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Spoiled Rotten (20 page)

Frozen, I watched Winn walk into the room. The bag fell over with a heavy thud and flour showered the air. Cecilia Vieira shoved it out of the way and, jumping from behind it, dove at Winn's legs. He was thrown off balance and teetered. Then he slipped in the flour and slammed to the ground onto his back. Cecilia bent over, lifting a knife high in the air, ready to plunge. I ran through the door, the baker whistled shrilly, and tossed me a rolling pin the size of a baseball bat. I caught it and yelled, “Hey, Cecilia, want a chocolate?”

She twisted around and screamed, “You stupid, interfering bitch!” Then she lunged.

I swung the bat and landed it squarely on the top of her head. Cecilia folded onto her knees and collapsed. The baker threw his hands in the air and hollered,

“She's out!”


(Well, not quite.)


he good news is that my son Jon and Susan, the police rookie, are engaged. I have their assurances they will both finish their degrees and live together for a year before planning a wedding.

The bad news is that I've been stood up. Winn was supposed to pick me up at Walker's Way twenty minutes ago, except he called and said he wasn't coming. His wife got wind of the fact he was interested in another woman and has apparently reconsidered her position. If nothing else, he said he had to talk it over with her and he owed it to her. I understood didn't I? Of course I understood. There's a picture of me in the dictionary beside the word.

In the meantime, it wasn't all bad. The restaurant was packed, the customers were swooning over Daniel's food, and Rick, one arm in a cast, was dazzling a bevy of teachers and looking as if he just won the lottery. I had a bowl of cognac in front of me soon to be consumed and was contentedly watching the happy customers while jazz murmured softly in the background and the cat was playing with a …



Bag of Bones

A bag of fresh bones from the butcher used to make a concentrated stock base

Bag of white

A ten-pound quantity of chicken breast with the bone out

Bar Back

Open bottles of house wines or liquor. Can also refer to second bartender in command


A police alert meaning “Be on the Lookout”

Bucket of Death

A pail of water with a miniature tilting gang plank


A free drink or food bought by the house. (establishment)


Number of meals served to customers in a given period


On deck, referring to food orders waiting in sequence to be filled by the chef

Demi glace

A base made from veal bones

El dente

Translated literally means “to the tooth,” (not cooked to mush!)


Person who controls pick-up and delivery of plated foods


A common brand of commercial oven used primarily in restaurants


Large upright floor model dough mixer

“In the weeds”

When the chef has more orders than he can handle


Prepared meal waiting to be served

Prima vera

Pasta mixed with vegetables. A vegetarian alternative on most menus


A trough containing easy access bottles of the most common house-brand liquor


Refrigerator you reach into with your hands. Side by side, with two full length doors that open out in the middle


A broiler attached to the top of a stove range used to heat flash foods, a separate unit

Spaghetti Carbonara

Pasta with ham or bacon, eggs, and cream finished with parmesan cheese. Should only be eaten by those unconcerned with weight or cholesterol


Person who doesn't tip or is dead (same thing, really)


Chicken breast and upper wing, bone out in the breast

Two fingers

Two ounces


A refrigerated room you can walk into


Kitchen uniforms, chef coats, pants, shirts, and aprons

Wood flour

Ground sawdust used to smoke meats


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