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The Dark Messenger

Copyright 2 (C) 2015 milo spires


First book in the season of ‘Hell.’


This book is dedicated to


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The Dark Messenger
by Milo Spires


Chapter Headings


Chapter 1 – Alone for an

Chapter 2 – The

Chapter 3 – Visiting the

Chapter 4 – The

Chapter 5 – Sleeping in the

Chapter 6 – The

Chapter 7 –

Chapter 8 – A Good Vantage

Chapter 9 – Closed

Chapter 10 – Shimmering

Chapter 11 – The

Chapter 12 – Bewl

Chapter 13 – Realizing his

Chapter 14 – A Place to

Chapter 15 – Visiting old

Chapter 16 – A Chance to

Chapter 17 – Surprise

Chapter 18 – A New

Chapter 19 – Visiting

Chapter 20 –

Chapter 21 –

Chapter 22 – Not

Chapter 23 – Gaining

Chapter 24 – Honoring a

Chapter 25 – A Celestial

Chapter 26 – Viatis

Chapter 27 – The

Chapter 28 – Righteous

Chapter 29 – Truth

Chapter 30 – Risk Insanity
or let him Live.

Chapter 31 – Think but Think

Chapter 32 – Pain is

Chapter 33 – I don’t think I
can fit.

Chapter 34 – Bye, Bye, You
old Bastard.

Chapter 35 – The End is

Chapter 36 –

Chapter 37 – The Traps

Chapter 38 – Hoidrious’

Chapter 39 – The

Chapter 40 – Mietioc’s

Chapter 41 – A Message from
the Future.

Chapter 42 – The


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Chapter 1 – The

Chapter 2 – In the

Chapter 3 – Their

Chapter 4 - The

Chapter 1 - Alone for an Eternity

(Two Days after Christ’s Crucifixion)


Installis ran over the boiling hot rocky
ground of Jerusalem, sliding on loose debris in the midday sun. He
was frantic, for he had seen his love, Adina, lying some ways away;
she was face-down in the dirt and not moving.


He was desperate to reach her quickly, but
his path ahead was blocked by a small market of traders, selling
blankets and other wares. In an attempt to leap over some of their
baskets he tripped, landing heavily and grazing his bare hands on
the dirt and stones beneath him. He scrabbled to get back up to his
feet as tears began to run down his face.


She still hadn’t moved as Installis
approached her, and he feared the worst.


Dropping to his knees beside her body he
called out her name. He gently placed his hand under her head,
raising it slightly and lifting her face up away from the dirt.


‘Darling, please tell me you can hear me!
Please don’t die!” He raised his eyes to heaven. “Please God save
her. I ask only this, don't take her away from me.’


She didn’t move though, and as his eyes
began to look up over her body, he was speechless at what he saw.
She had bruises everywhere, and a severe wound in her stomach that
had been bleeding heavily, so much so that the ground beneath her
was crimson red. He looked up at her face and was horrified to see
that her eyes had been burnt out of her head, and her lips had been
sliced off too.


‘Adina darling I love you, please don't
leave me, I only have you!’ he cried out, refusing to accept her
death and hoping that he could somehow save her. Thrusting his
hands underneath her body he raised her up in his arms and then
began to stand.


The lack of sound suddenly penetrated his
senses. He turned around to look at the crowd he’d run through. His
eyes widened as he took in the sight before him. Everyone had
stopped their trading and were simply staring at him. He recognized
some of the faces as her friends and cried out to them.


‘Will no one help her? Help me,” he
implored, ‘My love is dying!’


But none of them moved. Nothing moved.
Installis was feeling more and more desperate.


‘Who did this to her?’ he screamed. His
voice caught, and he swallowed the tears that were welling up
inside him.


‘Who would do this to my love?’ he cried
again, his eyes darting from face to face.


But nothing happened, and not one of them
said anything. His voice merely echoed off the stone buildings all
around him.


Sudden movement caught Installis’s eye and
he turned to see an old crippled beggar hobbling towards him. He
bore the look of one that feared nothing should he say the truth,
for his lined face had witnessed much in a long lifetime.


And he had witnessed her brutal killing
moments before too.


The old man looked sadly at the corpse
Installis was clutching, and shook his grizzled head. ‘She was
tortured and killed by the Romans. It was the same soldiers as
those who crucified Christ a couple of days ago,’ he said to him in
a low gentle voice. He placed his hand upon the grieving man’s


Installis couldn’t understand why they would
have done this to her.


