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Laura Vixen

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Laura Vixen

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This is a work of fiction.
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Miranda felt a little apprehensive as she sat glancing around the imposing office. Her nerves weren’t helped by the fact that Professor Benson was concentrating on the papers on his desk and making her wait. He finally looked up and smiled, with the nineteen year old girl responding with a hesitant smile of her own. “So I take it you would be happy to get involved with the volunteer program this weekend?” the professor started.


“Sure,” Miranda agreed. “My aunt helped out when she was here and she encouraged me to give it a try. I provide assistance at a children’s home in town and so hopefully have some experience that will be useful.”


“Well the kid’s home is always eager to have people lend a hand and you seem to be a perfect candidate,” Professor Benson went on.


“Who else will be taking part?” Miranda asked.


“Peter Marshal is also due to come this weekend,” the professor answered. “Not sure if you know him. I’ll drive the three of us to the children’s home after college finishes on Friday.”


“OK,” said Miranda. She didn’t recognize the boy’s name, but was still a little relieved that she wouldn’t be going on her own. “Is there anything I need to bring?”


“Just enough clothes to see you through the weekend,” he replied. “We will travel back on the Sunday afternoon.” They chatted a little more about the requirements of the trip and when the professor stood up to signal the end of the conversation Miranda did likewise. She walked to the door of the office and turned back as the professor spoke again. “Just come to my office at five o’clock on Friday,” he said.


“Sure,” Miranda replied with a smile. “I’ll see you then.” She left the office thinking about the volunteer work. The college had been associated with the children’s home for a number of years and her aunt had already filled her in on the type of work that was done so she kind of knew what she was letting herself in for. She put it to the back of her mind as she headed for her next class and it wasn’t until the Friday afternoon that she really started thinking about it again. As the end of the college day finally arrived she went to get her bag from her locker. Looking at her watch, Miranda saw that it was only just after four. With an hour to go before she needed to be at Professor Benson’s office she decided to go to the canteen and have something to eat and drink. When she finished her meal she sat nursing the coffee and thinking about what lay ahead over the weekend. She knew a little about Professor Benson, although was yet to take any of his classes. He was one of the younger professors at the college and the rumor was that he was still single. Not that this particularly concerned Miranda who was happily seeing a boyfriend, but she wondered just how she would get along with the professor on the long drive to the children’s home. Not that she would be on her own. Peter Marshal she didn’t know at all though, but hoped that she would get on with him. It was at least a relief that someone else would be there that who was her age. When she finished the coffee, Miranda looked at her watch and saw the time approaching ten minutes before five. She stood up from the table to make her way to Professor Benson’s office and knocked when she arrived.


“Enter,” the voice said from within and she opened the door and stepped inside. “Hello Miranda,” the professor said as he looked up from the papers on his desk. “All set to go?”


Miranda held up her bag and smiled. “Packed and ready,” she replied. She looked around the office, but saw no one else. “Is Peter not here yet?” she asked.


“Bad news about that,” Professor Benson went on. “He hurt his ankle playing squash last night and needed to cancel.”


“Oh…” Miranda answered. She felt the sudden swelling up of nerves in her body at the prospect of being alone with the professor and wondered if someone else would fill in. “That’s a shame, is anyone taking his place?”


“Couldn’t get anyone at such short notice,” Professor Benson went on. “So it will just be the two of us.”


Miranda’s nerves increased, but she knew it was too late to back out. “OK,” she finally said. She watched as the professor shuffled around the papers on his desk and then filed them away. He finally finished and stood from the desk.


“Are you ready?” he asked and Miranda nodded.


The car journey began quietly with Professor Benson concentrating on the road ahead to navigate them through the heavy evening traffic. As they left the city behind, the volume of traffic reduced and the professor relaxed as he settled the vehicle to a steady pace. “So are you looking forward to the weekend?” he asked.


“It should be interesting and hopefully fun,” she replied. “Have you been many times before?”


“This is my fifth trip,” he answered. “I took over from Professor Collins about ten months ago and the college tries to arrange a trip every couple of months. I usually take a couple of students along to help out so this visit will be a little different I guess.” Miranda wasn’t certain, but she thought she caught him glancing across at the hem of her skirt. She looked down to see it was riding up her thighs a little and she shuffled back and forth as she pulled it back down. “It’s a pretty skirt,” the professor said. “It shows off your legs nicely.”


“Oh…, thanks,” said Miranda suddenly experiencing the nerves again at the slightly sexual nature of the comment. “So what is the plan for the weekend then?” she quickly went on, trying to keep the topic of conversation on the volunteer work and off her skirt and legs.


“We collected some money to take the kids out tomorrow so have planned a trip to a local science center in the morning,” Professor Benson said. “In the afternoon I have a teaching session arranged and then Saturday night and Sunday morning will just be about having fun. This is your first trip so just try to get to know some of the kids and I’ll get you involved in the teaching as we go.”


