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Authors: Angela Dorsey

Tags: #pony, #horse, #angel, #dream, #thomas, #silver, #guardian, #dorsey, #joanna, #angela, #angelica

Silver Dream (18 page)


Sampson, my dear. I hear your scream of
panic! I am coming.

There is no time to regain my strength.
The tornado is too close. Here I will undo your stall door. Now
run! Run before it is too late!

But you kneel instead. You say there is
time for me to climb to your back. I will, and thank you. My
strength is growing by the second. I will be able to cling to your

Now run, Sampson. Run! The tornado is
upon us!





What will happen next?




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Chance and her best friend, Hanna, just
want a fun, relaxing ride for their first excursion with the very
young and super adorable Tubby, Chance’s mare’s foal, in tow. They
don’t want to tire or overwhelm him in any way.

When they happen upon their mean
school rivals, the ride instantly becomes much less pleasant.

But even that pales in
comparison to what is to come. Hanna and Chance are separated, a
tornado descends from the stormy sky to wreak havoc, Tubby
disappears, and then, unbelievably, everything becomes even



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