
Shimmers of Pearl
, continues the love story between Pearl and Alexandre in
Forty Shades of Pearl
Shadows of Pearl
, both Amazon bestsellers in erotic romance.

Praise for Forty Shades of Pearl:

‘I recommend this book for those who enjoy a wonderfully written first person narrative, romantic erotica, with lots of dialogue and plenty of well-done descriptive scenes.’
Swept Away By Romance

‘This was a great book, Pearl was such a great character that she won me over from the start. The sex scenes were just how I like them, hot heavy and very sensual when the time was right, I loved the fairytale aspect to this book, the great hero, the female lead who had traits she did not like about herself, the evil family member, I would highly recommend this to all who love a great love story with Sex, that would be most of us then, 5/5’
---Confessions of a Bookaholic

Forty Shades of Pearl
was a very good book. Once I picked it up, I couldn’t put it down. I was glad that the main character, Pearl, was such a real character. Forty years old, divorced and feeling insecure about relationships and her own sexuality. I instantly found a connection to her. Following her through her ups and downs, her hurt and happiness had me hooked.
--C.A Miller

Praise for Shadows of Pearl:

‘I’m mad, I’m sad, I’ve been crying, I want to hit some characters in the book…well more than one person actually! This book was an
read for me. It started off where
Shades of Pearl
left off. The book grabbed me right from the start and I did not want to put it down. I personally love Arianne Richmonde’s writing style. I think she did an excellent job with these characters and the story line was VERY original.
I need to know what will happen next. Arianne left this reader wanting and needing
. I know without a doubt, that book 3 is a
for me!’
Swept Away By Romance

The Pearl Trilogy
is a must read!! OMG! I loved the Fifty Shades and Bared to You series…but this one is a topper!! I laughed and cried - it’s so well written. I am now very anxious to read the next and last book of this series - I read both books in two days and am so devastated now. After book one I had to read book two and the way they end leaves you wanting the next one. Now! So many twists and turns and just when you think you know where this story is going….you don’t! It’s frustrating, and oh, about every emotion you have - you’ll feel it. I love the fact that it’s written about a 40 year old female…that’s my age…Now, if only I could meet a hot Frenchman like Alexandre Chevalier…
--A.J Cox.

Arianne Richmonde


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Arianne Richmonde 2013
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This book is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters and incidents are either a product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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About the Author

Arianne Richmonde is an American writer and artist who was raised in both the US and Europe. She lives in France with her husband.

Shimmers of Pearl
is the third and last book in
The Pearl Trilogy
. She is currently working on her next novel.

For more information on the author visit her website:


To all my amazing readers who are rooting for Pearl and Alexandre and who have thrown
Shadows of Pearl
across the floor in frustration. Thanks for all your love, support, feedback and patience. This book is for you.


To Kiki, my lady in shining armor who came along just when I needed her most. Cheryl and Lisa, again, thank you. All my fabulous readers, and bloggers who have recommended my books to their friends and followers, and last but not least, E L James for sharing so many of her fans with me, thank you.

Chapter One

’m still staring in disbelief at Laura’s sinister, black, front door. I have not moved from this park bench. The only thing that has changed in the last ten minutes is the music I’m listening to on my iPod. The Blues have been replaced with Patsy Cline’s
Sweet Dreams.
That is all I have left – dreams of Alexandre and memories of how it used to be between us. Could I really have just imagined the intensity of our bond, our passion? ‘He was in lust with you,’ Laura told me, just twenty minutes ago, and I now see that what she said was true. Alexandre walked through her door. What more proof do I need that it is over between us?

He is still in love with her, his ex fiancée. This horrific fact is seeping through my veins like green poison, sapping me of energy, rendering me drained, making me feel as if my life has been nothing but a lie for the last five months.

Laura’s words, ‘rebound’ and ‘detour’ to describe who and what I am to Alexandre are ringing in my ears. Twice, I have tried to get up from where I’m sitting. I want to rap at that foreboding, black door and confront him, but my muscles are weak – I can hardly move. Laura has been plotting and scheming to get him back all along and he was waiting, as she said, for her to click her fingers.


And he rushed back to her like an eager dog.

I fumble about in my beautiful, red Birkin bag for my cell phone. I need to speak to Alessandra Demarr. Maybe she can clear a few things up for me.

My memory slides back to that moment when I fled Alessandra’s house, when I found that photo of her and Sophie together in an intimate embrace. I had the notion that they had set me up and that Sophie was trying to destroy my life by wheedling herself in on my film projects; infiltrating her way into HookedUp Enterprises. Alexandre testified to her innocence, swore that her motivation came from nothing more than her desire to help out her girlfriend and get us out of a sticky situation when Samuel Myers wasn’t good for the money. I didn’t believe him. But now I see that Alexandre could have been telling the truth. I have been so ‘hooked up’ on Sophie that I was blind to what was really going on… Laura, my real enemy from word, Go.

