Take Me Now (Take Me Series)





Book One of the TAKE ME Series







Brady Thompson opened Sari’s email and read it for the third
time since that morning.


so I’m like a bitch in heat.

I’m with you

I’m your bitch.


asked me what I wanted, well here it is…


want your wet tongue slipping in my ear; your lips nipping at my lobe; your hot
breath panting against my neck; your mouth trailing a line to my breast,
teasing my nipples into firm peaks, then moving to my navel, then lower–parting
my lips, sucking on them, tasting me while your fingers dip inside of me.


want my lips circling the rim of your shaft, my tongue gliding along the length
of it, my mouth sucking you until you’re hard and swollen and beading with semen.
When you’re ready, lay me back and plunge deep, deeper still

filling me. Stroke me long and slow, then
faster and harder until you’re ready to cum.


pullout, and let me taste you. Slip your penis between my breasts and let me
work my magic on you, bringing you to orgasm, feeling your hot semen exploding
against my mouth… Are you aroused? Are you hard, distended and throbbing?


Ok, your turn… tell me what YOU want.


He leaned back in his chair. Each fantasy was more detailed
and hotter than the last, but he wanted to know more
–what was Sari’s
body experiencing–
was she
quivering, was she wet between her thighs, were her nipples aroused and aching?
By this time tomorrow, he would have his answer. His tongue would be exploring
every inch of her body from her wet lips to the sweet flesh between her thighs.

He copied the email, created a new folder under the file
labeled “Homework,” pasted it and save it. If Sari knew that he was hacking
into her email she’d cream those pretty lace panties of hers. Not only had he
hacked into her mail, but her manuscript and every file that was associated
, the collection of
erotic fantasies that she and Lana Goldberg, a ghostwriter from LA, were
collaborating on.

Sari and Lana had been sending tidbits back and forth for
the past several months. Now, he was going to fulfill each and every one of
them: unravel her ponytail and twist her honey colored hair in his fist; jerk
her head back and smother her mouth with his kisses; trail his lips over every
inch of her body; tease her clit with his tongue, slide it deep inside of her
and taste her; bring her to arousal; hear her cry out and beg him to take her.

As if her fantasies weren’t enough to arouse him, that
sweet, string bikini that she’d worn to the country club last week barely
covered her nipples much less anything else. She was gorgeous and she didn’t
know it.

Brady felt the swelling of his penis. Damn, she’d done it
to him again. Realizing where his thoughts were taking him, he abruptly wiped
the memory from his slate. Exiting his email, he scrolled down to the Copper
file and opened it.
The graphics need
sharpening and more detail, he thought. Maybe less red and more blue.

couldn’t concentrate. He needed coffee.

his mug, he started across the room. From the corner of his eye he noticed Sari
watching him from behind the glass doors of her office, conveniently situated
directly across the hall from the lounge. He turned his head and deliberately
flashed a wicked smile. Her cheeks flushed and she looked down at her keyboard.
He loved the way that she blushed when he noticed her staring

that he held that kind of power over her. He’d bet his
paycheck that her nipples were stiff and pointed; that her legs were parted and
hot liquid dampened her panties.

He had
been the one that Sari had been fantasizing about, he was dead sure of it. Why
else would her cheeks turn to every shade of red when he smiled at her? From
day one when he started at the firm, he’d been attracted to her and considered
asking her out. That is, until he overheard her speaking with Heidi about her
novel. After that, his agenda changed and he decided that playing the game
would be far more erotic.




sipped her coffee and cursed that Brady had seen her gawking at him, and it
wasn’t the first time. But damn, if he wasn’t handsome with his dark chocolate
hair, soft against his shoulders and his smooth tanned skin. She’d give
anything to run her fingers through it. And his body
–whether dressed in
a suit or tight, faded denim, riding low on his hips–Brady had a body to die
for. She’d goggled over him at the country club–his broad shoulders; his solid
rock muscles; the bulge in his cutoffs that sent her through the roof. From
what she had seen of his package straining against the wet denim, it was easy
to image him stroking her clit with the tip of it then filling her with the
length of it.

She turned red again, and hoped
that he wasn’t looking. Just the memory of his hot, rigid body, glistening with
beads of water, sent an electrifying tingle deep inside of her. For months,
Brady had been the inspiration of her fantasies for her first novella. The
notion of writing an erotic romance had been on the back burner for years, but
it hadn’t sprouted wings until Brady joined the firm last September. Now, he
was all that she’d thought about, and every time that he smiled at her she
turned beet red as if he could read her every thought, her every fantasy of

So far, she’d only written articles for fashion
magazines–a far cry from writing a book. In January, she teamed up with Lana
Goldberg, a ghostwriter of erotic and sensual novels. For months they’d been
sharing ideas and fantasies. If all went as planned,
“Take Me Now,”
the first in the series, would be ready for the
editor before Christmas.

was the name that she had chosen to use as the author. There was no way in hell
that she wanted her birth name, Sari Coventry associated with something so
erotic. Not that she was ashamed of the subject of her writing, but because of
the innuendos and whispers that would accompany it. Of family, friends and
coworkers questioning how much of it she actually experienced–the reality from
the fantasy. Not to mention that the context would influence the type of men
who asked her for a date.

