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Authors: Rosie Pike

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Taken: By Her Billionaire Benefactor (Billionaire Benefactor 3)

Chapter One


The riding crop came down on Anna's back hard, leaving a red welt on her perfect, pearlescent white skin. She hadn't expected it, certainly not that hard, and she strained against her restraints, wriggling as the pain seared through her body.


"Good girl, I want you to feel it", her master said softly. "You know I don't do it to hurt you, don't you, sweet Anna".


She knew.


She wasn't squirming in fear, she wasn't trying to get away. Far from it, the heat from the welt on her back wasn't the only heat coursing through her body, it wasn't even the hottest. That crown went to the fire burning between her legs, which right now was threatening to rip her apart.


No, right now she was wriggling in the desperate hope that she might be able to ride the pain into an orgasm. Every time the crop came down on her back, she knew that for just the briefest of seconds the waves of sheer pleasure crashed through her body, fizzling down from her nipples which rubbed against the coarse material of the hammock that was cradling her weight and settling between her legs.


Unfortunately, it was just that – for the briefest of seconds.


So for the past few seconds, every time the crop had landed on a new section of her flesh, she had been wriggling like mad, and at the same time squeezing her thighs together. She had realised a few minutes ago that the combination of the two actions had a rather pleasurable side effect for her – whether her master knew little not.




Again, the crop came down, and this time was the hardest yet. Anna's entire body tensed, her muscles crying out in agony. But unlike the previous occasions, this time Anna felt a hand delve between her legs, coming her dripping wet folds.


She arched her back in ecstasy, as her master's other hand gently stroked the receding red welts that crisscrossed her back. She thrust her crotch into his hand, desperately desiring him to do more than stroke her clit, to enter her with his full, massive girth.


Crack, crack.


What the hell?

Something wasn’t quite right here, Anna could feel that much. She was horny as hell, that was still definitely the case but all of a sudden the hammock fell away from under her and she could move her arms.


Knock knock knock, the raps came hammering down on the door now, startling  Anna from her slumber.


The hammock beneath her had been replaced by her bed sheets, although not everything was different – the cloth underneath the slit between her legs was soaked wet with her juices, and one of her hands was stuck fast under a pile of decorative pillows.


Anna swore mentally, she had been enjoying that more than she care to admit.


Who the hell was at the door at this time?


Chapter Two


The limousine arrived at seven that morning, and truth be told it had completely flustered Anna, who had been rudely awakened by the driver knocking on her door.


She had however been somewhat mollified when the man, who Anna couldn't help but notice was extremely handsome, with short cropped hair and shoulders that were far too pulled to be hidden by his neatly tailored suit.


"Your Master sends his regards", the man said smoothly as Anna stood there in her dressing gown, still sleepy eyed and half awake.




It wasn't exactly the most composed of replies but never mind, at least he was only the driver. She would have hated for her Master to have seen her like this.


"He has made arrangements for the pair of you to take a little trip, and requests the pleasure of your company for a week or so. You don't need to worry about work, he's made a quite sizeable donation to the trust that runs the library and – well, let's just say that there are more than happy for you to take as much time off as you need".


Again, all that Anna could muster was a startled "oh!"


Startled as she most certainly was, and realised that she should probably throw on some clothes if she was supposed to be taking a trip. Although this was all moving very fast…


She made to close the door, but before she could the driver wedged his foot into the doorjamb.


"What do you think you're doing?", the driver said, although it was done so with the most perfect manners. Anna was sure that he must have been sent to study at some top finishing school, the way he had so perfectly imposed his authority with such obscene queers politeness.


"I, I was just going upstairs to get changed". Anna kicked herself, it really had then rather rude.


"I'm afraid I have rather strict instructions".


"And what exactly might they be?" Anna was feeling a little more confident now, after all this was hurt earth – not his, and she had every right to close the door if she wanted to! Didn't she?


The driver seemed not to notice her flailing attempts at authority, and before Anna knew what was going on, he had smoothly stepped through the door. Looking around, he seemed as though he was cataloguing the place, a keen eye roving across all the little knickknacks that Anna had picked up over the years.


Ever the professional, he didn't make so much as a comment.


"Excuse me," Anna said, "I asked you what they were". It would be fair to say that she was feeling rather less sure of herself now, a little more on the back foot. This man, even though he might be a driver, seemed to have almost as much power over her as her mysterious Master.


"Don't worry, I was getting to that. It's just, it's a little cold outside and – well I didn't want to attract any more attention than necessary".


That's all well and good, Anna thought, but the 15 foot limousine parked outside was probably not going to go unnoticed in this neighbourhood!


