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Sin and Desire



Sin and Desire




The raindrops were pounding hard at the window and for once, peering at the storm outside, Anna was glad she was all warm and comfortable in the bookstore. She tugged mindlessly at her ID card hanging from her neck, as she used to do when there was nothing to take care of, and her mind drifted away. A sudden sound distracted her; she turned her head sharply in the direction of the door. A tall man had just entered. He seemed visibly distraught, thoroughly soaked and clearly unused to finding himself in such state. Anna should have approached him and offered her assistance, but she found herself bizarrely mesmerized, unable to turn her gaze away. His dark hair, an unbelievably deep shade of black due to all the rain, was plastered to his forehead. His brown eyes narrowed into watchful slits as he studied his surroundings with concentration. Hadn’t he seen a damn bookstore in his life?! Why would he glare at the shelves as if analyzing a battlefield? Anna shook her head. Out of nowhere, a surge of fear overtook her. Why did she care at all? There seemed to be no way for her to direct her focus towards something that wasn’t him. Just as he shook the rain off, she blinked quickly and decided that she wasn’t going to let this peculiar stranger control her without even trying. She wanted to regain her composure first, but—the valiant woman that she was—she decided to take care of it on her way. The man set his gaze on her as soon as she took the first step in his direction.

“May I help you?” she spoke up before she had even come close enough and it came off as forced and unnatural. The few seconds she spent waiting for him to react seemed an eternity and as his lips parted, she froze in place, awaiting a verdict.

“Not really,” he replied, and if she had been frozen before, now she turned into an ice statue. His voice had been deep and low, it kept on resonating through Anna’s mind for a good minute. Why would he just ignore her like that? And why did she care at all?

Disgusted at her unlikely attitude more than at the captivating stranger’s indifference, she headed towards the cash desk to check if too many customers hadn’t accumulated in the line. Her boss would kill her; Anna was already on the verge of getting fired. She couldn’t bring herself to tend to such mundane duties as directing people towards the mystery section twenty times a day. What good had her English Lit degree done her? It must have been a man as handsome as the fascinating customer for whom Shakespeare had written his sonnets… God damn it! She was not going to lose her mind like that, was she?

She noticed that Jenny, the only coworker of hers with a decent sense of humor, was trying to keep up with a constantly augmenting overflow of book-wielding queue fighters. Anna positioned herself in the second available check out. Jenny sent a grateful smile towards her. Anna winked back, but she quickly put herself on guard again as she noticed a swift, dark movement out of the corner of her eye. She directed her face towards the customer and she felt overwhelmingly shattered at the sight; there he was, his eyes locked onto hers, his hair unbelievably well-groomed—hadn’t he been soaked to the skin two minutes before? An exciting aura of dominance seemed to surround him.

“How may I help you?” Anna asked, her voice shaky and hoarse.

“Your number,” he replied. He put an open book in front of her, its front page inviting her to put the pen to it. She looked at the man with a mixture of fear and excitement. “My name is Cole,” he added, the murmur barely audible. Weirdly, it seemed even more beguiling than the whiteness before her eyes, tabula rasa waiting for corruption. She peered right, then left, no one watching her. Something abandoned her and she felt empty as she scribbled her number on the book; his crooked smile was the only goodbye on offer. Cole closed the book. The first thing that made her feel a warm, pulsing between her legs was the golden “De Sade” printed on the cover; the second, his finger’s strong grasp on the tome, a thick signet ring on the middle one—the same shade as the letters which made her realize what she felt was desire.

Had she just written down her number in some stranger’s book?

What the hell?

She had been toying with her smartphone for a good hour; the sun had already managed to hide itself behind the horizon and, slowly, it was getting dark. What to do? He had texted her and she hadn’t been able to let go of the smartphone ever since. “It’s me,” the message read. Who else could it have been? There was no point in postponing the inevitable; a mixture of both resignation and strength flushed over her. She called back.