. Sari said the name in her head several
She liked the ring of it. Despite
that she received a lot of flak from Lana because of its resemblance to
she always liked the name Brandy. As for
, it
was the last name of a school boy that she’d had a crush on in the eleventh

Her eyes followed Brady down the
hall and through the doors toward his office. She loved his slow, easy gait,
the confidence in his walk. She was glad that he didn’t work in the same
department–she’d never survive it. Hell, she couldn’t even find the courage to
speak with him for fear that she’d fumble on her words and drool like a
love-sick schoolgirl.

Instead, she’d kept her distance, and for that matter, so
had he. Brady Thompson was well out of her league. She had no clue why he was
working in the graphics art department when he could be modeling or acting.

She looked up at the clock on her
wall. It was half past four. A half an hour more of Brady’s torture and she’d
be free of him for the week. She was leaving for Denver on Monday to vacation
with her friend, Abby.
She’d been
excited about the trip for weeks. She and Abby had met in college, graduated
and parted to pursue their careers. They hadn’t seen each other in over a year
and would probably spend their first day together catching up.




returned to his desk, opened his email and considered his reply to Sari.
He smiled a knowing smile. She had no idea
that she was going to be his for the week. That she was going to experience
each and every one of her fantasies in the flesh.

Everything was in order. He’d gotten the
go-ahead from his boss to take the week off from work; rented the cabin at
Deerfield; and purchased the duct tape, the silk scarf, the ski mask and the
leather restraints that Sari had mentioned in her writings.

He knew
her routine like the back of his hand. She followed it like clockwork. On
Friday evenings before leaving the office, she would phone
and place an order for the General Taos Chicken to go. After depositing her
paycheck, she would swing by O’Malley’s for a bottle of Riesling. When she
arrived home, she’d plop down on the sofa with her first glass of wine and
watch the CNN news while she ate her dinner.

When she
finished her meal, she would pour another glass of Riesling, leaving it on the
counter, stopping to sip it while she passed from room to room, running the
bath water, lighting the candles of oleander, pulling her clothes from the
dryer and phoning her mother. He would make use of this small window of
opportunity to spike her wine.

her wine to the bath, Sari would soak in the tub for twenty or thirty minutes
then curl up in her bed with a good novel. He knew her so well, and he was
about to get to know her even more intimately than her fantasies suggested.

He had
already been to her house a handful of times to run through his plan. First,
he’d take a taxi to
then walked the quarter
of a mile to
and turn down the alley behind her

reaching Sari’s about a half an hour
before she did, and slipping in through the side door of the garage which was
always unlocked.

sipped the dregs of his coffee. If all went as planned, he would spike Sari’s
wine and sweep her away to the cabin on the top of the mountain, arriving there
some time before midnight.

He opened
his email and reread the latest fantasy that Sari had sent to Lana. The first
two lines caught his eye.


Ok, so I’m like a bitch in heat.

When I’m with you–I’m your bitch.


Then he
read the last line.


Ok, your turn… tell me what YOU want.


Damn, if
his prick wasn’t hard again. He wanted to give her something to think about

short and sweet.
drew a sharp breath and typed.


I want YOU. I want you squirming and screaming for me to
fuck you. I’m through with waiting

game time, Sari.


read what he had written. A devious smile crossed his lips. That would
definitely give her something to think about. He read it again and pushed




looked at the clock and frowned. “Ten minutes.” She closed her files,
opened her e-mail, staring dumbfounded at the most
recent message from Lana. The overtone was odd. The message was short and blunt
with none of the remarks, suggestions or additions that usually accompanied
Lana’s replies. And stranger still

Lana had
used the name Sari, rather than Brandy.

Her eyes
focused on the words
game time
. She
had no clue what the post meant, or how to reply to it. She thought of Abby and
Denver, and decided to deal with it later.
Closing out her e-mail, she shut down her computer, dialed
-Lees and order dinner.




grabbed his mug. He could use one last cup of coffee. It was going to be a long
. He strolled down the hall, filled his mug three quarters full,
added cream and two sugars and glanced through the glass at Sari. She was
staring intently at her monitor. From the expression on her face she had gotten
Lana’s email–his email. He had Sari exactly where he wanted her–confused and
thinking. He turned away with a smug smile and started for the parking garage.




Sari climbed from the tub. She wasn’t feeling well.
Slipping into her robe and panties, she removed the pins from her hair and ran
the brush through it. She barely had the energy for that. She needed to lie
down. Dropping the brush, she started for the bedroom, but her legs were
rubbery and scarcely carried her weight. Her head swam and she suddenly felt
dizzy. She leaned into the doorframe to keep from fainting.
She hadn’t consumed that much wine. No, it
was more like she’d been drugged. Immediately, she shrugged the thought. She
didn’t want to think about it. She needed to lie down. Now!

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