As she was thinking this indignant stream of thoughts, half minded to protest once more, she heard a crinkling of paper behind her, and while she didn't want to turn and give this man the satisfaction of knowing that he had piqued her curiosity, she couldn't help but give into it.


As she turned, she saw him proffering an envelope. She couldn't help but notice the impressive width of his wrists as they protruded slightly from his perfectly pressed white cuffs.


"With compliments", the driver said as he offered the letter to her, "I think this will answer all of your questions".


Anna took the envelope wordlessly, and once again was shocked by the slightest details. This was certainly not the kind of envelope you'd use for air mail… The paper was heavy, and textured. Anna rubbed her fingers over it, caressing it and marvelling. She had never felt anything like it – silly as that sounded. It was luxurious, how could something so simple as paper feel so wonderful?


Her name was embossed in recessed black lettering on the front, the only speck of colour that she could see on the whole perfect envelope. Anna almost didn't want to open it, it felt like the kind of thing that should be in some kind of museum!


Noticing the driver's waiting gaze, she shook her head to clear the thoughts and picked up a knife that was lying on an old sandwich plate.


Shit! Now that she really looked around, she saw how much the mess this place was. In her defence though, she hadn't really expected visitors! She used it to slit open the envelope, and was once more surprised as she felt the resistance it gave, the kind of resistance that you definitely normally wouldn't find on something as flimsy as an envelope…


Inside was a letter on precisely the same heavy, creamy paper, on which was written a short note in the most gorgeous hand crafted calligraphy, noted down in blue Fountain pen ink.


Dearest Anna,


I understand that this will all come as quite a surprise. I must ask that you trust me, as you have already so many times before, even in the short time that you have known me.


I believe that though you may feel nervous now, what I have planned for you will leave you freed.


I shall not say more, I ask only that – for now at least – you treat my assistant my assistant James with the same respect that you give me. He may ask you to do things that you are not quite comfortable with, and if that is the case then just let him know.


I'm confident though, that you will embrace every new experience in just the same manner, with just the same confidence, that you have shown – and given – to me.


With all my love,


Your Master.


And that was it.


Anna's fingers were trembling, the paper was vibrating from side to side as she slowly began to understand what the message meant.


She knew she would do anything for him, anything at all. But did he know what he was asking?


He was asking her to give herself over completely, to trust that whatever this stranger planned to do to, or with her – that that was completely okay. Could she? Did she dare? Had she changed so much in just a few short days that not only was she recovered from the scars of her previous, failed relationship but that she was also willing to sacrifice what had always been a pillar of her personality – her chastity. Not in the literal sense, but in the way she approached the world – with caution.


"I'm… I'm just going to take a shower".


All she needed was a few moments to compose herself, to work out exactly what her response to this would be, what it should be. How could she not trust this man though, who had done so much for her in such a short period of time.


But could she trust his agent, the man he had sent to work on his behalf?


So lost was she in her reverie, as she climbed the stairs leading to her bathroom that's it wasn't until she was almost halfway up that she noticed the driver was following her.


"What on earth are you doing?", Anna exclaimed with shock, turning to face him.


"I have certain, specific, instructions", he replied, his face utterly expressionless. "I'm to see that they’re carried out to the letter".


Oh shit. This completely swept Anna of her feet – and not necessarily in a good way. She had been banking on having a few minutes, Lord even a few seconds to mull all of this over in her mind, but it seemed like even that small respite was being stripped away from her.


"And, and – what might those instructions be?", Anna tried to sound peremptory in her inquisition, and powerful, but she heard the little squeak that came out in her voice and knew that she had failed – knew that the man standing in front of her had heard it.


If he had though, he didn't seem to register it at all. His face remained in that expressionless mask of servitude that marked out all good household staff – not that Anna had any reason to know that. Not yet, anyway.


"I think it's best that you just experience this, it'll be much less stressful that way".


Anna's mind was in torment, but somewhere she sensed a guiding tendril of stability – the memory of that first orgasm that her Master had given her. It was an orgasm that had brought some stability into her life, given her a raft to cling onto in the stormy sea that had been her life before him.


And in that moment, Anna resolved to trust him – absolutely, and forever. Seeing the internal battle in her face, and the resolution as all her worry lines suddenly relaxed, the driver took the lead.


"I believe you know my name, but I feel like I should introduce myself formally, given we’re about to get to know each other rather better", he began, "I'm James".


"I know – the letter said".


Anna was still a little offkilter, though she had made had this decision, she was still not committed – perhaps it's better to say that she had not been given the direction, the comfort of having all further decisions swept away from her.


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