The Guided Journey (Book 6)


Kestrel drew his sword to try to protect himself, holding the blade in one hand while holding the staff in the other, and he surrendered territory in a quick, backward, step-by-step retreat.  The yeti advanced, leaving Hampus behind, and Kestrel saw the wounded elf rise to his feet after a long moment.

Kestrel’s next step back found the edge of one of the plateau’s chasms, and he was forced to halt his retreat as the yeti pinned him in place, and began to step forward through Kestrel’s largely ineffectual sword and staff blows.

Hampus was standing nearby, watching the attack.  Kestrel saw that the other elf was making no move to come to his assistance.

“Hampus!  Distract it!” Kestrel shouted, just as he was struck by the yeti and thrown backwards into the crevasse.  His sword and staff both went flying from his hands, and his pack flew off his back.  He heard the wood of his bow crack as it struck the bottom of the canyon while he fell through the air, and he landed heavily on his back after a fall of several feet.   He lay on the ground, dazed, looking up at the monster’s head peering down at him, feeling terrible pain in his ribcage.

He tried to rise to his knees, every motion filled with pain.  Kestrel was in dire circumstances, and he knew it – there was no hope of outside help arriving, and little hope that Hampus would assist him.   As he realized his predicament, he saw the yeti reach down into the pit.

The long arms of the monster grabbed his shoulder, then lifted him and flung him several feet away, so that he landed hard again, and felt more pain, sure that he had cracked several ribs.  He had no weapon, and the yeti was turning to face him, to approach him, to kill him.





Fantasy Series by Jeffrey Quyle



The In
ner Seas Kingdoms Series


  1. The Healing Spring
  2. The Yellow Palace
  3. Road of Shadows
  4. A Foreign Heart
  5. Journey to Uniontown
  6. The Guided Journey
    NEW-Published August 2014


The Ingenairii Series


  1. Visions of Power

At the Seat of Power: Goldenfields and the Dominion

The Loss of Power: Goldenfields and Bondell

The Lifesaving Power: Goldenfields and Stronghold

5. Against the Empire

6. Preserving the Ingenairii

7. Rescuing the Captive

8. Ajacii and Demons

9. The Caravan Road

10. The Journey Home


Alchemy’s Apprentice Series


  1. The Gorgon’s Blood Solution
  2. The Echidna’s Scale
  3. Scarlet from Gold
  4. The Southern Trail


Also by Jeffrey Quyle


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The Guided Journey


Inner Seas Kingdoms Series

















Jeffrey Quyle




Chapter 1

Night Time Ritual                                                      
Page 1

Chapter 2

Return of the Imp
                                                        Page 4

Chapter 3

Cedar Gully                                                                    
Page 13

Chapter 4

The Twins Visit the Sprin
                                          Page 26

Chapter 5

Mushroom Market            
                                          Page 42

Chapter 6

From Pebbles to Pearl
                                                        Page 49

Chapter 7

Robbery in the Streets            
                                          Page 59

Chapter 8

The Unmatchable Statu
                                                        Page 68

Chapter 9

                            Page 73

Chapter 10

Traders From Hydrota
                                          Page 81

Chapter 11

Center Trunk Events            
                                          Page 85

Chapter 12

A Visit to Alicia                          
                            Page 93

Chapter 13

The Palace Meetin
                                                        Page 96

Chapter 14

Betrothed to the Princess                          
              Page 99

Chapter 15

The Journey North            
                                          Page 116

Chapter 16

                                          Page 126

Chapter 17

In the Mountains            
                                          Page 130

Chapter 18

Nightmares from God
                                                        Page 135

Chapter 19

Bathing a Yet
                                                                      Page 146

hapter 20

Battle with the Miners                          
                            Page 156

Chapter 21

The Evil in the Mine                          
                            Page 168

22– Orren Joins the Grou
                                                        Page 181

Chapter 23 –
In Narrow Bay                                                                      Page 191

Chapter 24

Danger at the Spring                          
                            Page 197

25 – At Kirevee                                                                       Page 207

26 – Flight with the Princess                                                        Page 223

hapter 27 – The Stone Patrol                                                        Page 227

28 – Lucretia at Oaktown                                                        Page 236

hapter 29 – The Mobile Battle                                                        Page 244

hapter 30 – The Statue                                                                      Page 251

31 – Departure from the North                                          Page 253

32 – Putienne’s Transformation                                          Page 271

33 – Following Kai’s Direction                                          Page 299





List of Characters


Kestrel, Warden of the Marches
in the Eastern Forest

Philip, Prince of Graylee

Picco, member of Graylee nobility, Creata’s sister, Ruelin’s wife

Creata, Graylee Duke
of the East Seashore, ambassador to Seafare

llwater, Odare, Killcen, Acanthus, Mulberry, imps assigned to Kestrel

sprite, queen of the imps

Alicia, Center Trunk surgeon

Moorin, of the Northern Elves, Tyndall Shail of the Southern Elves

Ruelin, Prince of Seafare

Wren, cousin to Kestrel, betrothed to Creata

Lake, Prince of the Southern Elves
, Tyndall Span

Remy and Pont, young elves of Oaktown

Whyte, Steward of Kestrel’s manor

Jacquie, Parisse, nurses from Oaktown

Major Grenwort, officer at Center Trunk

Captain Lim, officer at Center Trunk

Elwean, princess of the Eastern Forest

Elder Miskell, leader of Eastern Forest forces

Casimo, Firheng commander

Belinda, Firheng assistant

Aurelia,  princess of the Northern Forest

Lucretia, elven ambassador to Hydrotaz

Lucretia, maiden in waiting in the Northern Forest court

Lord Ripken, Northern Forest nobleman

King Winche, ruler of the Northern Forest

Orren, survivor of mine disaster

Raines, human woman from Narrow Bay

Putienne, a yeti of the Water Mountains

The Human Deities:

Kai – goddess of the air
                            Growelf – god of fire

Krusima – god of earth
                            Shaish – goddess of water


The Elven Deities:

Kere – goddess of fortune
                            Norvell – god of light

Tamson – god of force
                            Were – goddess of sound

Morph – god of speed
                            Powson – god of weight

                            Tere – goddess of size


The Gnome Deity:




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