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The Death of the Wave





G.L. Adamson



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Also available in paperback (ISBN 978-1-909636-07-1)

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The Death of the Wave
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A story spanning over sixty years. Time is fluid, running from the present, to memory, and back again, to form a tale taken from the minds of three protagonists.



The State of Eden.

A world that was once our world. A State where standardized testing and the Citizen Evaluation Exam governs the lives of the masses, and there is sharp delineation between those who are gifted in science and mathematics and the rest of the populace, between Camps and Palaces, between rich and poor. Welcome to a world where genetically engineered humans compete with all others in a quest for intellectual dominance. Welcome to a State where a single reminder of the past can get you killed.

Welcome to the rule of law without morality that shudders upon the brink of revolution.

Welcome to Eden.



The Martyr

 A policewoman of the State, or Breaker, who begins the revolution against the State.


The Artist

A writer who is hired to go against the revolution who sees his beliefs challenged. 


Child 56409

 The Scientist A young man who is hired to work as a scientist for the State.


Human Services Coordinator

The King—

A genetically engineered human who is the leader of the State 


Human Services Assistant

The Voice of Eden

The Lord

 A genetically engineered human who is second-in-command of the State.


The Aristo Who Wrote

A genetically engineered human who aids in the revolution. Son of GALILEO. 


The Prince

 A human genetically engineered in a way unforeseen. Son of GALILEO.


The Warden—

Eden’s head policeman/Breaker, a contemporary of BREAKER 256. 


 The savior of the Camps, known only through writing. Several anonymous individuals.


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