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The Diamond Heartstone (5 page)

before moving on to the other one.

He laid back on the bed and let her continue to touch and lick on

him. She moved her hands down between their bodies until her fingers

reached his hardness. Her fingers wrapped along the velvety soft steel of

him. The hair along his penis wasn't as thick as that along his chest. It

flowed with her hand as she moved it up and down.

"Hmm. Faster," he said, squeezing her breast.

His low rumbling vibrated against her chest. Drops of wetness ran

down one of her legs. It would be running down both legs in no time if he

kept touching her like that.

He moved her up and took a nipple in his mouth. She couldn't reach

his penis anymore. Not that it mattered. She just needed to touch him.

Connect with him. Taste him. She ran her hands down through the white

hair covering his head. She pulled hard on his hair. His neck snapped back,

exposing the sensitive skin beneath his jaw. She bent down and dropped

kisses along his jaw. She'd worked her way up and down his jaw before

pain pulled her back.

How long had he been pulling her hair? The long dark ends of her

hair covered his fist. Using his free hand, he flipped her onto her stomach.

"Get on all fours."

She crouched on her arms and legs, spreading wide. The hair

running along the skin of his thighs rubbed against the back of her legs.

Her heart raced as she waited for him to push inside her.

The soft wet flesh of his penis moved along her back. A couple of

drops of hot liquid dropped onto her back. The fire inside of her turned


The Diamond Heartstone by Leila Brown

into an inferno. She needed him inside her now. Reaching back, she tried to

wrap her fingers around him. He let out a roar that made her jump.

"I'm in control. Not you." He bent over her. His penis was right

there. It nudged against her nether lips. His breath tickled her right

shoulder one second before he sank his teeth into the flesh of her shoulder.

She screamed. The head of his penis pushed inside her. His teeth

held her in place as his cock stretched the walls of her vagina. She didn't

remember him being that big. He pulled out until the very tip of him was

the only thing connecting them. He bore down with his teeth, keeping her

still as he pushed further inside her. He slid in more easily this time. Inch

by inch he pushed in until she swore he was going to hit her womb. Just

when she thought she couldn't be any fuller, he stopped. His legs brushed

against her ass.

He opened his mouth, letting her go. He kissed the bite, licking up

the blood. "Are you okay?"

She pulled in a few breaths before nodding her head. He leaned up

and grabbed her hips and pulled out a small bit. He slammed back inside

of her. She caught her breath and tightened her inner muscles in time for

his thrust. She felt the ridge of every vein, every muscle in his penis.

"Ahhh." She moaned as he pulled out and pounded home again. She

didn't imagine it. Her entire body was pulsing around him. What would

happen if she squeezed as he pulled out and pushed in? Would it enhance


She waited until he thundered inside her again. Before the electric

shock of pleasure dissipated, she squeezed her inner muscles around him.

As he pulled out, she heard his deep moan.

He slapped the rounded globe of her ass. "Do that again."

She smiled. He must have liked it. This time instead of waiting for

him to press inside her, she squeezed on his downward stroke.

His loud roar tore through the room. He slammed into again and

again. Harder. Faster. She concentrated on her fistful of the bed sheets. She

would not lose control. Her body was a pulsing pleasure orb. Every nerve

cell felt overloaded. She inhaled a breath and exploded. She squeezed hard

as he slid in and slipped out. The orgasm prolonged until she swore she


The Diamond Heartstone by Leila Brown

was going to reach an even higher level. But what else was there after an

orgasm like that?

She floated back to reality. He slammed into her again before he

roared into the air. The bed shook with the force of it. His essence burst

inside her. Hot liquid filled her, over and over in an unending stream.

He wrapped his arms around her midsection and pulled her close.

He flipped over onto his back and carried her with him. Keeping them


"I dare you to say we aren't mates after that."

"That was nothing." She panted, trying to catch her breath. "Good

sex doesn't mean we're mated."

"Not just the sex. Great sex. And this." He moved as if he was going

to pull out of her.

A pain tore through her remaining euphoric state. "What the hell?"

"When we mate, our penises swell for about 10 to 15 minutes

afterwards. It ensures our seed a chance of taking root."

"Seed?" Seed. As in semen? As in pregnancy? As in having his

children? "Get off. Get off. Get off!" She yelled at him, pushing off him.

"I can't. And, if you try, you're going to hurt yourself." He pulled her

back down onto him.

She twisted and turned in his grasp. "Let me go. You can't do this.

You said you'd take me home."

"I told you if we were mates there would be no going home."

"You… you knew this would happen."

"It is what happens between mates. If we were not truly mated, I

would have slid out followed by my seed. There would be no breeding."

"You should have told me," she said through clenched teeth. She

wanted to hit him. Bite him. Hurt him for tricking her.

"Now, why would I do that?" He laughed and shifted beneath her.

‚Don’t you think I should know your name?‛

The rumbles in his chest pushed her up and down on him. She was

going to bite him. She lifted his arm and bit down with all her might. It

took a few seconds for her to taste the salty tang of his blood.

"It would help if you possessed real teeth," he said nipping along


The Diamond Heartstone by Leila Brown

her neck. ‚I am Barrick.‛

She elbowed him in the stomach. "And you bit me. Hard. I'll have

marks." She elbowed him again.

"That's the idea. It's a mark of possession. All mated females will

have the same marks. Say my name."

