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Sometimes Moments
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Sometimes, Forever
(Sometimes Moments #2)

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One job ad,

One lavender delivery,

One out of the blue laugh…

Would change his life forever.


Cooper Hepburn is tired of the suburbs. Tired of his mother’s constant nagging for him to settle down, tired of his sisters and tired of his boring career. The last thing Cooper wants is to get married and have children. He needs an escape from suburbs living, and coming across a job ad at a lavender farm in the middle of country Victoria is his answer. Deciding to let fate take control, Cooper applies, hoping the small tourist town of Daylesford is the change he seeks.


Little does Cooper know that one delivery to The Spencer-Reid will change his life in a single moment.


The very moment he meets the beautiful hotel owner.


Peyton Spencer.


The woman that would become so much more than just his sometimes.


* This is not a standalone. Sometimes, Forever is the sequel to the bestselling novel, Sometimes Moments.





For those who believed in the beauty and concept of a Sometimes Moment.

Thank you.





“You choose who deserves to be near your light. And you choose who loves or who hurts you in this world. Remember that forgiveness is always earned and never a right.”

Sometimes Moments.

o one ever tells you just how you fall in love.

Where you fall in love.

And with whom you fall in love.

It just happens.

And for Cooper Hepburn, it did.

Madly and completely, he fell in love with her. It wasn’t supposed to happen so quickly. Truth be told, it wasn’t supposed to happen at all. He had spent a long time running from it.

But then he met her.

Peyton Spencer.

The woman who would become his forever and more.

The woman who would become his fiancée, his wife, and the mother of his child.

The woman whose heart had already bled more than once.

And the woman who would allow him the moments to help heal her, to find space in her grieving heart for him.

It wasn’t easy.

If anything, love was never easy.

He found that out the hard way. He had realised that when he saw the heartbreak in her eyes. He saw it up until the very moment she’d said ‘I love you’ to him for the very first time.

As Cooper Hepburn watched his wife underneath the cherry blossom tree in their backyard, playing with their son, he knew he would do it all again to be with her. To have these moments. To have the son they kissed good night, every night. He would do it all again to have her love.

To have so much more than sometimes.

To be her forever.

And he knew that he had to thank someone for leading him to her.

It could be God.

It could be Fate.

But he knew deep down that one person played an even bigger role long before he’d arrived in Daylesford, Victoria.

Pulling the notepad from underneath the hotel accounting and maintenance reports he’d been catching up on, Cooper picked up a pen and then smoothed the paper. He had decided to work on the outdoor table with the bright sun above him. But that was a lie. Cooper wanted to watch these moments between his wife and their son. The giggles and the smiles. But most of all, he wanted to see the way Peyton looked at their baby. The love in her eyes. It was beautiful. And though he felt like he didn’t deserve her most of the time, he knew how right they were for each other.

How right their love was.

Cooper watched as a small leaf floated from the branch above and settled in Peyton’s light brown hair. She hadn’t noticed it, but he had. The same tree that had provided her bouquet on their wedding day. The same cherry blossom tree that treasured all her memories. And the same cherry blossom tree that Peyton had sat him under the day after she had told him the truth.

With a deep breath, Cooper brushed at the notepad with his left hand and then set the tip of the pen on it. It was long overdue. And he had meant to write it years ago.

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