Laura told me that Sophie actually liked me, confirming what Alexandre had also said. Either I am living some sort of Hitchcockian nightmare, where everyone is conspiring to drive me to a loony bin, or they’re right – I have misjudged Sophie – wrongly accused her. There I was, obsessing about my future sister-in-law, when it was Laura I should have been looking out for, all along.

Alessandra picks up her phone after several rings. She sounds groggy and I realize that it’s only eight a.m. Los Angeles time; she isn’t an early riser. Too bad, I can’t wait. Rise. And. Shine.

“It’s Pearl,” I say with urgency. “Sorry to wake you.”

I hear a growling yawn. “Can you call back, I was sleeping - I thought it was a family emergency.” Her sleepiness is evident - her Italian accent is more pronounced than usual.

“Well, considering that you and I could have been family, it is.”

“What are you talking about, Pearl?”

“Alessandra, I’m so sorry to wake you and everything, but I’m not in a good way and I really need to talk.”

“If this is about
Stone Trooper

“It’s about Sophie, your girlfriend, my ex-to-be sister-in-law.” I am aware of how crazy that sounds. I do up the top button of my coat – the London humidity is getting into my bones. My eyes are still fixed on Laura’s front door as I hold my cell next to my ear in my other shaky hand. I need answers and I need them now.

Alessandra’s voice suddenly perks up with interest. “Did Sophie tell you that she and I were a couple?”

“I found a photo of you two in your kitchen, and Alexandre confirmed to me that Sophie was gay.”

“Don’t you
say anything to Sophie about us, Pearl - about that night.
She is pleading; the desperation and fear in her voice takes me by surprise.

“So you and Sophie weren’t playing some game on me? Some, ‘let’s screw with Pearl’s head’ kind of game?”

She chuckles – her laugh is laced with irony. “What? Are you

“It just seemed all too much of a coincidence; that I was working on
Stone Trooper
…suddenly Sophie gets involved… you coming on board at the perfect moment and then seducing me…”

“Look, can we talk about this later? I need a coffee. I can’t even think straight right now.”

“Alessandra. I’m sitting outside Laura’s house in London and she just so happens to be - not only Alexandre’s ex-freaking-fiancée - but his
fiancée as well. He’s inside her house, as we speak. He’s involved with her again. No, let me spell that out –
he is going to marry her
, she is divorcing her husband. She’s all buddy-buddy with Sophie and—”

“What? Sophie hates that money-grabbing bitch!”

Did I just hear that right?
“But Alexandre said they were friends.”

“Sophie puts up with her,” Alessandra informs me in her husky voice, all the more husky for being the morning. “She’s never liked Laura. Anyway, I don’t think she’s seen or spoken to her for ages.”

I squeal out, “But I was at Laura’s house, just now, and she said Sophie was coming over! They spoke on the phone. In French, no less.”

“I doubt that, Pearl. Look, I’m sleepy, can we speak later?”

“Wait! No. Alessandra…why, when we were in L.A were you referring to Sophie as your ‘ex’ if you’re still together?”

“Questions, questions.”

“Please Alessandra!”

“We had a big fight – she said I was using her to get ahead in my career. All because, I was too busy to speak to her one time. That was just before you arrived in L.A. She told me it was over. So I had some fun with you to spite her.”

“You were planning on telling Sophie about us to make her jealous?”

“No, of course not. I’m not that dumb. She’d come after us both with a carving knife. But it made me smile inside – you know, knowing I had the last laugh. Sorry, Pearl, I have to admit…I was using you to make myself feel better. Can I hang up now?”

“No! I need to know more about Laura.”

“I’ve never met her,” Alessandra replies boredly, punctuated by a yawn.

My heart sinks. I remember Laura’s words:
‘He was fond of you, it’s true, but he thinks you’re a total loony. All that lesbian bondage nonsense - oh and your slutty past…’

I had assumed Sophie had enlightened Laura, but from what Alessandra says, obviously not. The only other person that knew about my adventure with Alessandra Demarr was Alexandre, himself.
How did Laura know those intimate details of my sex life?
Simple – he must have told her. She was speaking the truth. He confides in her, even when it comes to me. I feel so belittled.

Belittled. And cheap.

Alessandra pipes up, “Anyway, Pearl, as I was saying, Sophie is not a big fan of Laura’s. Apparently, Laura has been sniffing about Alexandre again showing real interest. Her husband has lost a lot of capital in the stock market, or is being done for some dodgy dealings tax-wise and no longer has the kind of money he had before. So Sophie thinks she’s after Alexandre because of what he can offer her.”

“What does Sophie say about
?” I ask, wondering if Sophie is suspicious of everyone who comes near her brother.

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