She shook her head. "I am not an animal. I'm human. We don't mark

our mates—I mean our husbands. This is barbaric." She refused to say his

name. Somehow that would make all of this more real.

"You are no longer human. You are my mate. That makes you

mine." He nipped at her tender skin again. "If I hadn’t marked you, another

might have challenged me for you. Would you have me kill for you?"

She was a staunch supporter of life. She couldn't knowingly

sentence another to death. Not even him. She turned away from him rather

than answer his question.

"I hope you don't think this means that I'm staying here. You tricked

me. So that makes our agreement null and void." She crossed her arms

over her breasts and his arm.

"And if you are breeding? What then? Will you take my cubs with

you when you leave? Or will you leave your own blood behind?" He

whispered above her ear. ‚Say my name.‛

"Just shut up." She reached up and covered her ears. She knew the

pain of being left behind. Her parents had done it to her more times than

she could count. The final time she'd been seven years old. She told them

how alone it made her feel but they hadn't cared. They left her at her aunt’s

with smiles, kisses and a weekend’s worth of clothes. But they hadn’t come

back that time. She swiped a tear that slipped down the side of her face as

her heart bled with pain that never seemed to completely go away.

"What is wrong?" He turned her face up to him. "Am I that

distasteful to you?"

She sucked in a breath. If she told him about her childhood, he

would use it to try to hold her here. Why wouldn’t he believe a lie? She

looked down the bed to where her legs were cradled by his.

"Fine." The anger in his voice rocked through her.

He moved her to the side so that she lay on the bed instead of him.


The Diamond Heartstone by Leila Brown

The only point where there bodies connected was their sex. Another few

moments and even that separated.

"Where's the bathroom?" she asked. She didn't want to stand and let

his juices run down her legs.

"Just stand up. We have robots that will clean the mess."

"Ewww. Can I get a towel or something?" The wall between them

was still there and she was clinging to her dignity by a thread. No way

would she be able to face him with his semen streaking her legs and

pooling at her feet.

"Stand up," he commanded. When she didn't immediately do as he

asked, he rolled off the bed and stomped around to her side. He grabbed

her beneath the arms and lifted her up on her feet.

As soon as she opened her legs, a gush of liquid poured out of her.

Warm and sticky.

"Why the hell did you do that?"

"It'll help mark you as mine," he said as he stalked to the wall.

"Open." The wall slid open revealing another room. He stepped through.


"Close," he said, effectively slamming the door in her face.


The Diamond Heartstone by Leila Brown

Chapter Seven

"So did you find a prime catch while you were away?" his brother

asked him as he stepped into the communal dining quarters. "Don't bother

denying it. I can smell her all over you."

Barrick just refrained from lifting his arm to smell. He'd spent the

last fifteen minutes in the bathing quarters washing. Even after that he still

found himself in a state of semi-arousal.

He should have been depleted. But no. He closed his eyes and could

see her. Smell her. Feel her squeezing his—

"Barrick." His brother hit him in the arm. "Damn, she must be a

great piece of ass. I've never seen you like this.‛

Had his brother just moved closer to him? Was he smelling him?

"What the hell are you doing?"

"I can't help it," his brother said, only half jokingly. "It's like Belusian

cream. What’d she do? Bathe in the stuff?"

Belusian cream was one of the rarest delicacies of their world. Many

went mad trying to find more. It was one of the reasons it was so rare.

Those who found pure deposits consumed as much as possible on sight.

When his brother bent down and sniffed his hands, Barrick knew he

was in trouble. He was going to have to introduce her to his crew before

they tore his ship up looking for her. He might have one or two hotheads

to deal with but having mixed blood had its advantages.

He pushed his brother away from him as he jumped up from the


The Diamond Heartstone by Leila Brown

table. He rushed outside the dining area. He stalked down the corridor.

This was a complication he could do without.

As he passed two of his senior officers, he saw them stop and sniff

the air. Shit. "Quarters," he said, pushing a button on the bracelet on his


Seconds later he appeared in his bedroom. His mate slept in the

center of his bed. Right where she belonged. He scanned the room. One of

the cleaning bots was pushing some of the stained bed coverings to the

cleaning shoot. No doubt she had wiped his essence off with the material

as soon as he left.

He walked around the bed. Her skin was so smooth. Her only fur

was the long black strands covering her head and the curly ones on her sex.

His penis went from half erect to fully erect. What the hell was it about this

creature that did this to him? He was in control. Always. Until he met her.

"Wake up," he said, rubbing up and down her arm. If he took her

again quickly, he could spray her with his scent. That should be enough to

keep his crew away from her. But with the price it cost to find her, he

couldn't waste the possible money. He’d introduce her to them and make

sure they knew she was off limits. Totally off limits.

He shook her again. She moaned in her sleep and turned her head

away from him. His penis bobbed up and down within the confining

pants. This was going to be a short introduction. He could waste a few

drops of his scent to make sure she cooperated. What would happen if he

used more than a few drops?

He leaned in close to her. ‚Are you ready to give me your name?‛

She didn’t make a sound but rolled away from him.

"Wake up," he said, bending down to her ear.

"Ummmm." She purred and stretched out her arms and legs.

A really short introduction. Hell, if he didn't wake her up soon they

might be mating again before they left the room.

He shook her a bit more forcefully. "Get up."

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