“Sure,” said Miranda. “What time will we arrive tonight?”


“We won’t get there until tomorrow morning,” the professor said. “I never like driving so late so I booked a motel at around the half way distance. We can grab some sleep and then finish the trip early in morning.”


“OK…,” Miranda said hesitantly. It was the first she’d heard of an overnight stay in a motel and she felt her nervousness rising. The sudden desire came over her to ask how many rooms were booked, but she hesitated from doing so. She sat looking out of the window, but there was little to see in the darkness. The conversation about the volunteer work carried on for a little while longer, but Miranda finally settled her head onto the seat backrest and closed her eyes. When she sensed the car slowing, she looked up and again was sure that Professor Benson was staring at the hem of her skirt. “Is that the place?” she asked as she saw the lights of the buildings they were approaching.


“Yup,” he answered. “Don’t know about you, but I am feeling tired after a long day. It will be good to get some rest.”


Miranda couldn’t hold back the question this time. “How many rooms are booked?” she asked.


“The budget would only run to one I’m afraid,” he answered “I requested a room with a double and single bed so we should be comfortable.”


Miranda could feel the quickening of her pulse. It seemed strange to be spending the night in the same motel room as a professor, but she couldn’t exactly afford to get her own so was left with no choice. Professor Benson stopped the car at the main building. “I’ll just go and get the keys,” he said and Miranda watched as he left the vehicle and walked inside. A couple of minutes later he returned and once the engine was started he maneuvered them to the front door of their room. Miranda saw that they were right at the end of a block. There seemed to be few lights on in the other rooms and she wondered just how busy the motel was. “C’mon, let’s get inside,” Professor Benson said when the car was parked and Miranda grabbed her bag to follow him as he got out. They walked to the door of the room and once the professor unlocked it he ushered Miranda inside. She switched on the light and looked around. The room did indeed have two beds and as she stared at them the sound of the lock closing and the security bolt being clicked into place grabbed her attention.


“You have the single bed and I’ll have the double,” the professor said as he moved past Miranda and put his bag down. “I’m going to have a quick shower and then it’s time for sleep.” He grabbed a towel and went to the bathroom, but Miranda frowned as she noticed that he didn’t fully close the door. As she moved past to get to the single bed she couldn’t help glancing inside and blushed as she caught sight of the professor stripping his clothes off. She quickly averted her gaze and went to sit on the bed. She heard the sound of the shower being switched on, but the water ran for only around a minute before it stopped. She looked away as the professor walked back in the bedroom with only the towel around his waist to cover his modesty. “Are you having a shower?” he asked.


“Umm…, no, I think I’ll just rest?” Miranda answered.


“You should really have a shower,” the professor went on. “The hot water feels nice.”


Miranda frowned and looked across at him. Shit, she thought as her gaze caught sight of the way the towel pushed out at the front.


“Do you like what you see?” the professor asked and Miranda looked up to see she’d been caught staring.


“I…, I was…” She stumbled over her words suddenly embarrassed and nervous.


“It’s OK,” the professor said. “I don’t mind if you look.” He released the knot of the towel and let it slip to the floor.


“Professor…, what the hell …” exclaimed Miranda as she saw the semi-erect cock that was standing out from his body.


The professor just grinned and ignored her protests. “Or maybe you want to do more than just look,” he said.


Miranda rose to her feet as the naked professor approached her. “Look, I don’t know what you are playing at, but I don’t want…”


“Yes you do,” the professor cut in. “The way you were flashing those cute legs at me in the car. I know just what you want.”


Miranda backed away as he continued to close in on her and she started to panic when her back hit the wall of the room. “C’mon, this isn’t funny,” she protested. “I have a boyfriend and am not looking for…”


The professor cut her off again. “Yes you are and you’re going to get it,” he said. Miranda had nowhere to go. She put up her hands, but the professor was suddenly right on top of her. He grabbed her wrist and forced it down to touch her fingers onto his cock. Pushing forward he tried to kiss Miranda, but she turned her head from side to side to avoid it. He finally managed to plant his lips on her and kissed forcefully as he shoved the teenage girl’s hand onto his cock. Miranda struggled, but her body responded to the touch and her panic was suddenly tainted with a flicker of excitement. She stopped her struggles and shuddered as the professor pulled back from the kiss. “That’s better,” he said as he continued to force her hand onto his cock. Miranda could feel that it had become fully erect and another shudder wracked her. She started to protest again, but the professor put his free hand over her mouth. “Let’s get you showered first shall we.” His hand dropped from her mouth and stroked down her body. It worked over the swell of her breast and lower still until it reached the button of her skirt.

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