Less than an hour had passed and there he was; the doorbell rang and she ran to the entrance. She barely avoided tripping on the stairs—her heels were probably a bit too high, but there was no time, no time. She opened the door and froze in place. She didn’t know the man.

“Miss Anna, I presume?”

She didn’t have more than a nod to offer. The suited man led her to the road and she felt even more speechless as she noticed a lavish black limousine parked next to her house; she glanced sideways and smirked, thinking about the neighbors’ jealous stares.

Cole was her dreams come true, it seemed. His suited comrade was his chauffeur and the limo was far from having been rented to impress her. On the contrary, according to Cole, there were five more in his garage. The best part, however, was that he didn’t boast it. All he did was answer her questions. Luxury seemed like his natural habitat where he felt like a duck in the water, all grace and smiles, but that wasn’t all; oh, when he opened his mouth… literature, politics, philosophy, religion; there was not a subject on which he couldn’t elaborate with finest words. They may have eaten in the most expensive restaurant there was in the city and he may have worn a suit worth more than her yearly salary, but she didn’t even notice. She just spoke, listened, sent clever ripostes down his way and received some back… And gazed into his eyes.

She sent a dirty smile his way as their lips parted; they were already on her driveway, ready—as ready as they would ever be, which was not at all—to say their goodbyes. Staring deeply into his eyes, biting on her lip in the process, she felt for the bulge in his pants. She would have frozen in place for the third time, but fortunately, she was already sitting; what kind of God was it that stacked all the virtues on one man’s shoulders? Wealth, intelligence, attractiveness, alright… but a huge junk on top of all that? Anna was hooked.

She wasn’t perfectly sure why, but that wasn’t all that surprised at it either—the goodbyes didn’t quite happen or, at least, they got postponed until after breakfast. She could feel him shudder under the touch of her hungry fingers as she kissed him, but his strong shoulders about her never let her feel in control; his face felt smooth on hers, his tongue fierce between her lips. She’d melt if he didn’t stop, and he hadn’t actually done that much already, had he?

Anna felt his fingertips on her back, unzipping her dress. Protesting was the last thing on her mind. Cole wasn’t the first macho man she had fucked, but he was the first to live up to the name: no fiddling, no pseudo-jokey pleads for help to which men often had to resort when a simple bra proved too much to handle. Cole had skill and he had no reason not to flaunt it. The zipper done with, Cole grabbed Anna and lifted her into the air. She gasped for breath, lusting for him to never let go. With someone else, she might have laughed or objected, but with him… There was no way for Cole to know where the bed was, but he carried her straight to it. Firm but gentle, he settled her down; she lay on her stomach and felt him moving her loose hair out of the way, caressing her neck in the process. He bent over her; Anna could feel his body pressed hard against hers.

A waterfall of kisses flowed down her spine. She trembled, a passionate warmth filling her body, but all that was brought to a sudden stop when she felt his teeth doing away with her bra clasp. With some help on his part, she slid out of her dress. Then she felt Cole standing up. Unable to understand why he would leave her like that, naked except for her panties—black and with lace, as she was not only brave, but also far-sighted to that—she looked up. There he was, standing over her and sizing her up; in his gaze, power and admiration. Never ceasing to look her straight in the eye, he took off his jacket. His stare made her feel so much smaller. Anna crept closer to him, a part of her wishing to put up a challenge, the other part—to be subdued. She placed her palm on the hardness behind his legs, caressed it and then gently squeezed. Hearing his breath quicken was the only aphrodisiac she needed; where she had been moist just a minute ago, there was now a slippery deluge, paradoxically equivalent to the flame of desire.