‘Why did they have to kill her? She was
unbelievably loving and everything that was good!’ he cried
hoarsely, before slumping to his knees as he looked up in the
direction of Heaven.


‘Father, I am your Truth Messenger. Please
don’t allow this, please don’t take her away from me,’ he


Seconds passed, and then he fell forward,
burying his face in her chest. ‘I love you so much, my darling. I'm
so sorry I couldn’t protect you,’ he mumbled.


‘Installis,’ whispered the beggar, ‘you must
listen to me.”


Installis, surprised that the old man knew
his name, looked up into the wizened face. And in that instant, he
realized who this beggar was, and why the people weren’t moving. He
wasn’t just a poor old man at all; he was really the angel Abdiel,
the being Installis worked for.


Changing back into his true form, the angel


‘Heaven knew of her fate, Installis, and I'm
sorry for your loss, but there is nothing we can do now to save
her, Adina’s soul is gone.’ He said as he looked into his eyes.


Installis looked back down at his love and
then closed his eyes as his whole body began to shiver violently.
When he opened his eyes again, he was shocked to see that Adina’s
body had vanished, as had the streets of Jerusalem too. Now he was
now kneeling outside the gates of Heaven, with the angel Abdiel by
his side.


‘Where is my love?’ he screamed as he leapt
to his feet, spinning around frantically, hardly believing what was
happening to him.


‘She is gone, Installis. You must let her go
now for there is much work to do. I am sorry for your loss but we
cannot change that now,’ the angel said to him in a soft, gentle


All reason left Installis. He strode over to
Abdiel and screamed, ‘I refuse to accept her death! I have to find
a way to bring her back!’ Thinking quickly, he came up with a plan.
‘I will jump back in time and save her life! I have to!’


The angel then stepped forward with a
serious look upon his face and his hand held high, ‘You must not
leave. Our Father has forbidden it.’


Installis gripped Abdiel’s arms and glared
into his eyes. ‘Why would he do this to me after all these years?’
he cried. “I cannot think of a single valid reason!’


‘And you will not listen to any that I give
you,’ the angel said sadly.


‘Why can’t I try to save her?’ Installis


‘It has been a couple of days since her
death. Since we have come back, many other things have


Installis was well aware that time was what
humans experienced, and that he and Heaven’s angels could appear in
any time in the past or future as they chose. This was what he
wanted to do to save Adina, and he would have gone by now but for
Abdiel’s statement. He couldn’t understand what the angel meant by
saying ‘many other things have happened.’


Abdiel seemed to read his mind. He walked
toward the gate, and then turned back to face Installis. ‘The
Romans responsible for Adina’s death were the same who crucified
our Father’s only Son, and they have now all been punished for it.
All those involved, including their leader Centurion Flavicus
Rexius, have all suffered an unimaginably painful death, bestowed
upon them by our Heavenly Father.’


The angel walked forwards and reached out to
touch him. Installis pulled away, refusing his touch, and stepped
back in disgust.


Abdiel withdrew his hand and sighed. Then he
continued. ‘It also appears that Lucifer was involved in Christ’s
crucifixion. His extreme jealousy has caused him to be disbanded
from the angelic brethren and expelled from Heaven, as his
punishment by our Father.’


He caught Installis’ gaze and held it. ‘You
must listen. The war raging between good and evil is far from over,
and we need you to resume your position with us straightaway.’


Installis was fuming with rage inside and
had no intention at all of resuming his position with them. All he
wanted to do now was to avenge Adina’s death.


‘Where are the soldiers’ souls?’ he


Abdiel looked pained. ‘Lucifer has taken
them, because they were left to wander the empty planes of time for
eternity and refused permission to join us in Heaven.


‘Why would he take their souls?’ This made
no sense to Installis.


‘You may not be pleased with what you hear
if you ask me that question again, Installis, and we have much work
to do. Please calm down and think for a minute.’


The man’s face clouded with anger, ‘I demand
to know. TELL ME!’


Not willingly, but as commanded, Abdiel
said, ‘Installis, please understand that what I am about to tell
you will not please you at all. Lucifer has created evil beings
from them that he calls vampires. They will live for an eternity
and walk the earth, drinking the blood from humans.’


Installis shook his head in disbelief.
‘Enough of this rubbish! I am leaving,’ he then spat on the floor
as he closed his eyes and prepared to reappear upon earth.

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