Anna had never been particularly good with buttons, but, seemingly inspired by Cole’s prowess, she did away with his pants with speed and skill. There was something Greek about him, she noticed, his body sculpted like an antique statue, his raven hair a Stygian halo about his brow. Anna’s right hand began undoing his shirt while her left one took the pleasure of tracing the tight knots of his stomach muscles one after another. She felt his hand stroking her head. She knew what that meant, but still, it surprised her when her face was buried in the fabric tightly covering his firm manhood. She found the taste of his pre-cum soaking through his boxers incredibly arousing as she kissed and licked him. She decided there wasn’t any point in doing away with his shirt, and shifted all her focus towards untangling his cock from the unnecessary underwear. Her mouth dropped open at the size of it, the veiny beauty, all hers. She got a firm hold of its base with her hand, stroking rhythmically, and began caressing the tip with her tongue, letting the phallus enter her mouth once in a while, although there was no way more than half of it could ever fit.

She was good and it showed. Less than a minute had passed before he let out the first moan and it seemed to wake him up. With one strong movement he tore down his own shirt—the damn shirt that cost the same as a small car—grabbed with a quiet grunt and re-positioned her on the bed. Her panties were gone before she’d even managed to lift her legs. Cole leaned over her, his head between her legs, a few inches from her womanhood. His warm breath caressed her along with his devoted gaze. How was it that she moaned before he even touched her? There was no caution on his part and neither was there any need for it. Two of his fingers slid inside her with ease. She let her hips dance to the rhythm of his pushes, the first few slow, but quickly turning into powerful, almost desperate plunges. No one had ever fucked Anna like that. Every trick of his made her louder, his third finger fitting inside her with no difficulty, his teeth biting on her inner thighs, his hand grasping at her breast and kneading it like dough. It hurt so much it was pleasant; it hurt so much it made her scream. It hurt so much she felt a surge of pleasure overcome her, but it wasn’t as if she didn’t want more…

But there would be little more, it seemed. Sensing that Anna had entered a joyride, Cole buried his face between her legs, tasting her juices and jostling with her hips bouncing like crazy. He grabbed her buttocks, his short nails sinking deep into her flesh, and sucked on her clit, and there she was, there it was; it was so painfully and delightfully over for her. Powerless, Anna fell down on the bed sheets, all her tense muscles relaxing. She felt like a bitch, a doormat, no one, no one had ever… But it felt good, too good. Deep inside, she knew it wasn’t over, but her mind was too dim to ponder it.

The mystery was solved when she felt Cole grabbing her waist and making her sit. Wimp and helpless, she didn’t feel like she could keep herself straight up on her own, but quickly she found her mouth supported by Cole’s cock struggling to get inside. He had knelt in front of her on the bed and was waiting to be served. She would do as he pleased, the only possible thought rang through her foggy mind. Her dry lips parted and it slid in… and out, and in, for what seemed an eternity. She was too inert to make it more fun for Cole, but he seemed to make do; he grabbed her head, she felt his fingernails digging into her skin, yet again, and he simply fucked her mouth, rough, quick, with every push plunging deeper than she had thought possible. It gagged her, it suffocated her, and through the blandness shielding her from the outside world, she loved every second. The taste of his cum woke her up. Her hands grasped at the base of his phallus and she sucked it hard, swallowing every shot of it like ambrosia. She had never swallowed. No one had ever… Like that.

Cole moaned quietly and removed his cock from Anna’s mouth. She gasped for air, smelling him in her breath. He looked down at his manhood as it slowly began to soften.

“Lick it off,” he ordered, having noticed traces of sperm on the tip.

Without any second thoughts, she obeyed as if she had been doing exactly that all her life. The flesh filled her mouth yet again, this time softer, and her lips scraped the whiteness away. Cole got off the bed and collected his clothes strewn all over.

“I’ll be seeing you,” he said. Anna fell on the bed and closed her eyes, his taste still palpable on her tongue.

Anna decided there was no point in pondering last night’s events. If she did, she knew she would have to alter her view of herself in an unimaginable way. She had called in sick. It wasn’t that far from the truth, actually; she was exhausted, even though she had slept as soundly as ever. It was after noon when she finally managed to scramble out of bed, and that only because she heard her phone ringing somewhere on the other side of the room. As she picked up the phone, she realized she was still naked. It made her feel weird during the whole conversation with her mother, all the
I’m alright’s
everything’s okay’s

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